13 Extremely Useful Tips and Templates for Great Instagram Ads & Reels

Video Effects 14/06/2021 6 min read

Whether you are promoting yourself or a business, Instagram is a powerful platform to reach your audience. The most popular and influential Instagram users create engaging content that stands out from their competitors. Even if you’re not a video editor, you can still make incredible and professional-level Instagram content by learning from our top tips.

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Part 1: 13 Effective Instagram Ads & Reels Tips for 2021

An essential part of any ad campaign is knowing your target audience and their needs. Once you know who you are making the content for, following our 13 effective Instagram ads and reel tips will help you build a good content strategy for your brand.

1. Repurpose Existing Content

Many people get so caught up in filming the next thing; they don’t pay attention to all the footage they have in their archive. Organize your video clips to always find what you need and repurpose as much footage as you can. If you’re putting out weekly updates, why not combine them to create a monthly update as well. If you have outtakes, consider making a blooper reel. 

2. Experiment with Effects & AR Filters

Instagram has a range of effects you can use on your images in the app, such as stickers, gifs, text elements, effects, and augmented reality images. Try using a mix of features to make your videos stand out. Instagram Stories even have a cool hashtag and handle stickers to take people and places in your stories. You can also consider using fun polls for more interactive content to get feedback.

3. Clip Your Music Precisely

Music is super important when it comes to video production, especially in advertising. Make sure your video clips are well-timed to the music and that the audio is precisely clipped to match the video. Consider using effects and transitions that reflect the mood of your chosen music track. Add a creative touch by making your own remixes that match the beat of your footage!

4. Don’t Forget to Use Hashtags

Hashtags are used across the internet on all social media platforms, not just on Instagram. But when it comes to Instagram, it is vital that you research and use them carefully. Don’t add too many hashtags, or your video may look like spam. 

Find tags that fit your message and brand, but avoid anything political or cause-based unless your content is directly associated with it. Always check the content for the tags you are using; you may think it fits your content based on the words used, but you might offend people if you use a tag in the wrong way.

5. Keep Your Captions Short and Precise

Most Instagram users will be viewing your content on their mobile devices, so the images and text will appear relatively small. You must keep your captions and titles as short and precise as possible so that any onscreen text is readable and engaging to the viewer.

6. Use Eye-Catching Covers

You should think about your Thumbnails from the start of any project– they are like the posters for your content. Customizing your thumbnail allows you to present the best overview of your video, utilizing images, text, and graphic elements to promote your Story.

7. Create and Participate in Challenges

Challenges are a great way of using established hashtags to push your content to more people. It’s great to take part in Instagram challenges, but it is best to stick to those that suit your brand and message. Jumping onto any challenge online can be damaging to your brand if it confuses your audience or brand image.

8. Showcase the Transformation (Before & After)

Before and after videos are great for engagement and often have some of the best watch duration averages. This is because you are giving your viewer something to wait until the end for. Transformation videos can also be powerful when used with the correct messaging. Show how your product or service can transform people’s lives.

9. Share Educational Content

Educational content is one of the most popular forms of content online and most people who share something do so because they believe it is helpful. No matter what your expertise, creating a handy pro tips video is an excellent way of educating your followers. What’s more, you can release them individually as a short daily tip, then repurpose them into longer top tips videos.

10. Add in Behind the Scenes (BTS) Shots

Behind-the-scenes, videos are a great way of building relationships with your existing audience and giving them insight into your brand. Think about what you do on a day-to-day basis and what your followers might find interesting about it. Whether you’re traveling for work, meeting clients, or just stopping for a coffee, there is much content to be mined from and add your own creative spin.

11. Create Original Content (Less Like an Ad)

People aren’t big fans of the hard sell, especially when they are scrolling for relaxation or entertainment. Some of the best Instagram ads don’t look like advertisements but do a great job showing us the benefits to our lives and who we want to be, as we spend our money for our goals.

Look at the overall tone and style of your video content. Focus on how it will help improve that one thing you know your user no longer wants to experience, rather than features of the product/service. Always keep in mind how the audience will view your video.

12. Offer Exclusive Offers and Discount Codes

You don’t need to create a promotional video to offer an exclusive discount. Actually, any video can contain exclusive offers to the viewer. Consider what might help people decide to buy from or follow you. Maybe you should run a competition or giveaway? Offering exclusives also gives you another area of hashtags you can utilize in your marketing.

