24 Effective Promo Video Templates & Makers

Video Effects 22/05/2019 5 min read

Promo video templates can take your project to the next level by adding a cohesive brand and style to it. Using a template will help you create a professionally designed, ready-to-promote project that looks like you spent hours putting it together.

We’ve picked 24 of our favorite After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and motion graphics templates to get you started. Best of all, you’ll be able to effortlessly customize your videos with editable media and text placeholders.

Need a promo but haven’t done a lot of video editing work yourself? We also recommend several video maker platforms where you can drag-and-drop edit your promo videos in no time flat.

Part 1: Promo Video Templates You Should Download

After Effects

If you’re an After Effects editor, we’ve got a bunch of promo videos ready for you to choose from.

1. Free Simple Promo

This promo video includes a collection of engaging graphics transitions and revealing logos and imagery. Perfect for your next corporate presentation intro.

Simple Promo Free Download

2. Urban Promo

With an urban vibe, this promo video template features a series of cut still photos transitioning to the next. Use this modern template in an upcoming fashion or sports promo with winning results.

Download Urban Promo Now

3. Style Promo

Simple with defined lines and geometric shapes, this promo template screams fashion. It features word cut-outs, image reveals, and multi-picture screens. Check out this short intro for your next presentation video project.

Download Style Promo Now

4. Promo Slideshow

With a bright and poppy scheme, you can use this eye-catching opener for your next text and image-led project. Or insert your photos and spotlight your last family vacation.

Download Promo Slideshow Now

5. Promo Opener

Energetic and modern yet dramatic, this promo template gives a great energetic buy mysterious vibe to any project. Use it for the next fast-moving opening for a spy thriller.

Download Promo Opener Now

Premiere Pro

If you’re looking for Premiere Pro promo video templates, we have you covered.

6. Promo Star

Bursts of light and duplicated images give this promo template a fashionable and trendy look. Great for a sports (or sportswear) showcase.

Download Promo Star Now

7. Promo Corporate – Presentation

This slideshow template has a very simplistic vibe featuring a clean-cut background, image placeholders, and text. It’s great for important corporate presentations, especially those with sophisticated audiences.

Download Promo Corporate – Presentation Now

8. Promo Slideshow / Business

Get excited about the soft and smooth animation in this promo slideshow template. Your audience will be impressed with its clean curves and clear message.

Download Promo Slideshow / Business Now

9. Promo Dancing – Party Event

Energetic and upbeat, this promo video template screams music video material. It features a series of greyscale and red overlays with unique transitions and light.

Download Promo Dancing – Party Event Now

10. Retrowave Promo

Distortion and other graphic elements give this template a retro vibe. Your video will look like it was recorded on a camcorder in the 90s. Use it if your promo requires a nostalgic throwback.

Download Retrowave Promo Now

11. Sport Promo

This octane fueled template features a collection of digital glitch effects to give it an added tech feel. You could use this for your sports promo or to show off your latest gadget!

Download Sport Promo Now

12. YouTube Promo

Give an audience a glimpse of what your vlog is like. This template has YouTube branding with video previews to help you promote your YouTube channel.

Download YouTube Promo Now

13. Pulse Promo

The hip-hop inspired pulse promo uses a series of stylized images and bold text elements to tell a story. Use the pulse promo to open your next teen-urban flick or even a music video.

Download Pulse Promo Now

DaVinci Resolve

Working with DaVinci Resolve? Check out these promo templates!

14. Event Promo

This event promo template is perfect for your next conference opener video. It features a combination of solo-image or video spots, combined with split screens to show all the action.

Download Event Promo Now

15. RGB Dynamic Promo

An upbeat and dynamic slideshow theme, this promo template is perfect for your next sports, fashion, or Youtube promo videos. Impress your followers with a flashy cool look and feel!

Download RGB Dynamic Promo Now

16. Short Opener

Smooth and clean, this promo template features a series of text and image editable placeholders. Your message is sure to stand out with its bold design. Use it for your next corporate team building video.

Download Short Opener Now

17. Modern Promo

Modern Promo features a series of simple and effective transitions bursting onto the screen. It has over 20 pieces of editable shots, text placeholders and logo that would be great for your reality TV opener.

Download Modern Promo Now

18. Trendy Opener

This promo video template is elegant and dynamic. With its single-colored image and video and bold, simple text, it would make the perfect design for as an event or product teaser promo.

Download Trendy Opener Now

19. Urban Sports Promo

Fast-moving with slicing transitions, this urban promo is bold. Use it for your next Suits-inspired TV show.

Download Urban Sports Promo Now

Part 2: Top 5 Promo Video Makers

If you’re looking for an easy video promo maker, then check out these 5 options that are perfect for beginners.

1. Renderforest

Renderforest helps create promo videos, but it goes beyond that with their logo and website makers. If you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing promotional builder they have some great options.

Renderforest has a free option where you can make 3-minute videos, so long as you’re okay with watermarks and limited music selection. Their paid plans start at $14 per month and go up to $49. As a heads up, templates focus on animation rather than any live-action scenes.

Explore Renderforest Now

2. Biteable

Biteable is a good maker option because it’s user-friendly with lots of different template categories to choose from. Simply pick a template, add your own content, choose some music, and voila! Awesome promo video achieved.

While the video creation process is simple, you might find this platform is lacking in lots of customizable options. Biteable is also a paid-only service. Plans starting at $20 per month, and go up to $49.

Explore Biteable Now

3. Motion Den

Motion Den has pre-made video templates that you can edit and publish immediately. Here you’ll find lots of options to fit your promo video goals and needs.

You might find these templates quite text-heavy, so if you want to make a video featuring lots of media instead, this might not be the best platform for you. Motion Den’s pricing starts at $9 per month and goes up to $39 per month for unlimited videos.

Explore Motion Den Now

4. Panzoid

Panzoid has a Clipmaker where you can make 2D and 3D videos, Backgrounder to make custom thumbnails and channel art, and a Video Editor to edit videos and add effects.

While Panzoid is considerably more customizable than the other platform choices (and free), it does require some technical video editing knowledge to get started.

Explore Panzoid Now

5. Wideo

Wideo allows you to make editable corporate promo videos right in their app, no experience necessary. Some of our favorite templates of theirs include Institutional Explainer Video Template, Institutional Explainer Video Template, and Mobile App Explainer Video. A subscription is between $19 to $79 per month. You could try them out with a 7-day trial.

While Wideo hosts some nice templates, they have an animated PowerPoint presentation vibe to them, which might not be fit for a high-energy promotional video.

Explore Wideo Now


Impressing clients, your boss, or your audience is easier when you find the right video template for your next project.

Increase your sales, let your marketing campaigns soar, and create something unforgettable. Whether you’re a seasoned video veteran or brand new to the world of promotional video templates, there’s something here for you.