17 Best Festive Holiday & Christmas Party Invitations for Creatives

Video Effects 22/11/2021 4 min read

With the festive season edging ever closer, it is time to plan your celebration parties, and it’s a fantastic way to get your guests in the mood with a stunning video invitation. We’ve put together 17 of our favorite Christmas party invitations for you to use this season.

Part 1: Cheerful & Bright Christmas Party Invitation Templates

1. Christmas Party Invitation

The Christmas Party Invitation video is a fun and friendly invite for your festivities. Featuring 4 editable text layers surrounded by dangling baubles and glittering particles, this vintage is ideal for any seasonal occasion.

Download Christmas Party Invitation Now

2. Christmas Party Invite

This Christmas Party Invite is ideal for greeting cards, with a short and simple animation and 3 text placeholders. Red baubles sway gently wrapped in a glistening frost with a dark snowy background.

Download Christmas Party Invite Now

3. Gold Christmas Slideshow

The Gold Christmas Slideshow is an incredible AE template containing a long and short version, with 13 text placeholders and 1 for media. The camera tracks over beautiful arrangements of gifts and photograms to hold your assets.

Download Gold Christmas Slideshow Now

4. Christmas Greetings Slideshow

The Christmas Greetings Slideshow is a stunningly designed AE template with beautiful hand-drawn style elements. Featuring all the Christmas elements, this cute and friendly slideshow offers a modular design to build your video structure. 

Download Christmas Greetings Slideshow Now

5. Winter Illustrations Christmas Wishes

The Winter Illustrations Christmas Wishes pack contains a modular design with 6 editable slides. The simple title elements are enhanced by the gorgeous Christmas illustrations, including a Fox, Robin, and Decorated Tree.

Download Winter Illustrations Christmas Wishes Now

6. Christmas Greetings

This cartoon-style Christmas greetings card offers a unique 2.5 style animation featuring a spinning globe. Including 6 text placeholders, this cute and fun holiday includes plenty of room for messaging without being overly long.

Download Christmas Greetings Now

7. Free Snow Paper Logo

The Snow Paper Logo is a fun, festive logo intent for your Premiere Pro Projects. The design is circular-style screen cutouts, with beautiful gradient blue backgrounds and white Christmas cut-out Christmas scenes.

Free Snow Paper Logo Download

8. Christmas Card

The Christmas Card template for Premiere Pro is a bright and festive design, with 6 title placeholders for your copy. Featuring brightly colored baubles and a pink/orange Bokeh light background, this greeting is sure to grab your viewer’s attention.

Download Christmas Card Now

9. Christmas Message

The Premiere Pro Christmas Message template offers 6 texts and 1 logo placeholder, ideal for quick messages and social updates. The titles scale down to the screen amongst a scattering of silver glitter and stars on a red background.

Download Christmas Message Now

10. Christmas Ball Slideshow

Including 9 image and 16 text placeholders, the Christmas Ball Slideshow template is ideal for festive presentations and sales messages. The plain red background perfectly highlights the 2D cutout style baubles, which drop your media into the frame.

Download Christmas Ball Slideshow Now

11. Christmas Party

The Christmas Party Premiere template is sure to get your viewers in a festive mood. This speedy event promo-style video uses fast transitions and glitch flourishes, along with snow, to create a truly unique video project.

Download Christmas Party Now

12. Christmas Story

With 10 media and 6 title placeholders, the Christmas Story template for Final Cut Pro is a beautifully designed festive storybook. The speedy video flicks through your media in a photo album style, surrounded by Christmas decorations and glitter trails.

Download Christmas Story Now

13. Merry Christmas

The Merry Christmas Final Cut Pro template is a stylish and elegant project with 5 editable Title slides. The video features close-up shots of a beautifully decorated tree spinning, with your text following the baubles.

Download Merry Christmas Now

14. Merry Christmas Invite

This fun and cheery invite template for Final Cut Pro would be ideal for digital Christmas Cards and social media updates. The clean cartoon elements with a bright color palette and simple title placement are suitable for your business social channels.

Download Merry Christmas Invite Now

15. Christmas Opener

The Christmas Opener template is a fantastic 30-second video project for DaVinci Resolve. Featuring a tiny earth rotating to reveal adorable Christmas elements, the 3D style has a unique claymation feel.

Download Christmas Opener Now

16. Christmas Greeting

The DaVinci Resolve Christmas Greeting template is a simple digital card with 2 titles and 1 logo placeholder. The simple color palette and paper cut-out style scenes offer a clean and minimalist approach to the festivities.

Download Christmas Greeting Now

17. Christmas World

Spinning around a tiny house set in snowy hills, the camera approaches to reveal a Christmas Card ready for your message. The fantastic and fun cartoon style is the ideal option for DaVinci Resolve users.

Download Christmas World Now

Part 2: How to Edit & Send Christmas Party Invitations

Editing templates will differ depending on the software you use. Fortunately, all will be built in a similar format, giving you precise directions to the editable assets. We’ll show you just how easy and quick it is to edit a template in Premiere Pro. 

  1. Download your chosen template and open the Zip folder.
  2. Search the downloaded folder for the project file, then double click it to open in Premiere Pro.
  3. Look through the Folders in the project browser to find the Title sequences.
  4. Click the first title in the project browser to open it in the timeline.
  5. Double click on the title in the media viewer to edit it. Type your message and use the Essential Graphics panel to customize the Font, Weight, Size, and Color.
  6. Close the sequence and return to the main timeline. Continue through each of the title elements until you have finished the project.
  7. When you are happy, go to File > Export.
  8. In the Export panel, choose H.264 from the top dropdown menu. From the 2nd dropdown, choose your desired Output, for example, YouTube HD or Facebook.
  9. Select the file name to open a Finder window, then rename and choose a location for your export. 
  10. Finally, hit Export and wait for your video to finish.

Note: If you want to send your invite via email, we recommend that you upload it to YouTube and password protect it. 

Create something new and different this year for your upcoming Christmas event. There are several advantages to creating a digital invitation this festive season, mainly, sending a dazzling video invite for all your guests with music, saving on paper, and postage. What’s more, your imagination is your limit, as you can create stunning Christmas party invitations to impress your guests with just a few clicks.

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