25 Eye-Catching Moving Logo Downloads to Show Off Your Brand

Video Effects 24/07/2020 7 min read

From a filmmaker, to a businessman, to even a superhero, everyone spends a great amount of time to perfect their logo. While it’s important to have a logo for unique branding and identity, it is equally important to present it in a fashion that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Moving logo templates give wings to your imagination, making the introduction visually appealing.

Let’s see the top 25 eye-catching moving logo templates recommended by us, which are just a download away.

Part 1: 25 Amazing Moving Logo Animations for Creatives

These top 25 moving logo templates have been specially curated to cater to different genres, styles, and audiences. You don’t need any plugins to run these templates. Just drag and drop your logo inside the ‘Edit Comp’, edit the text, adjust the color, and start rendering!

1. Neon Logo Opener

The Neon Logo Reveal template gives your logo a neon light outline leaving a cool and electrifying impression on your audience. The moving logo will give a kick-start opening to your TV shows, advertisements, and concerts with a bang.

Download Neon Logo Opener Now 

2. Color Glitch Logo 

The Color Glitch Logo Intro template gives a colorful, high-definition opening to your video. Different colors and shapes come together to create your trendy logo. This Premiere Pro template gives you room to write 7 layers of text leaving a refreshing impression on your audience. 

Download Color Glitch Logo Now  

3. Electric Logo 

The Electric Logo Reveal template will give a thrilling start to your TV show, a teaser, a promotion or even an advertisement. When the lightning strikes, your logo appears shining as bright as the North Star. The template’s intelligent custom controller puts the Zeus lightning bolt in your hand giving your viewers a thunder-filled experience.

Download Electric Logo Now

4. Glitch Logo

Walking down the memory lane, the Glitch Logo template starts with a blurry and unstable logo that becomes clear as thoughts move at the light speed. This distorting effect animation shows a history in the making, and is perfect for an epic movie, a gaming highlight, a slideshow or even a movie review. The template comes with 2 logo placeholders and 2 shapes – a circle and a square.

Download Glitch Logo Now 

5. Fire Explosion Logo  

The Fire Explosion Logo template gives an action-pact start to your videos. Two fireballs come closer in a spiral motion and collide to reveal your logo from the explosion. This animation builds up the excitement among the audience, leaving a lasting impression! 

Download Fire Explosion Logo Now 

6. Plasma Logo Reveal

The Water & Neon Logo template blends the neon light and the effect of water. A neon light blinking above the dark sea forms the shape of your logo, depicting the nightlife in a metro. It says a lot about the theme of your movie or event and catches the attention of your target audience. Let the waves do the talking!

Download Plasma Logo Reveal Now 

7. Storm Logo

The Storm Logo Reveal template brings wind elements to life. When the wind blows, it takes away the dust off the treasured logo, giving a refreshing introduction to your videos, slideshows, and presentation. The audience is gripped as they wait to unwrap the hidden story.

Download Storm Logo Now 

8. Grunge Logo

The Grunge Logo Distortion template renders a beautiful contortion and glitching effect to the introduction. In the busy and fast-moving world where every shape, line, and letter comes and goes with the blink of an eye, only one thing stays clear and calm. And that one thing is your logo. It also gives you the option to color-code your introduction. Let your audience feel the grunge!

Download Grunge Logo Now 

9. Hand Drawn Brush Minimal Logo

The Hand Drawn Brush Minimal Logo template gives an artistic appeal to your logo and a child-like innocence. It shows the different color effects of crayons, hand brush, and color pencils. This template will surely leave a smile on your audience’s face. 

Download Hand Drawn Brush Minimal Logo Now 

10. Colorful Flash Logo 

Do you seek a mix of a few templates? The Colorful Flash Logo template is a fusion of neon color lights, with distorting, glitching, and flashing effects. The template is available in Full-HD quality and gives you an intelligent color controller that adjusts to your theme. The dynamic glow of this animated logo will leave your audience energized. 

Download Colorful Flash Logo Now 

11. Glitch Logo – DaVinci Resolve

In this fast-paced world, there is a lot of noise and commotion, some big & some small, some colored, some black and white, some clear, some faded. The Glitch Logo in the dynamic DaVinci Resolve template depicts this disturbance with mind-boggling effects, and eases the noise with the logo. Stand out in the crowd with this eye-catching template. 

Download Glitch Logo – DaVinci Resolve Now 

12. Liquid Logo

If green is green and not parrot green or broccoli green for you, the Liquid Logo Reveal is the template you need. Plain liquid colors are swimming all over the screen, showing the simplicity of your content. This Premiere Pro template is available in FHD and Vertical mode. It’s a great introduction for a children’s video or promo.

Download Liquid Logo Now 

13. Game Glitch Logo 

Game Glitch Logo is a gaming logo template that is wicked, stylish, and everything but simple. The dark screen suddenly fills up with glitches of codes and fluorescent colors, and introduces your logo. The template gives you 4 text layers in which you can use the distortion effect to hook your audience. This DaVinci Resolve template is perfect to show off you gaming feats and game reviews. For gaming is no child’s play. 

