20 Easy To Use Marketing Video Templates for 2021

Video Effects 30/12/2020 7 min read

Social media is a highly effective way to promote your business, and video is one of the most engaging types of content to use. Creating regular marketing videos can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is where marketing video templates come in. No matter which platform is your favorite to share your content, you are sure to find the perfect template on our list of 20 easy to use Marketing Video Templates for your business.

Part 1: Top 20 Marketing Video Templates

1. Instagram Marketing Posts

Marketing Post is a fantastic entry-level Premiere Pro template that features 10 smooth designs for your media. Easy to use on all levels, this is ideal for all types of social media videos, product promos, or special company occasions.

Download Instagram Marketing Posts Now

2. Event Digital Marketing Conference

This modern After Effects template is sure to capture your audiences’ attention with its elegant design and contemporary transitions. The pack contains 20 media placeholders, 20 editable text layers and is perfect for seminar intros, workshops, event sessions or pretty much any information based content. 

Download Event Digital Marketing Conference Now

3. Urban Style Final Cut Pro template

The Urban Style is a raw and fast-paced After Effects template that’s home to 18 text and 13 video/image placeholders, which are super simple to customize. Give your product videos, presentations, or company intros an edge with this powerful template.

Download Urban Style Final Cut Pro template Now

4. 6 Instagram Fitness Stories

If you’re keen to start a social media following with fitness videos, then this Premiere Pro template needs to be part of your core editing tools. Featuring 6 dynamic designs, the Instagram Stories template has everything required to chart your fitness journey and share exercise routines and tips. 

Download 6 Instagram Fitness Stories Now

5. Fitness Motivation

Sticking with the exercise theme but switching to Final Cut Pro, Fitness Motivation is a high-energy template with a modern design that will aid your audience to stay motivated. This impactful template is ideal for presentations, gym intros, or fitness tutorials. 

Download Fitness Motivation Now

6. RGB Dynamic Stories

RGB Dynamic Promo has a wide range of trendy designs in a massive template with 47 media placeholders, 17 scene and text placeholders, 1 logo placeholder, and a vertical version. This Premiere Pro template was built for social media use and has a lot to offer.

Download RGB Dynamic Stories Now

7. Marketing Promo

This stylish After Effects template is tailor-made for all things fashion with its sleek animation and tasteful transitions to recreate the feel of flicking through a magazine or catalog. Perfectly suited for still images and video alike, let Marketing Pro add some elegance to your product videos.

Download Marketing Promo Now

8. Travel Promo

This beautiful template is suitable for a wide range of projects, especially travel business marketing intros. The full-screen images transition using clean 3D movements, while the dynamic and straightforward text elements leave plenty of room for messaging.

Download Travel Promo Now

9. App Website Service Promo

The App Website Service Promo is ideal for app builders, web designers, and software developers. With a little more than a drag and drop, you can add your screen recordings to a range of devices, creating clean and dynamic promo videos.

Download App Website Service Promo Now

10. 24 Black Friday Stories Pack

The Black Friday sales pack for After Effects can be used for much more than Black Friday. These beautiful and modern looking sales videos can be used year-round, with a customizable color palette to match your brand or the season.

Download 24 Black Friday Stories Pack Now

11. Minimal Corporate Template

The Minimal Corporate Template is a simple and stylish DaVinci Resolve project, perfect for corporate business communication. The clean design allows for a clear and concise message, while the graphic flourishes add a unique feel.

Download Minimal Corporate Template Now

12. Hi-Tech Digital Agency Promo

This After Effects project is huge; 90 media placeholders and 65 text elements. The modular design allows you to build from the stunningly designed scenes, creating endless combinations. The mix of media, infographic, and typography style elements make this perfect for promotional slideshows and showreels.

Download Hi-Tech Digital Agency Promo Now

13. Marketing Instagram Stories

The Instagram Marketing Stories template for After Effects contains six beautifully animated illustrations with a large message space. The single illustrations are ideal for digital flyers, including all the information in one eye-catching slide.

Download Marketing Instagram Stories Now

14. Big Business

The Big Business template is a fun, bold video project for DaVinci Resolve, with 12 media and 23 text placeholders. The unique comic-book style text elements with grunge video overlays would be ideal for designers, musicians, and digital marketers. 

