25 Inspiring Netflix Video Templates for Film & Trailers

Video Effects 09/07/2021 5 min read

When producing your films and trailers, creating compelling introductions and title sequences is key to engaging your audience. With so many streaming services, opening titles have become a bit dull. Fortunately, we’re here with 25 incredible Netflix Video Templates for you to use on your next creative project.

Part 1: 25 Cinematic & Netflix Inspired Video Templates for Filmmakers

1. Stranger Movie Cinematic

The Stranger Movie Cinematic template for After Effects gives you Stranger Things style neon lettering, wrapped up in retro video style effects. This excellent opening title template lets your titles slowly and eerily drift on-screen with 80s flair.

Download Stranger Movie Cinematic Now

2. Light Strips

The Light Strips template is a logo indent for Premiere, ideal for opening your creative film project. Neon light strips fill the screen in a high-tech retro style before dissolving into a beautiful light background to display your logo.

Download Light Strips Now

3. Darkness

Darkness is a grunge-style opening title sequence for Final Cut Pro or After Effects. The stunning bold text elements float across your media, transitioning with a dynamic and artistic paint brush effect.

Download Darkness Now

4. Lines Logo Reveal

The Lines Logo Reveal is a modern and beautifully designed logo indent with a bright, colorful style. The pink, purple and red neon lines come together to dissolve into your logo in a short but eye-catching indent.

Download Lines Logo Reveal Now

5. Polarized World

Polarized World is an opening sequence template for After Effects with 13 media and text placeholders. The video includes a glitchy transitional style with bold text and cool media warping effects.

Download Polarized World Now

6. History Documentary

Ideal for your historical documentaries or films, this Premiere Template features 12 video and text placeholders. Flicking through your media in a film-reel style with artistic ink splash transitions, this template is sure to grab your viewer’s attention.

Download History Documentary Now

7. AI Power

The AI Power template for After Effects is a beautifully designed title sequence, including a massive 15 text placeholders. The backdrop features neon-style electrical streams with pulsing flairs, ideal for your sci-fi and technology-based projects.

Download AI Power Now

8. Cinematic Trailer

This powerful and cinematic trailer project for After Effects includes 16 text and 15 image/video placeholders. The titles offer a high-tech glossy style, perfectly intercut with electrically charged video transitions.

Download Cinematic Trailer Now

9. Suspenseful Tapes Opener

Taking inspiration from many detective and murder-based shows, the Suspenseful Tapes opener is ideal for your crime thrillers. Featuring audio recording device footage in a film roll frame, with subtle glitchy text elements.

Download Suspenseful Tapes Opener Now

10. Innocence Files

The Innocence Files template for Final Cut Pro is ideal for your thriller and horror opening title sequences. Your media is patchworked into subtle brushstrokes, while cool cloud and light leak effects highlight the text elements.

Download Innocence Files Now

11. Dark Horror Trailer 

Containing seven text and six image placeholders, the Dark Horror Trailer does precisely as the title suggests. Scratch grunge effects cover the media elements, while glitch text flickers across the screen with creepy style.

Download Dark Horror Trailer Now

12. Interworld

The Interworld template for Premiere Pro is a tremendous all-around project that could be used across a range of genres depending on your color choices. With double exposure effects and masked text elements, this template is unique and eye-catching. 

Download Interworld Now

13. Emotional Opener

The Emotional Opener for Premiere features six media and 12 text placeholders, ideal for introducing your cast in your opening titles. Simple text elements with cool glitchy RGB transitions stand in front of a liquified video effect layer.

Download Emotional Opener Now

14. Cinematic Damage Trailer

The Cinematic Damage Trailer is ideal for your action-packed creative projects, with a vast 28 media and 27 text placeholders. The template features black and white glitch footage elements with an excellent VCR style filter and dynamic scaling titles.

