27 Epic Explosion Video Effects You Should Download

Video Effects 10/05/2019 5 min read

To start your project with a bang, you’ll need to find the perfect explosion video effect. Imagine the impact of your logo revealed through a cloud of smoke or the right kind of intensity needed for an action movie trailer. Or to keep costs down for an explosion scene you’re shooting, perhaps you simply want a motion graphic to sell the scene.

Whatever your needs are for your video or film, we’ve compiled 27 of our favorite explosion effects for you to download. Combining a mix of logo reveals, trailers, elements and motion graphics, for various editing software, if you’re looking for a huge blast for your next video project there’s something on the list here for you!

Explosion Videos Effects

After Effects

If you edit with After effects, we’ve got some epic explosions for you from sci-fi openers to action inspiring graphics. Whatever you’re looking for we have you covered!

1. Explosion Logo Reveal

Looking for an out of this world effect that features an initial light explosion followed by a detailed smoke crowd that reveals the logo as it dissipates? This download would make a great opener for your sci-fi action thriller.

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2. Logo Explosion

What starts as a quaint particle effect overly ends with a confined fiery explosion as the logo falls to the background before tapering out. A perfect option for your Game of Thrones inspired fantasy series.

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3. Space Explosion Logo Reveal

Another space-inspired opener, this would be an excellent effect for an astronomical educational series. It features a building light show that transforms into a globe, where your logo sits to be fully revealed once the lights fade out.

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4. Fire Explosion Logo

This download is great for a circular logo review. It features an orange ball of fire that grows on the screen before petering out and revealing the logo.

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5. Explosive Titles

Explosive Titles feature a quick glow of light that explodes into a massive puff of smoke that fades out to reveal your logo. Try this opener for your military-themed video game.

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6. Energy Explosions And Transitions

Check out these hand-drawn illustrations that use flashes of lightning before revealing your logo as the lights settle. Energy Explosions and Transitions would be a perfect opener for your anime series.

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7. Explosion Flash FX Cartoon Logo

Another cartoon themed logo reveal, the Explosion Flash FX Cartoon Logo features a wave of light circling around before a piece of lightning breaks on the ground that clouds up for the logo review. This would be a fantastic opener for your high-action cartoon.

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8. Colorful Logo Reveal

This one features a blast of color that reveals your logo quickly. The colors continue to move in slow motion and fade away from the logo. Check out this option for your promotional or commercial video.

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9. Liquid Elements Explosions

This download would make a fun mid-scene explosion during your cartoon. It features 10 different hand-drawn colorful exploding liquid elements.

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Premiere Pro

For Adobe Premiere Pro CC addicts, you’ll find mood-setting to heart-stopping (not literally) options here.

10. Cinematic Fire Logo

Fancy burning your logo or title up? Set an explosive precedent with this logo reveal which features a smoky, fiery cluster that burns up then showcases your company’s branding.

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11. Space Explosion Logo Reveal

A round ball of light is seen rotating on the screen. As it comes to full centered sphere lines of light shoot over the surface until the logo is revealed. It would be a fitting graphic for your next sci-fi opening.

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12. Particle Explosion Logo Reveal

This download features a collection of light particles creating an energetic figure 8 before combining and exploding to a logo reveal. It’s a unique and colorful animation for your next video project.

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13. Aggressive Hybrid Trailer Intro

Featuring an intense and bold blue smoke explosion to reveal your logo, this is a great transition piece for your corporate promo.

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14. Color Smoke Spiral Logo Reveal

This logo reveal features a spiral of smoke and lights circling downwards, the spiral moves faster until light bursts out to reveal the logo. It would be perfect for your energetic title reveal.

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15. Epic Trailer Opener

As its name suggests, this downloadable video effect would be a great trailer opener for your next dystopian feature. It starts with a tame explosion of ember-like particles that ends in a logo reveal that mixes a series of lights.

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16. Plexus Explosion Logo

A web-like kaleidoscope of light reveals your logo in this download. Easily use this unique reveal in your next project.

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DaVinci Resolve

Are you using DaVinci Resolve for your video edits? We see you! Here are some explosion effects you need to check out!

17. Cinematic Particle Logo Reveal

Cinematic Particle Logo Reveal features a collection of flowing lights for the perfect modern logo reveal. It features an out of focus light particle background moving while two lights shoot out from opposite sides of the screen to circle together before orchestrating a light explosion.

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18. Space Particle Logo Reveal

Space Particle is an elegant and futuristic logo reveal featuring curving lights that collide to showcase your brand. Use it to announce your production company at the beginning of a feature film.

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Motion Graphics

We’ve got you covered for a variety of motion graphic explosion effect options.

19. Explosion Animation 2

A slow-motion graphic perfect for your next action film is featured in this motion graphic. It features slow billowing smoke over a brief fiery explosion.

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20. Explosion Transition Pack

Ten comic-worthy fiery explosions are featured making it the perfect mix of cartoon-style graphics and orange passion for your next compelling corporate presentation.

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21. Explosion Animation

An explosion worthy of a fracking site gone bad is featured in this download. It’s a jarring yet beautiful graphic fitting for your next feature.

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22. Space Explosion

An unexpected, fiery explosion in space results in a mass of flying rock pieces in this motion graphic. It’s a fitting graphic for your next ‘war in space’ film.

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23. Realistic Explosion Alpha Channel

If a fiery explosion takes place in your Erin Brockovich style film, then this is the booming graphic you need. It features an array of billowy smoke after a small blast.

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24. Ground Explosion

Featuring a TNT-like explosion of grey rock, this motion graphic is perfect for your old-western or a futuristic mining film that takes place on the moon a la Prospect.

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25. Dust Explosion Pack

Working on an exciting creative project? The Dust Explosion Pack features two different slow-motion explosions of colorful dust to start it off with a bang.

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26. A Big Explosion In Space

This is the perfect epic blast graphic to open your inspiring environmental documentary. It starts with a growing light flying toward the viewer before exploding into a beautiful, colored space-influenced image.

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27. Comic Transition Pack

Perfect for bringing your comic book video to life, this package includes 13 different comic-themed graphic transitions. This pack includes speech bubbles, colorful blocks, and cartoon explosions.

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Finding a powerful explosion video effect can add a serious kaboom to your next video project — taking it from good to epic. But you don’t have to start from scratch, download one of these ready-to-use templates and motion graphics today!