12 Easy to Use Lyric Video Templates for Your Next Music Video

Video Effects July 31, 2020 6 min read

Is it possible to imagine the haunting tune of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody without its provocative and mysterious lyrics? So many ardent music lovers hum the wrong lyrics until a lyric video hits the screen. But creating a lyric music video for your audience can be a time-consuming task unless you have the right lyric video templates in your arsenal. 

Check out 12 handpicked easy to use lyric video templates that will make creating your upcoming music video a breeze.

Part 1: How To Make A Lyric Video

In this tutorial, we will be using a kinetic typography template to make your very own lyric video. Try it out on your next project!

Part 2: 12 Dazzling Lyric Video Templates & Resources for Creatives

1. Neon Lyrics Animated

Neon Lyrics Animated is an amazing After Effects template with 36 editable text layers. Easily insert your desired text and animate it the way you please to showcase your creativity. Bright colors and animation is a great way to promote your next music album. No extra plugins are needed to download this lyrics video template.

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2. Lyrics Video

The Lyrics Video Premiere Pro is a lyric video template available in HD with 30 placeholder sequences for ease of text editing. Scratches, camera shakes, light leaks, and wiggly texts are some of the effects that bring videos alive in minutes. The template is ideal for making wedding films, music videos, home videos, TV shows, and photo slideshows.

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3. Song Clip with Lyrics

Song Clip with Lyrics is a template with 15 photo holders that makes it possible to quickly create attention-grabbing visuals for your music videos. Once stunning visuals are taken care of, you can add animated lyrics to your video in a few seconds. Adding color to all the elements in your composition, rendering, and presenting your song is the most fascinating way to your audience.

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4. Lyrics Animated Text

Lyrics Animated Text lets you create and animate lyrics of your favorite songs in a matter of seconds. Edit the text that you wish to add and then drag and drop them in your video. The final step is to render and present it to your audience. This dynamic text template is perfect for vloggers, advertisers, and music video creators.

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5. Lyric Video Titles

Want to create a video with the lyrics of your favorite song? Lyric Video Titles is the perfect template for you. Comes with hand-drawn elements and animations that breathe life into videos. You can customize all scenes and change fonts of your choice. Ideal for making wedding films, music videos, and home videos to celebrate a special occasion.

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6. Lyrics Text Animated

Well-organized and simple After Effects template, Lyrics Text Animated helps in easily embedding song lyrics onto videos. Add your text, choose the animation effect that you like, and set the ins and outs of animation by using the markers. A visually appealing music video ready in minutes! Your audience will be thrilled to see the impeccable timing of the text animation.

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7. Lyrics and Elements

Lyrics and Elements is a lyric video template that comes with 30 overlay elements, 5 designs, no keyframes, and unlimited font styles to choose from. It has 60 editable text layers and a wide range of animated overlays. If you were ever scared of creating stunning lyric music videos, don’t be. Get this template and start creating viral-worthy lyric videos of your favorite songs.

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8. Paper Text Lyrics Animated

Paper Text Lyrics template makes it easy to animate song lyrics in music videos. The template comes with 5 animated styles of paper that can be used for song lyrics animation as well as lower thirds and opening titles. To get amazing results, drop your media set or text at the start and endpoint of the animation. These beautifully animated papers are sure to dazzle your audience.

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9. Lyrics Text Animated 4 in 1

Lyrics Text Animated 4 in 1 is a template that can increase the swag quotient of your music video. It comes with 4 visually intoxicating styles that make for psychoactive visuals for any song. In a matter of seconds, you can add stunning animated lyrics. Simple drag and drop feature makes this template easy to use and interesting results can be attained using the intelligent color controllers. It’s a great way to make your audience trip on great music!

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10. Lyrics Instagram Stories

WOW, your Insta, Facebook, and YouTube followers with creatively made videos using the Lyrics Instagram Stories template. The modern template comes with 10 animated and creatively designed Instagram stories. The drag and drop feature makes it simple to use. Just edit the text, choose your media, and hit render. Works perfectly as an intro to your social media or YouTube videos capturing your travels, achievements, fashion choices, or food marathons.

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11. Typing Titles X

Typing Titles X is a Final Cut Pro template with 24 titles animation. Modern titles are available to jazz up your videos, presentations, slideshows, YouTube videos, TV shows, or Facebook videos. The animated text presets are very easy to edit and it doesn’t matter how slow you type as long as you don’t stop typing.

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12. Social Media Titles

Videos that go viral have one thing in common – great titles! Social Media Titles is a lyric video template that can make your videos look and feel professional. Use them for your commercials, Facebook and YouTube videos, promos, and openers. Download to sweep your audience off their feet!

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Part 3: How To Edit a Lyric Video Template

Once downloaded and installed, lyric video templates are simple to use. But your goal should be to make your lyric video standout. For that, we are sharing some tips that will make the video look superior.

Step 1:

Open the animated lyric template you downloaded from the motion array website in after effects.

Step 2:

To add a music track, double click in the project browser, or just drag and drop the track in the project browser.

Step 3:

Now, to add the soundtrack to your composition, open the song comp and drag and drop the track into the composition panel.

Step 4:

Next onto editing text, open the first text comp to begin customizing. Inside the text comp, you can edit and change the text using the text tool.

Step 5:

Based on the song, you can change the text animation’s timing in the final comp by adjusting the work area bars in the timeline.

Pro Tips: Don’t be afraid to edit and customize the template to your heart’s content, it’s meant for that. The template doesn’t provide a pre-cooked video; instead, it gives a great starting point on the path to create a professional-looking video.

  • Use high-resolution graphics that capture the mood of the song as background.
  • Customize the color scheme, the animation speeds, and timings to match the theme and tempo of the song.
  • Be sure to keep your resources and project as well-organized as possible.
  • Always try to name your comps and layers. It’s essential for identification and ease of work, especially on larger projects.

Part 4: Pro Tips to Edit a Killer Lyric Video

Once downloaded and installed, lyric video templates are simple to use. But your goal should be to make your lyric video standout. For that, we are sharing some tips that will make the video look superior.

Choose a template

Perusing typography templates is a great way to start. Look for templates that already come with myriad font styles, variety of animations and effects. Flexibility is what you should be looking at. You should be able to prepare your video in a few simple swaps.

Customize or add a motion background

Adding a motion background is a fabulous way to get the desired look for the AE template. You can change the color and font to transform the template from melancholy to playful to match your song.

Organize your lyrics or text

The text has to be in tandem with the background image or song. It all has to come together cohesively. So, think of line breaks. Think of words that you wish to emphasize or highlight. Write them down and organize them before inserting them into the video.

Text animation

Videos or presentations with animated typography is the most powerful way to engage the audience. Helps to add flash to your video and the text seems to resonate with the emotion of the music/song.

Timing and lyric videos

Timing is really important for lyric videos. If the timing is way off, the video becomes annoying to watch. The text/lyrics and the audio track must be timed properly and accurately.

A lyric video template is a Pandora box for video creators. Simple to use, customizable, and it comes with a mammoth collection of font styles, animation, and color. The easy drag and drop feature means anyone can use it – both amateur and professional video makers. Why don’t you start using and see for yourself?