The Spookiest 24 Halloween Video Templates Every Editor Needs

Video Effects 09/09/2021 5 min read

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the time of year in which every video editor and producer works on the clock to create amazing scary-themed videos. If you need to turn something around quickly, cut time by using these Halloween video templates. With these Motion Array assets, it’s as simple as swapping the media and text for your own.  

Part 1: 24 Dark and Thrilling Halloween Video Templates

1. Rooms: Horror Opener 

Do you dare enter these rooms? Check out this Final Cut Pro template featuring dynamic camera moves, freaky padlocks and bolts, and a seriously creepy vibe. Edit the text to make it into your own.

Download Rooms: Horror Opener Now

2. Thriller Opener 4K

An unsolved murder…a serial killer on the loose…this Premiere Pro template is perfect for creating the opening titles sequence of your latest true crime documentary or Scandi thriller. Just replace the footage and the text and hit render.

Download Thriller Opener 4K Now

3. Halloween Instagram Stories

Running a scary-themed offer for your business? Reach your audiences through Instagram Stories with this spooky but fun Halloween-themed Instagram template. The 9:16 After Effects is easy to edit and customize.

Download Halloween Instagram Stories Now

4. Halloween Stories Pack

If you’re a Premiere Pro user, don’t shy away from Instagram Stories. Use this pack of ready-made vertical video templates to create instant promo videos for your social media audiences.

Download Halloween Stories Pack Now

5. Halloween Intro

This Halloween-themed intro template is perfect for advertising your spooky events or creating a trailer for your horror film. All you need to do in After Effects is replace the footage with your own, edit the text and render the sequence.

Download Halloween Intro Now

6. Halloween Slideshow

Creepy, floating pumpkins, scratched film and eerie transitions come together to create this After Effects template perfect for Halloween intro videos. Use it as a complete video or to introduce a wider campaign.

Download Halloween Slideshow Now

7. Halloween Party Promo

Get spooky with this Halloween party promo for After Effects. Sliding, parallax footage, and a grungy atmosphere make this the perfect template for creating professional but creepy videos. Use it to advertise your events and parties.

Download Halloween Party Promo Now

8. Halloween Horror Transitions

If you’re looking for transitions to dress up your creepy videos, try this pack of Halloween-themed transitions. This is a unique project for Premiere Pro that contains 10 horror transitions, from VHS glitches to cobwebs and sudden frightening jump cuts.

Download Halloween Horror Transitions Now

9. Dark Horror Trailer Opener

This Final Cut Pro template gives you a horror-themed video in just a few clicks. Simply replace the footage, edit the text, and you’ll have an instant promo for your Halloween YouTube channel or event.

Download Dark Horror Trailer Opener Now

10. The Terror Horror Titles

These slickly produced horror titles for After Effects are excellent for creating a title sequence in your own horror films. All you need to do is replace the footage and the text. There are seven editable text layers and five media placeholders.

Download The Terror Horror Titles Now

11. Scary Trailer

This scary video template uses creepy text animation and explosive transitions to conjure a frightening atmosphere – perfect for trailers to horror movies and Halloween events. The template contains 12 editable text layers, 12 media placeholders, and one logo placeholder.

Download Scary Trailer Now

12. Halloween Horror Trailer

This easy-to-use Premiere Pro template contains transitions and animated text in a frightening, Halloween-themed style. The modular structure makes it super easy to swap out footage and replace the text.

Download Halloween Horror Trailer Now

13. Halloween Slideshow

This Premiere Pro slideshow template is perfect for presentations at events, business shows, and other more light-hearted Halloween-themed projects. Simple transitions and text animations work well together and all you need to do is replace the footage and edit the text.

Download Halloween Slideshow Now

14. Halloween Slideshow 4K

This After Effects template is packed with spooky Halloween designs like pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls, animated with slick camera moves. The hand-made paper ghosts give it a tangible, timeless feeling.

