16 Logo Sting Templates That Will Impress Your Viewers

Video Effects July 24, 2019 5 min read

Logo stings are a great way to introduce your video projects and leave a lasting impression on your viewers. They not only let your audience know who has produced the video, but they also help your projects look more professional.

If you want to engage your audience and increase your brand recognition, a logo sting is a perfect way to start your video projects. To help inspire you, here are our top logo sting templates for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Davinci Resolve. Put these template to use with our top tips for customizing your logo sting templates!

Part 1: Top Logo Sting & Reveal Templates to Download

After Effects

After Effects is often the program of choice for professional animators, and with good reason. There is so much you can do in After Effects it can be a little overwhelming. Starting with a template is a great idea; the more skilled you become in After Effects, the more customizations you will be able to make.

1. Logo Reveal

This cool design reveals your image through a tunnel of bright strokes that outline your logo. The neon light effect makes it perfect to use in sports promos, event videos, and music videos.

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2. Logo Reveal

This bright and colorful logo reveal is the perfect intro for Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram videos. The simple shape animation, in a fast and bouncy style, would work beautifully as an indent or a transitional title.

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3. Animated Logo Intro

This fast animation and shape burst design create an impactful visual in just a few seconds. The fun and colorful template can be used as a great introduction to your videos. The design is so cool that it could even be used as a digital business card! 

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4. Shape Logo Intro

Impress your audience with this creative and energetic logo opener, perfect for your Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram videos. The colorful burst of circles are eye-catching, and the dynamic transition animates seamlessly into your video or photo.

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5. Logo Media Opener

This fantastic logo opener is perfect for photographers and videographer as it allows you to display 12 pieces of media in just a few seconds. The sliding bar design is modern and fun, with light leak effects adding an elegant touch.

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Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro logo stings are a great addition to any editors tool kit. While you can create more complex animated styles in After Effects, Premiere Pro templates allow you to create your indent alongside your video.

6. Logo Intro Shapes

This polygon shape logo reveal comes in both a light and dark version for easy customization. The simple, clean, and modern design make it a great introduction to live action and animated films alike. 

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7. Minimal Logo

This short animation with a burst of colorful shapes offers a fun and energetic intro video. The use of drop-shadow gives the indent a 3D feel, giving greater definition between the logo and the background — perfect for when brand guidelines have limited color options!

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8. 3D Logo Pack

This 3D logo template comes with 3 variations of the reveal animation: spin horizontally, spin vertically, and drop in. The lens flare and light effects aid in selling the 3D effect and helps create a sophisticated opening to your videos.

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9. Logo Glitch Wave

The Logo Glitch Wave template is a dynamically animated sting, with a glitchy, distorted design. With a neon color style, this template is perfect for introducing your promos, events, and music videos.

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10. Fast Photo Logo Opener

The Fast Photo Opener contains a massive 35 media placeholders, great for showcasing your products, photos, and events. The 3D effect is created with layers of images and a stunning mosaic transition design to reveal your logo.

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Final Cut Pro

If you are a Final Cut Pro editor, you can still take advantage of logo sting templates through Apple Motion Projects. You can drag and drop these templates to your main video projects from within Final Cut Pro, creating a super easy workflow.

11. Clean Liquid Logo

The Clean Liquid Logo is a fun and energetic intro template. The hand drawn, cartoon style and 2 color theme make this an excellent logo sting for animated projects, typography videos, and promotions.

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12. Minimal Clean Logo FCPX

An easy-to-use logo reveal that’s both minimal but impactful. This stylish concept offers three creative background types: colored background, media with opacity, and media with blur. This one is sure to impress your viewers!

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13. Elegant Dark Logo Reveal

For a sleek, expensive look, the Elegant Dark logo opener is the perfect option. This template turns your logo into a polished, reflective 3D shape. You don’t need a 3D logo for this to work; just import your logo, customize the tag line, and render!

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DaVinci Resolve

In addition to all the amazing templates listed above, Motion Array also has a great selection of templates for those of you editing in DaVinci Resolve.

14. Bokeh Logo

This simple logo indent has a clean and modern design, making it incredibly versatile. The dynamic 3D animation and bokeh effect offers depth to this stylish and easy to use logo sting. This is a great template to have in your tool kit as it suits many different projects and brand styles.

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15.  Logo Glitch Flash 4K

Logo Glitch Flash is an energetic and stylish template for Davinci Resolve. The intelligent color controller allows you to finely tune the lightning style bursts for different genres and film styles. Try blue colors for a sci-fi project, or pinks and reds for a mystical feel.

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16. Short Logo Reveal

This minimalistic logo reveal has a clean and modern design, perfect for an understated opening to your video. The two-color combination makes it a great option for opening typography and infographic style videos, or projects with limited brand colors.

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Part 2: How to Customize Your Logo Sting Templates & Make them Unique

Each logo sting template will come with several customizable elements: text, media, logo, and shapes. How you customize these elements will depend on the software you are using, but all will be clearly structured and labeled so you can easily find the customization options. 

Here are some helpful tips to help you take a logo sting template and make it your own! 

1. Find the Right Indent for Your Logo

When searching for the best logo sting, you should consider the look and shape of your logo. Some indents work better with a specific style of logo, for example, rectangular logos might look odd in a square logo template. For the best quality logo sting, you will need to make sure your graphic is of high-quality with a transparent background.

2. Get to the Point with Your Text

It’s an enticing prospect to try and put loads of information into your logo sting, but you should try to keep text to a minimum: brand name, website, and social media links are the norms. The key is to ensure your text is big enough to read and in a color that stands out from the background.

3. Get Your Color Palette Right

Brand colors are especially important if you are working for a client, as they will tell you the exact colors to use for text, elements, and backgrounds. When creating the logo indent, you should try to find exciting color compositions that fit with the brand guidelines.

4. Add More Customization with Visual Effects & Motion

You can customize logo sting templates further by adding effects, either to the piece as a whole or to individual elements. Don’t over-do the effects you add though, make sure they’re serving a purpose.

5. Don’t Forget Sound Effects

Sound effects are often a missed step with logo sting creation, but it makes a big impact on the indent. Music and jingles are a great way to make your indents memorable to a viewer. You can also add sound effects to reinforce animated styles; for glitchy effects try adding static sounds or distortion effects.


Logo stings are a fun and stylish way to introduce your video, and also provide you viewer with key information. Logo reveals can be time-consuming to create from scratch, which is what makes logo sting templates such a great tool for video and filmmakers alike. Now you have some great templates to get you started, use your creativity to impress your viewers!