Top 20 Free & Paid Glitch Overlays for Transitions & Effects

Video Effects 15/09/2022 4 min read

Glitch effects are a tried and tested reliable style for your videos. Glitch overlays are cool and edgy and can be used to create a dynamic transition or just to make your footage more interesting. Whether you’re going for an underground music video vibe or a neo-retro sci-fi style, the ways you can use them to make your footage stand out are endless. Here at Motion Array, we’ve picked out our top 20 favorite glitch overlays for your edits, so let’s get stuck in.

Top Glitch Overlays for editors

Motion Graphics

1. Flashing Analog Screen Shapes

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This vibrant, neon green and purple pattern blends color and static and looks like it belongs on an analog TV. Download and overlay it with your chosen blending style in video editing software to create a cool, exciting flashing overlay.

2. Bad TV Overlays

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This pack of 10 static motion graphic overlays is all about glitchy, static TV. Overlay it on your footage to make it look like there’s a bad signal coming in, perfect for old analog television footage or CCTV security footage.

3. CRT Television Effect Overlay

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Genuine scan lines and a pixel matrix will turn your footage into authentic CRT television footage. Simply drag the overlay onto your footage and change the blending mode to create a cool, retro grainy look.

4. Retro Glitch Overlay

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Make your footage noisy and glitchy with this static overlay featuring genuine analog distortions. Composite it on your footage with different blending modes to experiment with different static effects in your videos.

5. Glitch Overlays Pack

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Take your pick from 12 awesome static glitch transitions in this pack of ProRes clips. Overlay them on your footage, change the blending mode and use them to dynamically transition from one scene to another.

6. Colorful TV Static Glitch Overlay

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Reminiscent of 80s TV, this colorful static CRT television effect can be used as an infinitely looping background or as an overlay on your footage. Simply apply it to the timeline and change the blending mode to create a vibrant effect.

7. Noise And Glitch Overlays Pack

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This epic graphics pack contains everything you need to apply noise and glitch effects to your footage. Pick from 31 styles to create noisy footage like glitchy, grainy CCTV camera feeds or use them as transitions to glitch from one scene to another.

8. Bad Signal Glitch Overlay

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This TV set definitely needs tuning…apply this overlay to your footage to create an instant static glitch effect like there’s a bad signal coming through. Perfect for retro clips or horror films. All you need to do is change the blending mode.

9. Digital Glitch Overlay

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This fantastic colorful overlay can be used as a footage overlay, an animated background, or to represent a corrupted file in your short film. It’s full HD and can even be looped or applied to your footage with a blending mode.

10. 100 Glitch Overlays Pack

You’re bound to find what you’re looking for here. This enormous pack of glitch overlays contains everything from bad TV static to digital error messages and can be used to dirty up your footage or as transitions between shots. Simply download it, pick your favorites, and apply it to the timeline.

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Stock Video

11. Video Distortion

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Incorporate this video clip in your own projects to show static and distortion, as if an important video feed is breaking up and becomes unusable. Perfect for sci-fi, thriller, or horror films that need an uneasy ambiance.

12. Television Noise Glitch Overlay

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If you want to make your footage look like an old, vintage VHS, try applying this stock video overlay. It includes genuine defects and artifacts from an old VHS tape, ideal for creating that vintage video look.

13. Unique Television Distortion

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This video download includes a blend of vertical and horizontal glitches for you to incorporate into your projects. Simply apply it on the timeline and change the blending mode to give your video a unique, distorted effect. Available in 4K ProRes.

14. DCI 35mm Clean Film Glitch Overlay

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Make your digital footage look like good old-fashioned 35mm film in seconds with this clean glitch overlay. Create an instant nostalgic look thanks to an authentic film effect that creates instant classy results.

15. Widescreen Dirty Film Glitch Overlay

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Scratches, grain and a perforated film effect top and bottom will transport your footage into the Golden Age of Hollywood. It only takes minutes, too – simply overlay this footage on your own and choose a blending mode to transform it.

16. Television Static and Noise

Drag and drop this overlay onto the footage in your editing software and create an instant static TV effect to make it look vintage. Perfect for period short films or simply applying a specific look and feel to modern productions.

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17. Old Scan Frame Glitches Hard Overlay DCI

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This overlay is a much more subtle effect than we’ve seen in the list so far, but it creates a classy, delicate grain effect that’s perfect for adding depth and texture to footage or motion graphics. Available in 4K resolution.

18. Glitch Unstable Signal

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A bad TV signal, a patchy video transmission coming through – give your film the classic static look with this overlay. Apply a blending mode when over your footage and create a very cool effect.

19. Old Film Scan With Aberration Glitch DCI

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There’s something warm-hearted and nostalgic about this old film scan effect. The glitches and aberrations work nicely as a beautifully textured background for other visuals, or it can be laid on top of footage to make it seem like it was shot on film.

20. Old Footage Widescreen Frame Glitch

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This dirty, glitching widescreen overlay looks amazing when applied to cinematic footage. Teleport your audience back to the classic age of cinema with an easy-to-use, 4K resolution scan of old film.

Whether you are making a sci-fi thriller or a period drama, glitch effects can be effective ways to add depth and texture to your footage. It can make it feel futuristic, or it can make it feel like it belongs in a nostalgic age of 35mm film. If you love using glitch effects as transitions, try checking out our Premiere Pro glitch transitions and glitch video effects to unlock even more creative possibilities.