20 Professional News Intro Templates & Motion Graphics

Video Effects 30/06/2021 4 min read

If you’re working on a news broadcast, finding the right news intro template can take your project from so-so to pro. With editable text and easy-to-use placeholders, making an eye-catching and professional-looking news broadcast sequence is simple!

To help you find the best news intro template for your project, we’ve compiled our favorites for After Effects and Premiere Pro and tracked down a number of cool motion graphics too.

Start making awesome news videos today by downloading one of these epic templates!

News Intro Templates You Should Download

After Effects

Every After Effects editor should have access to these amazing openers for your next news project.

1. News Package 1

With its modern opener, this news template features a rotating red and white globe with tons of professionally detailed elements. As the intro plays, you’ll be able to easily preview your news features with engaging story panel placeholders. This package also includes transitions, lower thirds, and split screens.

Download News Package 1 Now

2. News

This package features a light blue globe with a similar light blue background and a traditional-looking news title. You’ll also get two story bumps, a lower thirds display, and a split-screen feature.

Download News Now

3. News Opener

This downloadable template is fitting for a larger news outlet and features a 3D-structure that loops through colored images of video feed. It’s short, sweet, to the point, and ends with a bold title display.

4. News Broadcast Package

With its futuristic look, this news opener runs through a collection of fillable video boxes to display news stories briefly before ending on a screen to showcase your newscasters. It also features story highlights placeholders, a phone interview screen, and editable headline text.

5. Broadcast TV Packages

A contemporary broadcast package, this download features a collection of colored displays for different news segments, a schedule display, ways to indicate feature stories, and split-screen features.

Download Broadcast TV Packages Now

6. News Package

This broadcast news download features an inspiring white-and-grey globe scene with a circular blue ribbon enveloping the globe. It has a more inspirational vibe to it and also includes lower thirds for introducing guests and stories, a split-screen view, a half-screen video or still image features.

Download News Package Now

7. News Opener

This 3D opener features multi-screen displays with featured news stories. It ends with a full title display with news scenes playing in the background. Please note that this project requires the Element 3D V2 plugin.

Download News Opener Now

8. Election Night Intro

The election night intro features a 3D map of the United States with two colored ribbons (aptly blue and red) looping down over it. This is accompanied by rotating poll results boxes, and a final election title display at the end.

Download Election Night Intro Now

9. News Graphic Pack

Featuring futuristic cylinder shapes, this news opener slides through a few 3D scenes before ending on the final logo and title screen with a slowly rotating globe.

Download News Graphic Pack Now

10. News On-Air Package

This on-air package will amp up your live broadcasts. Add breaking news as scrolling text and include timestamps as your announcer shares the 6 o’clock news.

Download News On-Air Package Now

Premiere Pro

If you’re using Premiere Pro to edit your news feature, here are some great downloads to help you out.

11. News Opener

This modern download centers on a dark grey and light-spotted globe against a blue background. It also comes with a separate red-tinted one.

Download News Opener Now

12. News

With 22 image and video placeholders and 6 editable text areas, this would be a great opener for a daily news broadcast or story feature. Use it to transition from commercials to the regular program.

Download News Now

13. News Broadcast Opener

Starting out with 3D lines crawling across the screen, this download moves to a spinning globe with rings and ends with a title on the screen. You could open a news-themed TV show with it or use it for your nightly broadcast.

Download News Broadcast Opener Now

14. News Tickers

A powerful and fast-moving news ticker, perfect for news broadcasts, updates, and more projects that refer to current events.

Download News Tickers Now

15. Breaking News Intro

With a stylish design and modern text animations, this news intro is perfect for promoting your breaking news as well as TV shows, broadcast projects, and even events!

Download Breaking News Intro Now

Motion Graphics

If you are in the market for a specific news-themed motion graphic, then we have a few awesome ones picked out for you.

16. News Back 01

This motion graphic features a spinning globe in light pastel colors. It’s bright and inspiring, great for a morning show opening, or even a TV show.

Download News Back 01 Now

17. News Transitions Pack

These text news transitions feature animated text sliding in and out with a light line in between them on a blue background. It’s great for quick short news transitions between features.

Download News Transitions Pack Now

18. News Broadcast Sting: Breaking News

This motion graphic download rotates the word “breaking” and quickly animates in the letters “news” for an engaging open sequence. Use this if you need to interrupt a regular broadcast with the latest updates from around the world!

Download News Broadcast Sting: Breaking News Now

19. News Broadcast Plate: Headlines

A 3D red circle lies below the text “headline” in this motion graphic. It also features a boxed area with rounded edges for text or a graphic.

Download News Broadcast Plate: Headlines Now

20. News Background

This motion graphic features a bold “news” title outlined in gold rotating slowly on the screen. Behind the text is a 3D globe with a glass feature.

Download News Background Now

Running a daily news program and creating professional broadcast features takes a lot of work. On top of chasing interviews, capturing video footage, and getting sound bites, you need to create a visually pleasing program.

Templates make it easier to professional broadcast your stories, engage your audience, and make a positive, lasting impression. If your next project is news-themed, try one of these news intro templates on for size. You’ll be amazed and what you can make!