Best Free & Paid Instagram Title Templates, Tips & Tutorials

Video Effects 30/04/2020 5 min read

Instagram is a great social media platform for building an audience around visual content. Video offers a range of different content options, specifically for influencers and businesses using the platform. As with photos, your videos should be as high quality as possible, but since social media moves so fast, you need to find a quick and efficient way of making stunning videos. Fortunately, Instagram Title Templates are a great way of producing fantastic content in minutes.

Part 1: What are Instagram Titles?

Instagram Title Templates are video projects that you can use to customizes your media, text, and branding elements for video posts, IGTV, and Instagram Stories. These templates come in a range of formats, including the traditional square Instagram size, as well as portrait and landscape video formats for IGTV and Insta Stories. Today, we’re going to be looking at Portrait templates for Instagram stories. However, it is worth remembering the flexibility of video sizes across platforms means they can also work on Facebook, Youtube, or your Website.

Part 2: 11 Instagram Resources to Use Today!

1. Free Simple Instagram Stories

Simple Instagram Stories is a great pack of 5 minimalistic and elegant compositions, perfect for your template library. These subtle flyer-like videos are perfect for business promotions and sales notices.

Free Download 

2. Free Instagram Stories: Corporate

This pack contains 5 stylish and dynamically animated templates with a corporate feel. No matter what your business, you will find a use for these stunning compositions, and they’re sure to catch your audience’s eye.

Free Download  

3. Instagram Screen Titles

The Instagram Screen Titles pack is made for Insta Stories, with a portrait video shape. The clean and dynamic text elements, with bold color options, make this video set professional and sleek. Perfect for businesses promoting products or events on Instagram.

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4. Stories

The Stories set contains 15 striking Insta Stories templates, perfect for influencers, fashion brands, and events. The bold black and white graphic design are minimalist, allowing your images and videos to be the center of attention.

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5. Modern Trendy Stories

As the title suggests, this set of 12 templates are both modern and trendy. The eye-catching design and energetic animations are sure to impress your viewers and make them come back for more.

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6. Instagram Stories Openers

This Instagram Openers pack contains 10 Instagram Stories posts and 2 full openers for longer multimedia projects. The smooth transitions and stylish text animations make this pack incredibly versatile, and an excellent investment for any Instagram content creator.

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7. Instagram Promo

A very versatile title template, specifically designed for social media openers, promos, or event presentations. Customize the layers to showcase your most popular photo and video posts and finish with a cool logo reveal.

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8. 15 Title Instagram Stories

Perfect for business promotions and sales flyers, this pack contains 15 beautiful Stories posts. The prominent, bold graphic design elements and funky text animations make these videos eye-catching and engaging to your viewers.

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9. Instagram Stories Cyber

Instagram Stories Cyber contains 5 powerful templates for a truly unique looking Instagram campaign. The glitchy distorted style transitions and text animation give this project a futuristic feel, perfect for any tech-related businesses.

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10. Future Insta Stories

This pack is ideal for anyone wanting to create unique, modern video content. A mix of 3D wipe effects and warpy transitions are energetic, while the graphic flourishes and smooth text animation highlight your messaging.

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11. Instagram Stories Pack

This pack of 12 Stories posts are each 15 seconds in length, and can be combined to create longer videos. The smooth transitions and text block animations are subtle and relaxed, making this a versatile project with a wide range of uses.

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Part 3: How to Customize Title Templates

Customizing your title templates is super easy. If you have your assets and messaging prepared before you begin editing, it can take just minutes to create your story.

  1. Download your chosen template, unzip the folder, and open the AE project.
  2. Scroll through the Scenes folder to find the design you’d like to edit and open the composition.
  3. Next, go to the Edit Comps folder, find the Images folder, and the corresponding Image scene. If you have chosen Scene 5 to use, you will need to find Image 5.
  4. Open the composition and drag your media to the timeline. Scale and position as necessary.
  5. Next, find the corresponding Text compositions in the Text Edit folder. In turn, click on each one and edit the text, font, size, etc. You do not need to edit the color at this stage.
  6. Finally, go to the Edit Color folder and find the corresponding composition. Double click to open the timeline.
  7. The top layer on the timeline should be Color Controller, select it, and go to the Effects Control Panel. Here you will be able to change all the color elements at the same time.

Tips to remember:

  1. Choose a template that compliments the project and your skillset rather than one that ‘just looks cool.’ It will be far easier to customize your template if you have the right number of text elements to work with.
  2. Videos between 30-60 seconds in length tend to perform better on Instagram, with more engagement and potential views.
  3. Keep your messaging clear, both in the video and the post title/description. You want to direct your viewer to take action, whether that be following you, visiting your website, or getting in touch.
  4. In your Instagram post, you can use up to 30 hashtags. That doesn’t mean you should use all 30; choose those specific to what you want to say, don’t use tags that are irrelevant. 
  5. Remember, you can post 3 ways to Instagram; In-feed, Instagram Stories, and Instagram TV. It is best to have separate content for each area, so don’t post one video to all three.

Part 4: How to Add Captions in Premiere Pro

While a lot of the Instagram Stories posts we have shown you today work perfectly well without audio, you may also have people speaking or voice-over in your video projects. Many users listen to social media video content with no sound, so it is always a good idea to add subtitles.

  1. With your video in your Timeline, go to the Add New Item button and Add Captions.
  2. Check the Captions settings are set to Open Captions and the correct size for your video. Hit OK.
  3. Drag the Captions asset to the Timeline and stretch over the length of your video.
  4. Double Click on the Captions element in the Timeline to open the Captions Editor. Here you can add your text and change the style.
  5. Add your text to the Text Box and drag the caption to cover the appropriate portion of your video.
  6. To add more captions, hit the plus button.
  7. Once you have added and checked the timing of all your captions, you can begin changing the design. You can do this by selecting an individual or multiple Captions.
  8. Use the Captions editors to change the Text Alignment, Font, Font Size, and Color. It is recommended to keep your captions black on white or white on black for easy reading.

As you can see, creating stunning and engaging Instagram posts in After Effects is quick and straightforward when you use customizable templates. You can also build a library of template projects that you can use again and again, offering more production value to your clients. Now you know where to find Instagram Title Templates, you can get back to building your audience.