2020’s Top 10 Intro Templates with No Text to Use in Any Video Project

Video Effects 20/08/2020 4 min read

Creating the perfect intro to your video projects can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Intro templates are a great way of saving time and energy, creating these intricate sequences. A lot of downloadable intro templates come with text elements, which can be helpful when creating opening titles, but needless if your project requires no text. So, we found our top ten Intro Templates with no text, and compiled them into this handy list.

Part 1: 10 Brilliant Intro Templates with No Text for Your Next Video

1. Fast Grunge

The Fast Grunge project for Premiere Pro is just 7 seconds long and contains 14 image placeholders. The grungy design and stop motion style flourishes work perfectly with the fish-eye warped transitions, and are sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Download Fast Grunge Now

2. Dynamic Opener

Dynamic Opener for After Effects is a speedy dynamic intro sequence with a massive 19 image placeholders. The flickering camera roll style transitions and fresh color graphic flourishes make this a perfect option for sports and events videos, showreels, and slideshows.

Download Dynamic Opener Now

3. Dynamic Intro

This modern and stylish Final Cut Pro template is perfect for digital content creators, YouTubers, and influencers. The trendy design and jittering Venitian blind transitions take your viewers through 11 media placeholders before finishing on your logo.

Download Dynamic Intro Now

4. Fast Travel Promo

The title says it all with what to expect; this trendy sequence for Premiere CC is ideal for all of your travel photos and video. The transitions mix film rolls, wipes, and zooms with funky graphical flourishes for an eye-catching intro to your videos.

Download Fast Travel Promo Now

5. Fast Opener

If you are a Davinci Resolve editor, this might be the template for you. The fast-paced and modern looking template is versatile and can be used across a range of projects. With the sleek design and snappy graphic flourishes, this intro template would also make a great promo video on its own.

Download Fast Opener Now

6. Lovely Photo Slides

Lovely Photo Slides is a smooth and stylish slideshow, perfect for weddings, events, and travel videos. Square polaroid style video frames float smoothly around the screen, with beautiful light leak and bokeh effects highlighting your media.

Download Lovely Photo Slides Now

7. Dynamic Promo

The Dynamic Promo template for Final Cut Pro is a creatively designed, graphical intro sequence. A mix of wipes zooms and split screens take your viewers through your media in this snappy and seamless opener.

Download Dynamic Promo Now

8. 10 Second Intro

This After Effects intro template uses circular wipes to flick through 15 media placeholders before landing on your logo. The sleek and modern design make this intro incredibly versatile, ideal for use across a range of project types.

Download 10 Second Intro Now

9. Dynamic Multiframe

The Dynamic Multiframe video contains a vast 57 media placeholders for photos and video footage. The fast and fashionable design uses a variety of zoom, wipe, and split-screen effects to move seamlessly from clip to clip.

Download Dynamic Multiframe Now

10. Fast Logo Intro

The Fast Logo Intro template for Premiere Pro is a modern and clean looking opening sequence. The speedy wipe transitions with bright color elements offer a range of branding options, perfect for business presentations, slideshows, and showreels.

Download Fast Logo Intro Now

Part 2: How to Use Intro Templates with No Text

Choosing the template you want to use is probably the most challenging part. The templates have been designed to make editing them as simple as possible. 

Step 1: Download and open your chosen template. Most templates will be laid out in a similar way. Navigate to your Project Browser open the Media folder.

Step 2: Open each of the Media compositions in turn and add your media. You can also adjust the size and position of your clip, as well as adding additional effect such as color grading and light leaks.

Step 3: Once you have added all of your media, return to the Final Comp composition to review and export.

Part 3: Top Tips for Using Intro Templates with No Text

Since you don’t have to worry about messaging for these templates, you can jump straight into organizing your visuals. Here are our top tips for using these awesome, text-free intro templates.

Choose Your Media

Intro templates like the ones above work with both photos and video footage, but you must pay attention to the design of the media placeholders. Some templates will mask your video into squares or portrait style elements; you need to consider your media and how it will be displayed carefully.

Stay on Brand

You might have found a fantastic intro template, but you need to consider how it fits your brand, especially if you are working for a client. The intro may look cool, but it also needs to be appropriate to the video it is introducing.

Add Music

All of these templates are dynamic and beautifully animated, but they can be better still with the right music track and sound effect. Choose audio that works with the tone, pace, and style of your intro to make it stand out.

Add Some Text

While these templates are all text free, that doesn’t stop you from adding your own if you want to. Check out this article filled with title animations that you can download and add to your projects.

Intro templates are a great shortcut to creating beautiful, dynamic, and engaging opening sequences. There are hundreds of different styles and designs to download online, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs. We hope you’ve enjoyed our top ten intro templates with no text. If you want to discover more cool openers, check out our awesome Youtube Intros.

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