26 Hollywood Style Movie Intros To Use – Action, Scifi, Adventure & More

Video Effects 24/07/2020 6 min read

Movie intro sequences are incredibly important; not only do they introduce your film and set up your story, but they are also crucial to getting the viewer to invest in watching your film. Creating these opening sequences can take a lot of time, which is why we love these customizable Movie Intro templates.

Part 1: 26 Must-Have Movie Intro Resources for Editors

1.  Free Cinematic Template

This modern and moody After Effects Cinematic Template offers 8 placeholders for text with a placeholder to add your logo at the end. Ideal for trailers, or increasing the impact on your opening sequence. 

Free Cinematic Template Download

2.  Universe Logo

The Universe Logo beautifully replicates one of the most iconic movie studio intros with spinning earth and gradual revealing 3D text. Instantly recognizable, and perfect for your teaser trailer, documentary, or give that wedding video an added touch of Hollywood. 

Download Universe Logo Now

3.  Mountain Logo Reveal

Starting any project with an impressive logo is paramount, and Mountain Logo Reveal takes another iconic movie intro and makes it super easy to customize. Pop this at the start of your film, and you are sure to grab your audience’s attention.

Download Mountain Logo Reveal Now

4.  Cinematic Dynamic Opener

This stunning DaVinci Resolve template offers a range of dynamic effects with 22 editable text layers and 26 media placeholders. Vibrant and sleek, the Cinematic Dynamic Opener is great for live event videos, Social Media updates, or an elegant intro to a film. 

Download Cinematic Dynamic Opener Now

5.  Avenger Logo

Looking for a dynamic superhero-style logo reveal that’s worthy of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? The Avenger Logo After Effects template has everything you need to assemble a compelling intro for your trailer, review vlogs, or film.

Download Avenger Logo Now

6.  Stranger Movie Cinematic Intro

This stunning After Effects template beautifully replicates the stylish overlapping titles from hit series Stranger Things. Perfect for adding a twist of retro to your creative projects, or perhaps making a fan video.

Download Stranger Movie Cinematic Intro Now

7.  Cinematic Trailer

The Cinematic Trailer Premiere Pro template contains 15 full-screen text animations and 16 media placeholders, making it perfect for movie and TV show intros. The glitchy media transitions and sudden text bursts add a dramatic flair to this clean and modern project.

Download Cinematic Trailer Now

8.  Movie Opener

The Movie Opener sequence has it all; glitchy split-screen transitions, beautiful colored light leaks, and geometric shape flourishes. This unique template is super easy to use and sure to grab your viewer’s attention.

Download Movie Opener Now

9.  Cinematic Launch Trailer

This fast-paced, cinematic trailer project features snappy glitch transitions, and dynamically animated graphic flourishes. Great for your action and thriller openings, this project could also be used for high-tech promotional videos.

Download Cinematic Launch Trailer Now

10.  Cinematic Opener

This Cinematic Opener is another template that could be used across a range of video types, including as an opener for business presentations and slideshows. The smooth text animation is simple and clean, in sharp contrast to the colorful, glitchy, split-screen transitions.

Download Cinematic Opener Now

11.  Space Epic Opener

Space Epic Opener is stunning After Effects template with 11 animated space scenes to choose from. The Project includes customizable nebula effects to create jaw-dropping intro sequences.

Download Space Epic Opener Now

12.  Blockbuster Epic Trailer

This Cinematic After Effects template is perfect for both an opening title sequence or a film trailer. The blue cloud nebula is the perfect background for the lens flaring metallic title animations, bold and eye-catching.

Download Blockbuster Epic Trailer Now

13.  Epic Cinematic Trailer

The Epic Cinematic Trailer project for After Effects is ideal for your Sci-Fi intros and trailers. The title animations are elegant and straightforward against a starry background, while the warped transitions give you the feeling of jumping through space.

Download Epic Cinematic Trailer Now

14.  Intro Projector

The Intro Project project for Premiere Pro is a short and neat opener, ideal for wedding videos and photo slideshows. The simple text animation is elegant over the tracking shots of beautifully displayed vintage film reels and projectors.

