20 Popular Video Transition Effects With Free Downloads

Video Effects March 30, 2019 4 min read

We understand how difficult it is to create stunning videos on a consistent basis. Creativity might run dry or you might just not have the time to create all of the effects manually yourself. Fortunately, video transition effects are an easy way to keep your projects engaging and stylish.

While there are a number of resources available online, it’s a lot easier to grab a bunch of freebies in one place. So, don’t worry — we have curated a list of free transition effects for videos which you can use in an upcoming project!

Check out these cool transitions effects that will help you craft a mind-blowing video experience!

20 Transition Effects for Videos

After Effects

1. 20 Transitions Free

Creating videos that influence your audience is not easy. Use these simple and effective transition effects and make awesome videos.

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2. 30 Line Transitions

These smooth line transition effects will blend two slides or images together and create a stunning experience. Use it to create videos for products, lifestyle, fashion, birthdays, and much more.

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3. 2D Transitions Pack by Motion Elements

15 Smooth, simple, and minimal 2D transition effects free to use in videos related to the products, food, lifestyle, and much more.

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4. Handy Free Transitions by Enam Alamin

Show off your latest travel experience with these 100 free and seamless transitions. Best to use in short and quick 1-2 minute videos.

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5. Multipurpose Clean Transitions by Mr Zahi

Working hard on that next presentation or a video for your corporation? Check out these amazing 60 free transition effects.

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6. 3D Transitions by AE Effects

Thinking about how to create exciting videos with a collection of a few boring pictures? Just take a look at these 300 handy 3D transition presets.

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7. Smooth Free Transitions by Avnish Parker

Flat and cool transitions inspired to create informative videos. Use these 5 different colorful transitions in your videos for a smooth experience.

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Premiere Pro

8. 5 Free Ink Transitions

The 5 Free Ink Transitions is ideal for moving from one scene to the next in a fluid ink pattern. The template rests on five different transitions that can be easily customized.

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9. Free Strobe Transitions

Create dynamic videos using the amazing set of strobe transitions packed into this template. It is best suited for marketing and fashion videos.

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10. Travel Film Transition Pack by Austin Newman

A collection of free travel transitions that have been preset for Adobe Premiere Pro, this includes effects such as smooth spin, smooth warp, luma fade, and quick zoom that can be used for travel and music videos.

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11. Handy Seamless Transition for Premiere from Pixel Samy

This charming tool available for free download facilitates seamless transitions using effects such as overlaps and blends.

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12. Optical Transitions for Premiere Pro by Cinecom

Switch between the slides with style! Use these 7 perplexing transition effects to create an awesome lifestyle or voyage video.

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13. Luma Fade Transitions Pack by Chung Dha

Travel the world and share exciting expedition with your loved ones. These fade transitions available for free are sure to impress the viewers.

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14. Smooth Transition Pack by Orange83

Super smooth and relaxed transitions for modern lifestyle videos. Use these especially in videos or with multiple shots taken at beach, hills, or bustling cities.

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Motion Graphics

15. Transition Effects

This easy-to-use motion graphic lets you transition from one scene to the next using a yellow, warm flare sweeping the screen.

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16. TV Glitch Transition

This TV glitch effect taps into the digital noise and glitch of a broken television to create a versatile transition that can be used in a myriad of ways. Apart from a transition between scenes, it also serves as a great overlay.

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17. Drippy Transitions by FootageCrate

These brilliantly designed liquid shaped transitions effects can be used for short films, textual videos with color background or even in slow-motion videos.

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18. 2D Transitions Pack by Motion Nation

These easy to use and simple transition effects can go with any type of video. Use it for your sales & marketing presentations with different color combinations.

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19. Rolling Transitions Pack by LXXIV

Create a stunning vacation video with this rolling transition effect. Audiences will crave for more such visually appealing and thrilling experience.

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20. Fractal Light Rays Rotating Transition by Videvo

It’s not easy to create gaming or sci-fi videos and have some awesome transition effects between the slides. Use this free transition effect and create a thrilling video.

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Using Transition Templates

After you download the transition effect packages for your video projects, it is important to understand the steps to incorporate them into your videos:

  1. Open the program and import your chosen transition pack.
  2. Once imported, look for the transition effect of your choice in the ‘Finals’ folder.
  3. Now drag and drop the transition effect in the cut between your existing footage.
  4. At this point, adjust the placement of the transition in your footage using any one of the three methods – Head to Tail Template Transitions, Sequential and Stacked Presets, and the third Adjustment Layer Presets.
  5. Having tuned your transition placement, make your transition layer fatter or thinner depending on how long or quick you want the transition to be.
  6. Save and Export.

Effective uses of transitions help keep your audience interested and engaged. And using the right video transition effect can transform your project from looking kind of amateur to super stylish. We hope you found a cool transition you can use in your next video — and many more to try out in the future!