Top 20 Grunge Texture Overlays for Transitions & Effects

Video Effects 01/10/2022 4 min read

If you hear about ‘grunge’ in design or visual effects, generally, it’s about making things look a little untidy or dirty; give it a cool, edgy aesthetic. This could be in the form of scratch marks, beaten old film, or rusty metal – something a bit darker and messier than perfectly framed footage. If you want to give your videos a grunge aesthetic, try overlaying grunge effects or transitions onto your footage. Plenty of grunge texture overlay templates are available in the Motion Array library, so let’s jump in and check out some of our favorites.

1. Grunge Overlay

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This HD video creates the impression of old, 35mm projected film with grain and scratch marks over it. If you want to make your footage feel vintage, or are looking to include some creepy projected footage in your horror film, try overlaying this effect.

2. Shot of Gray Liquid

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A burst of gray ink bursts onto the screen from left to right. Blotting ink is a cool way to transition from one scene to another with a grunge aesthetic. All you need to do is overlay this on your clips and change the blending mode.

3. Stop Motion Of Scratches And Dirt

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The screen fills up with white scratches on black in this grunge effect with dropped frames to create a stop motion style. Use it as a dirty effect or a transition to get from one scene to another simply by changing the blending mode.

4. Scratches and Dirt

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If you’re looking for a grunge-style transition to use in your short film, crime documentary or music video, look no further. This HD overlay features the screen filling up with scratches and then wiping again, making it perfect to transition between scenes.

5. Scratches And Dirt Flickers

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Every frame of this effect is a totally unique design of scratches, flecks of dirt, grain and noise. By laying this over your footage and changing the blending mode, you can create interesting, rich textures to give your videos a grunge effect.

6. Glitch Unstable Signal Pixel

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Flickering, glitching neon colors make this a perfect grunge texture overlay effect to create an unstable TV signal. Download this high-resolution ProRes file in 4K, apply it to your footage and change the blending mode to create a distorted effect or a colorful transition.

7. Pastel Color Turbulence Displacement

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Vibrant pastel colors grow and warp across the screen to create a chaotic displacement effect. Apply this as an overlay effect to your footage to warp it, or use it as a transition to give your film a rich, neo-grunge texture.

8. Digital Camera Noise

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This simple 4K grunge texture overlay effect lets you add digital noise to your footage. Create the look of a grainy digital camera in just seconds by applying this to your chosen footage and changing the blending mode, giving you an instant noisy grunge texture.

9. Grunge Overlays

Download this 15-second overlay effect to give your footage a dirty, gritty grunge vibe. Scratches, discolorations and aberrations create a cool texture that would be perfect for creating a transition in a short film or music video.

10. Grunge Effect From Super 8 Mm

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Turn your footage into super 8mm film with this easy-to-use grunge overlay. By applying this to your digital footage and changing the blending mode, you will turn it instantly into a film that looks old and scratched, with a classic vibe.

11. Red Ink Drops

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Red ink bleeds across paper in this vibrant, dynamic stock video you can use as a transition. Apply the 4K video to your footage and change the blending mode to show the ink spreading over your video. Finally, combine it with other effects to create a cool, original grunge style.

12. Red Ink Drops

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Is it ink? Coffee? Blood? Whatever it looks like, this close-up footage of color spreading across the screen would be awesome as part of a detective thriller intro. Download the 4K footage and add it to your own projects today.

13. Transition Of A Photo Film

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Film slams down into the frame from various angles in this overlay. This vintage transition ties in really well with an old-school, grunge style if you’re using scratches and a classic film effect throughout your video.

14. Paper With Spots

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This overlay is a stop motion style of paper stained with tea and coffee rings to create a dirty, textured grunge vibe. Use it to add a rich, layered effect to your footage and motion graphics.

15. Burning Film Background

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Give your films a vintage grunge transition with this stock effect of classic film burning up. Use it as a transition between scenes and combine it with sound effects for an engaging experience.

16. Transition Of A Movie Film

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Rolls of film slide in from the sides of the frame in a quick shuttering effect to create a dynamic transition for your grunge films. Create the look of film projected onto a screen by combining it with shutter sound effects.

17. Burning Film

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Film burns and melts away in this close-up vintage stock video. Perfect for horror films and thrillers, it creates a dirty, grunge vibe and would work well as a dynamic transition from one shot to another.

18. Paper Texture with Stains

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This stop motion stock video features white paper that has been spotted and stained with splashes of coffee or ink. The chaotic, messy images create a sense of untidiness that would make a great textured background for motion graphics.

19. Ink Spread On Black Background

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White spots of ink drip and blot on a jet black background. This creepy stock overlay can be used as a textured effect on other footage by laying it over the top and changing the blending mode.

20. VHS Glitch Unstable Signal

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Throw your viewers back to the 80s with this retro static overlay to give the impression your footage has been shot on an old VHS. The noise and distortion can be combined with sound effects to create a truly grunge vintage effect.

Grunge is a popular design style that works well for particular music videos, commercials, and thriller or horror films. Even if you have shot clean, modern footage for your project, you can use grunge texture overlay effects like scratches, burning film and ink stains to dirty it up and create an edgy vibe. Simply download the assets, position them over the footage and change the blending mode to combine the effects with your clips.

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