22 Dynamic & Upbeat New Years Sale Templates for Social Posts

Video Effects 16/12/2021 4 min read

While everyone is getting ready to enjoy their Christmas holidays, businesses are gearing up for the January sales. Creating videos is a fantastic way of promoting your businesses, services, and products, and they don’t need to take long to complete. With our list of 22 incredible sales templates for social posts, you can be sure to have great year-end promos for 2021 and an even greater start to 2022.

Top Holiday & New Years Sale Templates for Social Discount Announcements

1. New Years Sales Titles

The New Years Sales Titles pack for After Effects includes 12 elegant full-screen designs. The clean and stylish designs feature a range of title layouts with both heading and paragraph copy space.

Download New Years Sales Titles Now

2. Christmas and New Years Sale Stories Pack

The Christmas and New Years Sales Stories Pack includes 12 fun designs in vertical and square formats. Each design differs from clean business promos with media dropzones to cartoon-style full-screen titles.

Download Christmas and New Years Sale Stories Pack Now

3. New Year Sale Stories Instagram

The New Year Sales Stories Instagram pack for Adobe AE contains 6 unique and modern designs. The tri-tone color palette makes for easy branding customization, while the fast and energetic titles whip through your messaging.

Download New Year Sale Stories Instagram Now

4. Christmas Sale Stories Instagram

Featuring 6 stunning designs, the Christmas Sale Stories Instagram pack offers a clean and modern look. The modular design lets you create individual flyers or extended sales promos while fitting the minimalistic design.

5. Sale Instagram Stories

The Sale Instagram Stories back contains 4 vertical sales videos for After Effects. Featuring balloons, gifts, and a fizzing bottle of champagne, these minimalist designs can be used for any celebration/holiday sales, from Valentine to Christmas.

Download Sale Instagram Stories Now

6. Big Sale Instagram Stories

The Big Sale Instagram Stories includes 19 beautiful and modern vertical designs. The stylish gradients allow you to create a unique holiday feel but could be used year-round for your business sales.

Download Big Sale Instagram Stories Now

7. New Year Insta Stories

The New Year Insta Stories pack for After Effects includes 15 stylish and modern vertical designs. The simple layouts offer versatile designs that could be used for many celebratory sales events.

Download New Year Insta Stories Now

8. Winter Sale Titles

The Winter Sales Title pack is a Premiere Pro plugin that includes 8 gorgeous designs. The brush stroke background and simple snowflake emblems are ideal for full-screen titles and smaller sales badges.

Download Winter Sale Titles Now

9. Insta Sale Stories

This Premiere Pro pack includes 6 classy designs in a modular structure, allowing you to create longer videos by combining the templates. The dynamic animation is ideal for social posts as the background can reflect any season.

Download Insta Sale Stories Now

10. Modern Sale Titles

The Modern Sales Titles Pack contains 12 beautifully designed Premiere Pro social post templates. The clean and trendy design with dynamically animated titles is ideal for year-round sales videos, as both full screen and badge style elements.

Download Modern Sale Titles Now

11. Christmas Sale Stories

The Christmas Sale Stories Premiere pack includes 6 versatile and varied designs. With simple media dropzones, you can place your footage in the festive frames, alongside your messaging with clean and dynamic animation.

Download Christmas Sale Stories Now

12. Season Sale Lower Third

The Premiere Pro Season Sale Lower Third pack contains 6 designs, including backgrounds for all festive events, including snow and trees, spiderwebs, hearts, and gift wrap. These simple designs are ideal for adding a sales message to the bottom of your videos.

Download Season Sale Lower Third Now

13. Stylish Sale Labels

The Stylish Sale Labels for DaVinci Resolve are ideal for adding badges to your videos or end slates. The bright, colorful designs are bubble-like and with unique liquid motion backgrounds.

Download Stylish Sale Labels Now

14. Sales Title Pack

The Final Cut Pro Sales Title Pack offers 12 beautifully hand-drawn sales badges and lower thirds. With simple animation and a clean comic book look, this versatile pack can be used for your year-round sales content.

Download Sales Title Pack Now

15. Sales Promo

The Final Cut Pro Sales Promo template is a fantastic postcard video for a range of sale items. Featuring 3 individual slides, each with 1 media placeholder and multiple text elements, you can build a product-specific sales video.

Download Sales Promo Now

16. Instagram Christmas Stories

The Instagram Christmas Stories pack for AE includes a massive 18 template designs that can be combined for longer stories. The dynamic title animation is highlighted by snowflakes and cute cartoon cookies, truly great for any wintery sale.

Download Instagram Christmas Stories Now

17. Christmas Insta Posts and Stories

The Christmas Insta Posts and Stories pack for Premiere Pro includes 6 stunning 2D designs, ideal for businesses and content creators. The winter-themed backgrounds and cut-out titles allow for easy branding.

Download Christmas Insta Posts and Stories Now

18. Holiday Explosion Titles

The Holiday Explosion Titles is a fantastic Premiere Pro template with 5 3D-styled backgrounds. The title animation is simple, but the explosion of 3D realistic gifts, snowflakes, and baubles in the background add the holiday feel.

Download Holiday Explosion Titles Now

19. Christmas Insta Stories

The Christmas Insta Stories pack includes 5 stylish designs for DaVinci Resolve. The clean and colorful layouts include traditional Christmas decorations, snowflakes, and gifts in a fun 2D cut-out style.

Download Christmas Insta Stories Now

20. Modern Instagram Stories

This pack of FCP Modern Instagram Stories contains 12 unique and varied designs for any occasion. The stylish and straightforward layouts give you plenty of room to add personality, while the pack offers a great Stories solution for beginners. 

Download Modern Instagram Stories Now

21. Instagram Stories Online Shop

The Instagram Stories Online Shop pack contains 6 After Effects templates for e-commerce content creators. The simple gradient backgrounds are easily customized, with modern graphic flourishes dancing behind your copy.

Download Instagram Stories Online Shop Now

22. Vertical Sales Promo

If you love the FCP Sales Promo template, but want to share it as a Stories video, then this is the template you need. Featuring the same media and text placeholders as the horizontal version, with a bright color palette and dynamically animated flourishes.

Download Vertical Sales Promo Now

If you’re trying to promote your holiday sales online, there is no better way to do so than with videos. Creating your advertisements doesn’t need to take long, especially with a library of fantastic templates at your fingertips, you can create engaging sales promos in just minutes with Motion Array. Check out our list of additional Christmas slideshow templates and Christmas background music!