Download Intro Projector Now

15.  Dramatic Film Intro

This modern multi-purpose After Effects template is ideally suited to a contemporary drama with its graceful transitions and text animations.  Dramatic Film Intro can also add tasteful elegance to slideshows, wedding videos, and live event teasers.

Download Dramatic Film Intro Now

16.  Blockbuster Epic Trailer

With its slick and bold design, the Blockbuster Epic Titles template offers a powerful metallic text design with loads of additional effects like lens flare and smoke. Perfect for trailers, and promos, this After Effects template is a must-have.

Download Blockbuster Epic Trailer Now

17.  Stranger Street Film Opener

Stranger Street is a grungy, urban style template project for Adobe After Effects. The rotoscoped media and paint splash text elements give the design a graphic novel feel, perfect for bringing out your artistic side. 

Download Stranger Street Film Opener Now

18.  Brush Film Opener

The Brush Film Opener is an artistically designed template that could be used for a range of project types, including presentations, showreels, and events films. The text animations are simple, but the full-screen brush stroke animation makes this template stand out.

Download Brush Film Opener Now

19.  Intro for Horror Movies

As you would expect, the Intro for Horror Movies project is the perfect intro for your scary stories. The smooth camera tracks around a grimy abandoned building, creating a 3D effect with your text along with shimmering dust particles.

Download Intro for Horror Movies Now

20.  Cinematic Demo Reel

This stunning project features 13 dynamic split-screen transitions and 25 fluid text animations. The modern and bold design can be useful for a range of projects, including thriller, action, and drama genres.

Download Cinematic Demo Reel Now

21.  Color Cinematic Opener

Color Cinematic Promo for Premiere Pro is a neat and pretty looking template, with a considerable amount of versatility. The smooth full-screen effects are perfectly highlighted with the colorful, dynamic light leak overlays.

Download Color Cinematic Opener Now

22.  Freeze Frame Transitions

Perfect for presentation, promotional videos, and title sequences, the Final Cut Pro Freeze Frame Transitions pack is not to be missed. The face-paced transitions reveal a bold splash of color around your frame, with dynamic paintbrush titles for your messaging.

Download Freeze Frame Transitions Now

23.  Space Meditation

This stunning intro sequence for After Effects mixes beautiful abstract backgrounds with smooth, elegant title animations. The relaxed, floaty transition style and mellow color palette give this sequence an other-worldly feel.

Download Space Meditation Now

24.  Retro Vintage Opener

The Retro Vintage Opener is a fast-paced and trendy After Effects template, which would look awesome as a promotional video as well as a title sequence. The vintage color palette, fun stop-motion animations. 

Download Retro Vintage Opener Now

25.  History Documentary Opener

The History Documentary Opener for Premiere Pro is a dramatic and stylized template. The flickering film reel transitions and grungy text elements give this sequence an old, antique feel, complemented by the sepia color tones and light leaks.

Download History Documentary Opener Now

26.  Lens Flare Cinematic Opener

The Lens Flare Cinematic Opener is a modern and sleek looking title sequence, with colorful glitchy transitions and smooth dynamic text elements. The versatile project has a high-tech feel, perfect for Sci-Fi features and shorts.

Download Lens Flare Cinematic Opener Now

Part 2: How to Use Movie Intros for Your Next Project

Movie Intro Templates come ready for use across all the leading editing platforms, so there will be variants in what can be customized depending on the application you choose. For the most part, however, intro templates will follow a similar structure, making them easy to use, even for beginners.

Step 1: Open your downloaded project in your chosen application. Navigate to the Project Browser and select the Media Comp.

Step 2: Drag and Drop your Media to the timeline to replace the placeholder.

Step 3: Go to the Text Comp and open it in the timeline. Customize the messaging, font, and weight of your titles.

Step 4: Go to the Color Comp and select the layer of which you wish to change the color. In the Effects Control Panel, adjust the colors using the Picker.

When you spend so much time and energy creating a film, you want to make sure your opening and closing credits do your project justice. Thankfully there is a wealth of Movie Intro Templates available to choose from, so finding something for your next masterpiece won’t be a problem. For your film end credits, why not check out this list of super hand Short Film Credit Templates. If you found this article helpful, why not check out our link to the Video Intro Templates article.