Download Cinematic Damage Trailer Now

15. Cinematic Lines Slideshow

The Cinematic Lines Slideshow is ideal for your crime, thriller, and drama projects. The template features a cool grey/blue color palette, with Venetian blind style transitional effects and subtle glitch titles.

Download Cinematic Lines Slideshow Now

16. Cyberpunk

The Cyberpunk project for Premiere offers a unique retro-futuristic style, ideal for sci-fi and technology-based content. The sequence features a neon color tone, scanlines, and glitchy flourishes, giving the impression of viewing your media through futuristic CCTV.

Download Cyberpunk Now

17. Cinematic Intro

The Cinematic Intro is a fast-paced After Effects template with 19 text and 15 media placeholders. Your media swiftly transitions through color glitch and wipe effects, while film grain and noise create depth and separation between the titles.

Download Cinematic Intro Now

18. Extruded Title Reveal

The Extruded Title Reveal is a simple After Effects template to replicate the Netflix opening logo indent. Your text appears from a white background, pushing through, creating a deep shadow before filling with color.

Download Extruded Title Reveal Now

19. Variant Cinematic Titles

The Variant Cinematic Titles template for After Effects offers users a unique and speedy logo indent. Bright neon bars sit in a 3D space flickering like audio waves, while your text elements use blur and glow transitional effects.

Download Variant Cinematic Titles Now

20. Film Titles Opener

The Film Titles Opener is ideal for any project with intrigue, including crime, thriller, horror, and documentary films. The template offers a unique glitch style text effect with RGB flourishes and flashing transitions.

Download Film Titles Opener Now

21. Fog Cinematic Title

The Fog Cinematic Title template is a cool-looking After Effect project containing eight text and media placeholders. The project features a moving fog background; your media and titles drift seamlessly across a foggy lake with a beautiful water-based reflection.

Download Fog Cinematic Title Now

22. Dimension Cinematic Title

The Dimension Cinematic Title template for AE might offer five media placeholders, but it is the six title cards that make this project stand out. The titles feature a beautiful lens flare effect with a swirling, cosmic light-show background. 

Download Dimension Cinematic Title Now

23. Micro Cinematic Titles

Micro Cinematic Titles is an AE template that gives your viewer the impression of speeding through a micros digital world. The design features neon pulsating light streams and cool circuit-like flourishes.

Download Micro Cinematic Titles Now

24. Dark Movie Titles

The Dark Movie titles template for After Effects is an ideal option for your horror or thriller projects. Featuring blood-red morphing shape background and scale glitching text elements, this is sure to capture your audience’s imagination.

Download Dark Movie Titles Now

25. Horror Movie Titles

Containing 17 text and seven media placeholders, the AE Horror Movie Titles template offers a dark and creepy tone, featuring police report style media elements, with cool-looking text transitions and bold graphical flourishes.

Download Horror Movie Titles Now

Part 2: How to Create a Cool Netflix Intro with Video Templates

Templates will differ slightly depending on the software for which they have been built. Fortunately, they will all follow a similar structure, so you can easily find the editable areas of your project.

  1. Once you’ve chosen and downloaded your template, you will need to unzip the folder. The download folder will often contain assets such as fonts or help videos. The first step is to locate the Premiere Pro or After Effects project and double click to open it.
  2. Find the Project browser containing the folders for the template.
  3. Drop down the folders until you find one with a name that indicates it is editable.
  4. Within the Edit media folder, you will find Text and Media customizations within their own folders.
  5. Open the Edit media folder and double-click on each Layer in turn; they will open up in the timeline.
  6. Go through each Media layer and drag your clips from the Media browser to your timeline. Return to the main comp at any time to see the effects in action.
  7. Go through all of the layers in your Edit Text folder. Double-click on the text in the Viewer panel, and add your message.
  8. When you are done, return to the main comp and export your project.

When creating your title sequences, you should always keep in mind that the titles will introduce your audience to your film. It’s important that the titles fairly represent your content. There are many animated fonts and title templates available to download, so make sure you find the Netflix video template that suits your creative vision.