20 Impressive & Professional Real Estate Video Templates for Creatives

Video Effects 26/05/2022 5 min read

Real estate is one of those industries that you need to see to believe, which makes video content incredibly valuable. If you’re looking to promote your listings or present your brand, these 20 real estate video templates can improve and enhance your listing potential.

Part 1: Best Real Estate Intro & Slideshow Video Templates for Editors

1. Real Estate Intros & Titles

Real Estate Intros & Titles is a versatile template built for easy use in After Effects. With this pack, you can pick from 6 elegant animated intros that you can use to promote a commercial or residential real estate project.

Download Real Estate Intros & Titles Now

2. Real Estate Logo – Opener

If you’re looking for something futuristic, Real Estate Logo – Opener is for you. This After Effects template features a 3D city that dynamically rotates, revealing your logo. There are 3 editable text layers, 1 logo placeholder, and a full-color controller.

Download Real Estate Logo – Opener Now

3. Real Estate Minimal Slides

Promoting an elegant minimalistic real estate firm, Real Estate Minimal Slides is perfect for you. It’s a simple and clean After Effects template that features media and text placeholders that you can make your own.

Download Real Estate Minimal Slides Now

4. Real Estate Stories

If you’re looking to promote on Instagram, Real Estate Stories is for you. You can edit the media, text, and colors for this After Effects template to ensure it’s the perfect overall brand fit.

Download Real Estate Stories Now

5. Real Estate Minimal Promo II

If you’re looking for something contemporary and minimalist, this After Effects template is for you. Real Estate Minimal Promo II provides you with trendy transition effects, modern text animations, and content placeholders that you can adjust to your liking.

Download Real Estate Minimal Promo II Now

6. Real Estate Stories

Also for social media, Real Estate Stories gives you 12 professional-looking designs that can be easily edited in After Effects. Whether you’re promoting a commercial or residential business, there are plenty of ways to personalize these templates.

Download Real Estate Stories Now

7. Real Estate Sketch Slides

If you’re looking for something elegant and easy to use, Real Estate Sketch Slides has you covered. This After Effects template features 14 media, 80 text, 1 logo, and 1 audio placeholder.

Download Real Estate Sketch Slides Now

8. Real Estate Presentation

Dynamic and professional, Real Estate Presentation is an After Effects template that’s perfect for creating a modern promo. It features text animations and transition effects, which will easily mix with your own branding.

Download Real Estate Presentation Now

9. Architecture Promo

If you’re looking for something modern and colorful that can help grab the audience’s attention, Architecture Promo is for you. This template feature 12 text layers, 6 image, and 1 logo placeholder.

Download Architecture Promo Now

10. Modern Real Estate Promo

If drag-and-drop is your style, Modern Real Estate Promo is for you. This dynamic and engaging Premiere Pro template features trendy animations and transitions, and throwing your own elements in there is a piece of cake. 

Download Modern Real Estate Promo Now

11. Interior Architect Promo

Slick and clean, Interior Architect Promo is a Premiere Pro template that features eye-catching, modern text animations. There are 20 text, 28 media, and 1 logo placeholder real estate slideshow template that you can adapt.

Download Interior Architect Promo Now

12. Slideshow

Slideshow is a template built for Premiere Pro that features modern text and a clean design. Each scene in this n features media, title, and color placeholders that you can adapt to your brand.

Download Slideshow Now

13. Real Estate – Clean Pro

If you’re looking for something that’s simple and professional, Real Estate – Clean Pro is for you. Built for Premiere Pro, this template has 16 media, 5 text, and 1 logo placeholder. It’s easy to use and will make your brand look really slick. 

Download Real Estate – Clean Pro Now

14. Real Estate Promo

Looking to build a stunning presentation? Real Estate Promo is an elegant design that’s built with you in mind. You can throw it into After Effects and customize the 34 editable elements to match the brand.

Download Real Estate Promo Now

15. Modern Real Estate

Modern Real Estate is a sharp, modern template that features great elements that can elevate the promotion of any piece of property. This drag-and-drop Final Cut Pro X template is easy to modify so it meets your needs.

Download Modern Real Estate Now

16. Real Estate Toolkit

If you want a little more flexibility with titles, the Real Estate Toolkit features 10 title and lower third, 18 animated line icons, 2 real estate promo spots, and 3 editable 3D sign elements. It’s modern, elegant, and easy to use.

Download Real Estate Toolkit Now

17. Luxury Real Estate Presentation

Luxury Real Estate Presentation helps you demonstrate an air of high-end elegance with your promotional project. It provides a clean, minimalistic look that features easy-to-edit text and images for you to personalize.

Download Luxury Real Estate Presentation Now

18. Real Estate Logo V2

Real Estate Logo V2 is the perfect template for a developer looking for an impactful logo share. It features a white and grey animation of a 3D house assembling. You just throw it into Final Cut Pro X, make a few tweaks, and you’re ready to go!

Download Real Estate Logo V2 Now

19. Real Estate Logo

Real Estate Logo features a powerful logo reveal (like its V2 counterpart) that sees a 3D house assembling. It features 1 text and 1 logo placeholder and is perfect for those that work best in Davinci Resolve.

Download Real Estate Logo Now

20. The City Logo

Also built for DaVinci Resolve, The City Logo is a powerful template that features a growing cityscape. This impressive asset is perfect for promoting commercial or residential real estate, and it’s simple to edit.

Download The City Logo Now

Part 2: Tips & Techniques to Create Real Estate Property Listing Videos

1. Vary Your Shots

If you want to create a sense of dynamism with your real estate intro video, you want to vary the different shots you include in your final project. Make use of camera angles, and include both close-up and distant shots.

2. Use Drone Footage

Drone footage (video or still images) can be a little on the pricier side, but it’s well worth it. Hire a drone videographer or photographer for anywhere from 1 to 3 hours of shooting. You want to get a variety of images, including overall overhead shots of the land, along with slow pans to create a tour-like fee. This will likely run you somewhere between $500 and $1,500.

3. Use Light to Your Advantage

You want to use light to both highlight and contrast features within the property. This means taking into account the time of day when shooting. Ideally, you want to start your promo video with morning shots and end with a gorgeous sunset—this gives it a full circle look and style with a beginning, middle, and end.

4. Overlay the Specs

Visuals pull the viewer in, but specs really sell the place. Make sure to overlay important specs like square footage, rooms, and amenities, but don’t overdo it. There are a ton of great examples in the templates above.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Linger

Not every detail of the listing is as important to every buyer, but there are definitely features that make the listing more enticing. Don’t be afraid to linger on the best assets but make the transition between the features natural and smooth. Do not make it too much like a sales push. 

6. Make Videos Accessible

You want as many people to enjoy your video as possible, so make them accessible. This means including colors with good contrast, adding alt text to describe the project anywhere you post about it, and adding captions (we’ve got a great Premiere Pro tutorial for adding captions).

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and videos even more! If you’re promoting a listing—commercial or residential—one of these 20 modern, elegant real estate video templates can help you get their eyes on your projects. Need to promote something more? Motion Array has thousands of templates for you to choose from.