Download Halloween Slideshow 4K Now

15. Halloween Intro and Slideshow

This 3D slideshow effect combines images and footage with a creepy Halloween design and is ideal for presentations or title sequences. The template contains two versions – use them separately or both in the same video.

Download Halloween Intro and Slideshow Now

16. Mystery Opener

Dynamic, harsh glitching effects with scratched film and blood spatters are perfect for YouTube channel introductions and title sequences. The After Effects template contains 12 media placeholders and 11 editable text layers.

Download Mystery Opener Now

17. Halloween Party Invitation

Reveal your party in style with this After Effects template for Halloween party invitations. Replace the footage and edit the text to customize it completely and impress your friends, family, and colleagues with a premium, professional production.

Download Halloween Party Invitation Now

18. Halloween Promo

Frighten your audiences with this chilling Halloween promo video template, built-in After Effects. 3D gravestones, mist, and creepy lighting make this an awesome template for YouTube channel intros, scary movies, and Halloween-themed commercials.

Download Halloween Promo Now

19. Spooky Scary Titles

This After Effects pack of 11 horror titles is a call back to the great retro Hammer horror films of the 1930s. With a grainy, black and white style, cheesy text, and fun graphics, it’s a love letter to everything horror-related.

Download Spooky Scary Titles Now

20. Bloody Grunge Titles

Dirty, grainy, grungy – and full of skulls. This is a creepy but fun template for Adobe After Effects that horror fans would love. Use it as a title sequence for your TV shows and YouTube videos.

Download Bloody Grunge Titles Now

21. Halloween

Open the creaking graveyard gates…listen to the sounds of cackling laughter and flapping wings…and swap out the logo placeholder for your own to get an instant Halloween-themed logo reveal.

Download Halloween Now

22. Horror Slideshow

This creepy template contains 10 editable text layers and 10 video placeholders. All you need to do is open up After Effects and replace the media files to create an instant horror-themed intro title sequence.

Download Horror Slideshow Now

23. Sinister Intro

Sometimes, less is more. That’s definitely the case with this intro template built-in After Effects which utilizes text animation against simple colored backgrounds really effectively. All you need to do is edit the text and render the sequence.

Download Sinister Intro Now

24. Spooky Halloween

This dynamic Halloween template is a little different than the others – it features fun, beautifully animated 2D designs and text. With pumpkins and bats galore, simply edit the text and swap out the logo to create an immediate Halloween-themed logo resolve.

Download Spooky Halloween Now

Part 2: Tips for Creating Amazing Halloween Videos

Other than picking a great existing creepy Halloween template, what can you do to make amazing Halloween videos?

  1. Remember that audio plays a huge role in trailers and promos, just like with Hollywood horror films. 
    • Use sound effects such as creaking doors, flapping bats, and creepy wind to bring your video to life and chill your audiences. 
    • Consider royalty-free music – choose something slow, ominous, and creepy, with plenty of risers and frightening drones. Check out a great list of royalty-free Halloween music for inspiration.
  2. Shooting in black and white (or at least turning the footage black and white in the edit) will immediately crank up the spooky factor. You’ll find the desaturated, grainy low-fi look in a lot of horror films.
  3. Mix up the angles of your shots. Sometimes filming something deliberately awkwardly can have a disconcerting effect on the viewer. Try using extreme close-ups, or shooting from high up or low down to take the audience away from their comfort zone.
  4. Using video overlays to give your footage a sickly, scary feel is a very quick and easy method of creating a brilliant Halloween film. Play around with the effects in your editing software and find the one that works for you.
  5. When choosing a location to shoot in, pick something that will give your audience the creeps. Abandoned tunnels, dark spaces, and old warehouses are much more frightening than fields and living rooms!

As you’ll be working on some Halloween-themed videos for yourself or clients, using a video template from Motion Array can speed up your process massively. If you don’t want to use a template then remember some key tips for creating scary videos, such as mix up the camera angles, use overlays and effects to make the footage look creepier, and finish it off with ominous and chilling sound effects and music.

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