13. Spread Some Happiness

The world is a complicated place, and many people turn to social media to leave a moment or two behind and cheer up. Make sure your content spreads a little cheer and happiness to your viewers. Your videos don’t need to be funny or thought-provoking, just genuine, honest, and authentic. Create an informative, practical, and optimistic place for your audience to visit.

Part 2: Top 13 Cool Instagram Reel & Ad Templates

1. Abstract Instagram Stories

The Abstract Instagram Stories pack for After Effects contains 10 modern and sleek-looking templates, with unique text animations. The 3D pastel bubble backgrounds with a variety of textures would suit a variety of business types.

Download Abstract Instagram Stories Now

2. Positive Beat Promo

This modular Premiere Pro project contains 11 text, 25 media, and 1 logo placeholder, ideal for longer stories videos. The fast-paced and glitchy style of the video makes it ideal for music, sport, and event stories.

Download Positive Beat Promo Now

3. 5 Event Instagram Stories

This selection of 5 Instagram Stories for Final Cut Pro offers a modern and dynamic flyer-style design with beautiful gradient backgrounds. The simple but impactful design is ideal for business services and event promotions. 

Download 5 Event Instagram Stories Now

4. Music Visualizer Black and White Stories

Ideal for music, fashion, and events videos, the music visualizer stories include an audio wave design. The giant text elements with a star black and white palette are sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Download Music Visualizer Black and White Stories Now

5. 10 Hand Drawn Stories

The 10 Hand Drawn Stories pack for Premiere Pro is ideal for anyone producing creative content; like artists, videographers, photographers, and designers. The watercolor background is beautiful but subtle, allowing your media and title to the center stage.

Download 10 Hand Drawn Stories Now

6. Text Mask Stories

The Text Mask Stories pack contains 8 Premiere templates with a complex-looking masked text element; your media is shown through the text. The robust design is incredibly versatile and can be used across a range of industries and project types.

Download Text Mask Stories Now

7. Abstract Design Insta Promo

The Abstract Design Insta Promo pack for Final Cut Pro contains 4 customizable media and text placeholders. The beautiful design offers a bold vintage, graphical look with bright-colored box elements.

Download Abstract Design Insta Promo Now

8. Podcast Audio Visualizer Stories

If you are producing podcasts, then this Final Cut Pro pack is the one for you. Including 8 stunning designs, the Podcast Audio Visualizer pack gives you all the templates you need to promote your podcast, as well as offering a visual element for your listeners.

Download Podcast Audio Visualizer Stories Now

9. Displace Distort Instagram Opener

Ideal for events, music, and design-based content, the Displace Distort Instagram opener for Premiere Pro contains 3 media and 6 text placeholders. The trendy, glitchy design is eye-catching and modern and comes in both portrait and square formats.

Download Displace Distort Instagram Opener Now

10. Modern Stories

This After Effect pack contains 5 unique designs, which work together to create longer video formats. The bold and colorful design is easy to customize, while the clean, modern feel is ideal for business presentations and service promotions.

Download Modern Stories Now

11. Pulse Short Stories

The Pulse Short Stories template for Premiere Pro emphasizes your media with 10 videos and 4 text placeholders. Ideal for photographer reels, this fresh design features a film reel frame and beautiful film grain effects.

Download Pulse Short Stories Now

12. Stories Pack – Trendy

The Stories Pack – Trendy contains 8 beautiful and unique designs, ideal for corporate and business use. The clean graphics and text overlays feel like flyers and brochures – super easy to customize to your brand.

Download Stories Pack Trendy Now

13. 10 Water Color Stories

The 10 Water Color Stories pack is a stunning and unique set of portrait video templates. With a soft pastel color palette and stop motion style movements, this pack will not suit every brand, but for the right content, these designs are sure to wow your viewers.

Download 10 Water Color Stories Now

Using Instagram is a challenge! There is a lot of competition, and it can be exhausting to try to be heard above all the noise. By creating consistent and engaging content, you can build an audience that is loyal, enthusiastic, and supportive of your efforts. With our top 13 Instagram reels and ads tips, as well as templates, you can be sure to create videos that are eye-catching and impressive to draw your audience in.