Download Big Business Now

15. Infinity

This sleek and stylized template for FCPX is ideal for music, events, and tech-related content. The square overlay with glitchy effects gives a classic futuristic feel, sure to catch your audience’s attention. 

Download Infinity Now

16. Events Promo

The Events Promo template for Premiere Pro is a versatile and dynamic template that can be used for a wide range of video types. The sleek design with split-screen video elements is modern and eye-catching, with bold text elements for your messaging.

Download Events Promo Now

17. 24 Instagram Marketing Stories

24 Instagram Marketing Stories is a must-have for any After Effects content creator. Each of the 24 templates is unique, but together you have all the tools you need to create a brand-consistent video marketing campaign.

Download 24 Instagram Marketing Stories Now

18. Product Promo

Product promo is a clean and modern design for Final Cut Pro X with a massive 20 Media Placeholders, 13 titles, and one logo. The minimalist design gives you plenty of opportunities to add flourishes of your own or keep it simple, clean, and on-brand.

Download Product Promo Now

19. Minimal Media Marketing

This infographic-style marketing video template for After Effects is ideal for designers and digital marketing agencies. Filled with animated icons and graphics, you can build your own typography style video series, fully customized to your brand.

Download Minimal Media Marketing Now

20. Food Story

Food Story is a modern and fresh looking Final Cut Pro template with 14 separate modular scenes. Super easy to customize, this template gives you the building blocks for your video, with plenty of room for your message alongside your video or photos.

Download Food Story Now

Part 2: Top Tips to Make Your Best Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are everywhere online, and we are all pretty good at spotting good video from a bad one. Creating a good video is another thing altogether. We’ve put together our top tips for creating promotional marketing content.

Keep it Short & Concise

The first mistake a lot of DIY video marketers make is the length of their videos. It can be tempting to make one video covering everything, but this is a quick way to lose your audiences’ attention. Keep your videos short and concise; if you have more points to make, do so over a video series.

Keep it Simple

With all these awesome templates available online, it can be tempting to have a lot of fun with your video projects. It can be a mistake, however, to combine too many elements and effects into the same project. Remember, you’re creating a marketing video, not an 80’s music video.

Focus on your Brand Story versus the Product Alone

Audiences are captured by marketing campaigns that tell a story. This doesn’t need to be complicated or even the most exciting story. Focus on what sets you apart from your competitors rather than the product or service you offer; tell the story of why you do what you do.

Use Questions

Questions are a great way to engage your audience, as you are giving them instructions to reply to your post. Ask what your viewers think of your new products, branding, or website. Ask your viewers if they have any questions for you. Find ways to get your followers involved in your business.

Use Music that Fits your Brand Marketing

Music is a big part of your video and can help take your project to the next level. Take into consideration the type of effect you are trying to have on the viewer; should they be excited, inspired, angry, sad? Music can be used to evoke the emotional context of your video.

End with a Strong Call to Action

It’s great that someone has watched your video to the end, but what next? Never forget to include a call to action at the end of the video, to let the viewer know what to do more. Choose strong actions; Subscribe to my Channel, Buy Now, Find Out More are all great examples of a strong call to action messages.

Use Some Humor

When it’s appropriate, a little humor can go a long way, and you don’t need to be a comedian to add a little humor to your video projects. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the lines when it comes to your brand, and find new ways to connect with your target market. Showing you can have fun with your marketing is a great way to show prospective clients that you are approachable.

Get Feedback

When working on a video, it can become easy to look past small errors such as spelling mistakes. It is always worth asking a colleague or a friend to check over your video before publishing it. They may be able to spot errors and provide constructive criticism about your messaging before it goes to a larger audience.

Plan Where You are going to Post Your Video

Different social media platforms have different requirements when posting videos, both from a technical and a content perspective. Make sure that your videos fit the technical specifications of the platform you are sharing to – use portrait video for Stories and landscape for Youtube. Also, check to see if the platform has a length or video size limit.

Always consider the platform and audience you are sharing with. For example, Linkedin is seen as a business platform and has a more professional feel than Facebook or Twitter. Make sure your sales messaging works for the audience you are sharing with.

Whatever your business or brand, there is no denying that video can be a powerful tool for digital marketing. Video Marketing Templates can be a great way to create content quickly while offering a customizable and professional design. Now your video marketing content is sorted, you can get back to taking take of your customers.

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