100+ Sleek Lower Thirds You Should Download (Free & Paid)

Video Effects 21/07/2020 6 min read

There’s nothing as satisfying as a sleek, perfectly timed lower third. It can turn your video from something quite average to something premium and professional. A versatile lower third can be used for much more than just describing someone’s name and job title. Use them to pull out key facts, social media handles, calls to action, and other important text in addition to the content of the video.

Choosing the right lower third for your video is half the challenge, and here are over 100 free and paid for lower thirds to pick. Read on to find out how to incorporate them into your projects and best practices.

Part 1: 100+ Amazing Lower Thirds to Apply for Eye-Catching Effect

1. Free 12 Modern Titles

This is an incredible lower thirds template that will cost you absolutely nothing. There are 12 dynamically animated lower thirds to choose from, each with a color controller that will give you complete customization to match your brand.

2. 30 Simple Lower Thirds

Smooth, clean, and professional, use any of these 30 simple lower thirds in your corporate videos, documentaries, YouTube videos or commercials. This minimalist style will fit any kind of content. Simply change the colors and the font to match your brand.

Download 30 Simple Lower Thirds Now

3. Stylish Lower Thirds

The animations and portrait reveal in these lower thirds are a lot of fun. If you’re a Final Cut Pro user, you’ll find a use for these lower third templates in most projects. No plugins needed, so you can start using them right away.

Download Stylish Lower Thirds Now

4. Clean Lower Thirds

For DaVinci Resolve, here are six beautiful lower third animations. Cleanly animated, minimal, but effective, these are versatile enough to use in any project. Save time and impress your audience by dragging and dropping these premade lower thirds.

Download Clean Lower Thirds Now

5. Free Clean Lower Thirds – After Effects

Choose from 10 unique lower thirds animated in After Effects. Each one has a placeholder for a logo, so simply swap out your logo and change the font to customize these lower thirds for your brand. Clean, simple, and professional.

Free Clean Lower Thirds – After Effects Download

6. Social Media Lower Thirds

Encourage your audience to follow you on your social channels with these social media lower thirds for Final Cut Pro. With icons for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, you can ensure your content is covering all bases.

Download Social Media Lower Thirds Now

7. Minimal Thirds

Choose from 30 unique designs in this After Effects template. Each one is smooth and minimal and would work in any kind of video. Each animation lasts about 5 seconds and the colors can be changed to whatever you like.

Download Minimal Thirds Now

8. Audio Spectrum Lower Thirds

If you’re making a music documentary, these lower thirds are for you. This After Effects template includes five equalizers that automatically react to the music track you choose. Perfect for any music-related content.

Download Audio Spectrum Lower Thirds Now

9. New Lower Thirds

These five full-screen lower thirds are visually striking. Colorful, dynamic, and unusual compositions make them really stand out. If you’re making any kind of video content in Final Cut Pro then try using these lower thirds to step up the quality of the content.

Download New Lower Thirds Now

10. Free 3D Lower Thirds

Boot up After Effects to use these ultramodern 3D lower thirds. With almost a video game-style aesthetic, the 3D boxes are unusual and contemporary. Make your on-screen text pop no matter what you’re making.

Free 3D Lower Thirds Download

11. Titles Corporate

Geometric lines and technical details make these lower thirds really stand out. Perfect for any kind of corporate presentations or overview videos, you can add them straight into your Premiere Pro projects without any plugins needed.

Download Titles Corporate Now

12. 3D Lower Thirds and Titles

If you’re using DaVinci Resolve, try these 3D lower thirds and titles to bring your projects to life. Big, impactful text with smooth animations will give you videos the creative boost they need. The full-screen titles will work with any kind of video content.

Download 3D Lower Thirds and Titles Now

13. 18 Lower Thirds

This is a simple but effective pack of 18 clean lower third templates to use in After Effects. Easily change the colors and duration of each animation. Choose any of them to increase the production value of your videos.

Download 18 Lower Thirds Now

14. Modern Tech Titles

If you’re looking for simple drag and drop templates that give you big results, these After Effects lower thirds are perfect. Simply change the text and create instant futuristic and cool-looking titles for your videos.

Download Modern Tech Titles Now

15. Lower Thirds

Plenty of options to choose from here. Download this DaVinci Resolve template and enjoy a wide variety of colorful and beautifully animated lower thirds. Use them to quickly create professional title sequences, whether you’re making a corporate video or commercial.

Download Lower Thirds Now

16. Fast Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro

This Motion Graphics template for Premiere Pro can be dropped right into your project without any plugins needed. Simply pick and choose your favorite designs, drag them onto your timeline, and change the text to make it perfect.

Download Fast Lower Thirds for Premiere Pro Now

17. Free Premiere Templates

If you’re not looking for anything flashy, these Premiere Pro titles could be for you. Choose from 10 simple and nicely animated lower thirds for Premiere Pro, with a clean color gradient sweeping through it. This pack is absolutely free so grab it today.

Free Premiere Templates Download

18. 6 Glitchy Lower Thirds

Add this Motion Graphics template into Premiere Pro and simply drag and drop your chosen design onto the timeline. Edit the text and you’re done. Use them to call out important information and to step up the quality of your productions.

Download 6 Glitchy Lower Thirds Now

19. Minimal Lower Thirds

Clean lines and a non-intrusive animation make these minimal lower thirds perfect for any kind of project. Customize them in DaVinci Resolve to change the text and colors to your liking, and start using them right away.

Download Minimal Lower Thirds Now

Part 2: How and When to Apply Lower Thirds

So what happens when you’ve found a design you like? Firstly, download the template and import it into your chosen project. This process will vary slightly depending on whether you’re working in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve, but for the most part it’s as simple as importing any other kind of asset. Change the text and the colors to customize the lower third to match the style of your video.

Although lower thirds are easy to drag and drop into your project, deciding when to use them takes a little bit of practice. There are no hard and fast rules, but there are some guidelines to bear in mind that will make them more effective.

Firstly, pick the right position in the frame. This will vary depending on what your project is about, what the frame looks like, and what the lower thirds look like. For the most part, you’ll want to use a lower third when we see a contributor speaking on camera. Use the lower third in the lower part of the frame, preferably over some space without much detail. You don’t want the design of the lower third to be competing with what’s actually happening in the frame.


Consider the theme. If your video is a serious documentary about legal rights, maybe a dynamically animated, brightly colored lower third isn’t the best design. Try using a more subtle one. Likewise, if you’re making a fun children’s video, probably best to stay away from corporate lower thirds.

Animate the typography. The letters do not need to be jumping around all over the place to be effective. Even just a simple fade on will step up the production quality of your videos enormously.

Keep it simple. The lower third should not detract from the content of the video, it should be clean and simple, which fits nicely with the composition around it. Remember, the lower third is not the main focus of the video. It should animate in the right place, make its point, then animate out.

Lower thirds are a simple, visual way to enhance the content of your video and display extra information. No matter what editing software you are using, there are plenty of lower third templates to choose from. Find one with a design that matches the topic of your video, and simply change the text and the logo to match the theme. For effective use of lower thirds, keep them simple and to the point.