21 Video Templates to Save Money & Edit Faster (Free & Premium)

Video Effects 13/03/2019 5 min read

Video templates can be a major time saver when editing, because you don’t have to create all of the various elements from scratch. Ultimately, this can save you a lot of time and money since you can increase your productivity (and take on more projects). With templates being so customizable, creative, and professional, this is the perfect solution for the savvy video maker.

We’ve put together an awesome list of the best (and sometimes free) video templates. Whether you’re working on an upcoming video presentation, commercial, or marketing promotion, we’ve got you covered with high-quality, ready to edit templates.

All that’s left is to start downloading!

Part 1: Video Templates You Should Download

With the following free templates, you can jump into creating compelling videos within minutes. Whether you prefer to work within Premiere Pro or After Effects, you’re bound to find an option that suits your needs here.

Premiere Pro Templates

1. Free Premiere Pro Template

If you want to create a compelling promo, commercial, or sports video, then this is the download for you. The template pack includes 21 video or image placeholders, 15 titles, and a logo placeholder. With all of these options, you’re bound to create a stylish and awesome video in a hurry.  

Using the template is unbelievably easy – drag and drop your images or videos, quickly replace the title placeholders, export video, and get amazing results!

Free Premiere Pro Template Download

2. Free Energy Slideshow

This Premiere Pro template features 15 titles and 15 video or image placeholders. It’s also extremely straightforward to use and suitable for fashionable opening titles, video openers, film intros, commercials, television spots, and promotional videos. No plugins required. Just import and start editing.

Free Energy Slideshow Download

3. Inspired Edit

You can make amazing videos with the Inspired Edit template for free. It sports easy to use efficient text and video placeholders. The template also comes with custom light leaks that you’re free to use on whatever footage you want. And bonus! The music is included for free.

Download Inspired Edit Now

4. Free Adobe Premiere Pro Templates

Yet another dynamic Premiere Pro template. Easily customize the titles, replace footage, and change the video colors in minutes.  

Free Adobe Premiere Pro Templates Download

5. Video Intro Free Template

You can rely on this vibrant Premiere Pro template to hit your goals when making video intros, commercials, and presentations. Featuring 7 titles and 18 placeholders, you’ll be able to produce a high-end video in minutes. We also have loads more video intro templates to check out here.

Download Video Intro Free Template Now

6. Dynamic Fashion Template

Using 4k resolution, this Dynamic Fashion template will allow you to create attention-grabbing videos super fast. Drag and drop your media and create titles effortlessly. Your featured event or product will get the attention it deserves with this one!

Download Dynamic Fashion Template Now

7. Trap Opener

Trap Opener is an up-to-the-minute dynamic video template. It comes with breathtaking contemporary design, animations, and transition effects. Integrating 24 image or video placeholders, 18 text layers, and a logo placeholder, use this one for compelling slideshows, presentations, promos, event videos, and more. It’s simple to use – add your footage, logo, add titles, render, and that’s it!  

Download Trap Opener Now

8. Slideshow

This slideshow template has 24 placeholders for any type of footage you need to use. It is also extremely easy to work with! Drag and drop your media and you’ll see your featured images slide beautifully across the screen.

Download Slideshow Now

9. Corporate Black Presentation

This modern designed Premiere Pro template features amazing text animations and transition effects for any video. Packed with 12 image or video placeholders, 12 editable text layers, and a logo placeholder, you will impress your team with this professional video.

Download Corporate Black Presentation Now

10. Event Promo

The Event Promo template screams creative and professional for any type of video content you want to make. If you are working on an upcoming conference or tradeshow video, this one will get your target audience excited about attending.

Download Event Promo Now

11. History Slideshow

The History Slideshow template comprises 12 placeholders and 12 text layers. With its old-time look, this is a great way to feature historical content for a museum or family reunion video.

Download History Slideshow Now

After Effects Templates

If After Effects video templates are what you’re after, we’ve got you covered here. Start downloading these top-notch templates to streamline your workflows.

12. Free After Effects Slideshow Template

This looping Adobe After Effects template boasts a modern design and 14 placeholders to create stunning videos. This clean slideshow project might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Download Free After Effects Slideshow Template Now

13. Free AE Template

This simple yet unique design is what this After Effects template will offer you. It integrates 5 title animations and 2 transition effects. This is a great download if you want to present information using creative titles.

Free AE Template Download

14. Free Parallax Scrolling Slideshow

You can take your slide show production to the next level with this template. Comprising 9 image or video placeholders, and 9 text titles, it will allow you to create stunning slideshows. The zooming parallax effect will keep your audience engaged!

15. Free Flowing Video Template

Not only is this template free, but it’s packed with 9 video or image placeholders and a logo placeholder to allow you to make spectacular videos.

Free Flowing Video Template Download

16. Free Dynamic Template

This template contains 20 places for images or videos and 4 text titles. You won’t be disappointed with this clean, professional project, that’s well suited for lots of different types of videos.

Free Dynamic Template Download

17. Splatter

Splatter incorporates 3 images or video placeholders as well as and 9 placeholders for text animations. With flowing ink transitions and cool effects, you’ll be glad you selected this After Effects template.

Download Splatter Now

18. Promo Opener

Try Promo Opener to take your video production up a notch. This download features 6 video or image placeholders, and 9 text titles. It’s a unique and cool option with cool transitioning effects to add a dynamic touch.

Download Promo Opener Now

19. Modern Slideshow

With 9 media placeholders, a logo placeholder and 12 text layers, Modern Slideshow will help you create a beautiful video. The attractive design, striking text animations, and stylish transitioning effects are just ideal for high-end videos!

Download Modern Slideshow Now

20. Elegant Cinematic Slideshow

You will no doubt impress your audience with this unique, professional, and dynamically animated template. It’s available in HD and great for presentations, promos, events, TV shows, slideshows, and more.

Download Elegant Cinematic Slideshow Now

21. Multiframe Promo

Another impressive After Effects Video Template is the Multiframe Promo. The template integrates 21 image or video positions, 8 text placeholders, logo placeholder and requires no plugins. Perfect if you present your footage using lots of split screens!

Download Multiframe Promo Now

Part 2: How to Get Started Using Video Templates

Video templates make it easy to create high-quality videos. Now that you have access to loads of versatile, free, and premium video templates, we hope your workflows improve, your clients are happier, and your bank account starts growing!

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