Download Game Glitch Logo Now  

14. Scribble Grunge Distortion Logo

When one theme is not enough, you mix and match. The Scribble Grunge Distortion Logo combines the grunge theme with doodling and glitching effects. This template blends with a variety of content, especially a documentary or a history-related video. 

Download Scribble Grunge Distortion Logo Now 

15. Unfold Logo

Sometimes, simple things have lasting impressions. The Unfold Logo Reveal template animates the simple craft of folding and unfolding colorful pieces to highlight the beauty of your brand. It brings two versions of unfolding effects that gives your presentation a neat and organized look, making it a perfect introduction for professional use cases.

Download Unfold Logo Now 

16. Glass Stack Logo

The kaleidoscope reveals the many variations and effects of colors when exposed to light. The Glass Stack Logo Reveal template gives a cinematic opening as colored glass pieces beautifully collage inside your logo. You can combine the logo with 3D animation with the help of Video Copilot’s Element 3D. This template will give your videos a creative and stylish introduction.

Download Glass Stack Logo Now 

17. Grunge Brush Watercolor Logo

If you are looking for a vivid revelation of your logo, the Grunge Brush Watercolor Logo gives you a perfect alternative. Several strokes of paintbrush fill the page with vibrant colors, giving your presentation or video a bright and fresh opening.

Download Grunge Brush Watercolor Logo Now 

18. Line Logo

Imagine drawing a line using four pens at once. The Line Logo reveal is a simple and creative animation where four layers of lines draw your logo in less than 5 seconds. You can impress your audience with the simplicity and creativity of this animation. 

Download Line Logo Now 

19. Distort Glitch Logo

The Distort Glitch Logo Reveal is a fusion of neon lights flashing, distorting, and glitching to depict the need for speed. The animation gives the look and feel of a roller coaster ride or a time travel tunnel. This template could be used for an eye-catching opening to an esports event or competitions that boosts your audience’s enthusiasm. Are You Ready!

Download Distort Glitch Logo Now 

20. CyberPunk Logo

For the rough and the wild, the CyberPunk Logo Glitch Intro blends together several animation effects of distortion, rough blurry image, and color shades. This template is a perfect introduction for videos and games where the theme is danger, action, and wildlife. Leave a thrilling impression on your audience. 

Download CyberPunk Logo Now 

21. Short Logo

An old school theme with new-age animation, the Short Logo Opener takes you back to the 70s theme. The template’s 4K video quality enhances the vibrant colors and 3 geometric shapes – rhombus, square, and circle — that outline your text and logo. This is a perfect opening for a retro-themed event or presentation.

Download Short Logo Now 

22. Multiply Flat Logo

The Multiply Flat Logo spreads out like a flower petal with each petal revealing a media element. The template gives you room to show up to 7 media files one by one in less than 7 seconds. The simple animation pops out several media bytes or images without cluttering the screen with too many elements. It is ideal for your social media videos and promotions.

Download Multiply Flat Logo Now 

23. Line Logo Reveal

The Line Logo Reveal is a fun geometric animation where colorful shapes appear in various layers and highlight your logo. It’s a dynamic and creative introduction for your videos that have a nerdy theme of science, technology, and math. 

Download Line Logo Reveal Now 

24. Broadcast Spherical Logo

Sometimes all you need is to unwrap your logo in style. The Broadcast Spherical Opener lives by its name. Three layers of a sphere rotate in three different directions to unwrap the logo inside. The template is perfect for news-based content or broadcast media. 

Download Broadcast Spherical Logo Now 

25. Logo Pack

If you have a perfect logo and the only animation you seek is a sleek entry and exit, the Logo Reveal Pack is your choice. The template has no additional shapes or elements but has a plain background and 12 stylish animated transitions in which your logo appears. This makes it cater to almost all types of content and themes. 

Download Logo Pack Now 

Part 2: How To Use Moving Logo Template In After Effects

Once you have downloaded the logo of your choice, it’s now time to customize it. Simply follow these steps in After Effects for this:

Step 1: Double click on the downloaded template file (.aep). This should directly open the logo template in After Effects.

Step 2: To add your custom logo, double click on ‘Logo_Here’ Comp inside the project browser panel. Drag and drop your logo image inside this panel. Next, drag and drop the image in the ‘Logo_Here’ Comp.

Step 3: To edit the text, double click on ‘Your_Tagline_Here’ Comp. Select the Text Layer to start editing.

Step 4: To use the template as an intro or outro, simply render the final Comp.

Step 5: Use the rendered footage with the video editing software of your choice and clip it to the beginning/ending of your video.

Part 3: Tips and Tricks to use the Moving Logos

Once you have downloaded the moving logo template that is in sync with your brand, the animation is pretty easy. However, these are some simple tips to avoid animation disasters. 

Refrain from over-styling 

Just like you don’t wear all your favorite clothes at the same time, you should refrain from using multiple styles in one go. With so many appealing moving logos, you might get tempted. But over-styling can clutter your introduction and leave a messy impression on your audience, especially if the logo is being used as an intro!

Use few words 

The main purp