13 Cool Smoke Video Effects (Plus Smoke VFX Editing Tips)

Video Effects July 17, 2019 5 min read

Smoke video effects can add depth to your shots and set the mood for your video, but where do you even start with creating this mysterious look? Whether you’re editing smoky title sequences, transitions, or overlays, we’ve got you covered with After Effects and Premiere Pro templates. Plus, a selection of stock motion graphics!

If your curiosity is piqued, we’ve also got some great smoke VFX tips to help push your creativity forward. Let’s dive in! 

Part 1: Top Smoke Video Effect Templates to Download

After Effects CC Templates

After Effects templates are a great way to get started working with smoke effects. Say goodbye to being intimidated by the software! 

1. Smoke Elements and Titles

If you’re looking to add a more cartoony smoke effect to your videos, this After Effects pack is the perfect option. The collection of dynamically animated smoke elements and full-screen title animations are easy to use and can add some fun to any typography video or title sequence.

Download Smoke Elements and Titles Now

2. Smoke Logo

This beautiful indent template offers a magical and enchanting way to reveal your logo. With a billowing smoke effect and cool optical flares, this fairytale-esque 3D logo sting makes an impressive opener to any video project. 

Download Smoke Logo Now

3. Smoke Slideshow

This eye-catching template is a great way to showcase your products or portfolio. The realistically animated smoke ring blows toward the viewer transitioning between scenes and comes in 3 shapes: triangle, square, and circle. The circle smoke ring is so realistic, a creative filmmaker could use the transition as a visual effect in a number of ways.

Download Smoke Slideshow Now

4. Mystical Smoke Logo

The Mystical Smoke Logo Indent is a beautiful opener for a video project with an edgy tone. The camera slowly pulls out to reveal a reflective logo surrounded by eerie smoke. The dark palette makes this indent feel gritty yet stylish, perfect for opening your music videos, creative films, and animations.

Download Mystical Smoke Logo Now

Premiere Pro CC Templates

You don’t need to know After Effects to use cool smoke effects in your videos. These Premiere Pro templates are the perfect addition to your editing toolkit.

5. Color Smoke Spiral Logo Reveal

This colorful smoke logo reveal is super simple to edit in Premiere Pro, and an awesome way to start and end your creative videos. The twisting smoke columns and neon light effects can be adjusted for your own color palette, which can create a whole new feel for your project. Try an electric blue palette for a sci-fi feel, or greens and yellows for a supernatural atmosphere.

Download Color Smoke Spiral Logo Reveal Now

6. Smokey Logo Reveal

This smoky logo reveal makes a great opening for your film, but with a little creativity can be used for much more. The realistic smoke transitions can be built up and combined with other effects to create a stunning opening title sequence over your own visuals. You could even use them to create some cool mystical lower thirds.

Download Smokey Logo Reveal Now

7. Mirage Smoke Slideshow

This stunning opener is easy to use and works with both photos and videos. The stylized design and unique text animations are a great way to capture your audience’s attention with an eerie and mystical feel. The slow puffy smoke clouds could be used to create a romantic feel for wedding videos or holiday photo slideshows.

Download Mirage Smoke Slideshow Now

8.  Ink-Smoke Transitions (Pack 2)

The Ink-Smoke pack contains 10 transitions that can be used with a range of content, including photos and video footage. The striking design resembles billowing smoke or ink clouds in water, and are sure to impress your audience. With the right text animation, these transitions could be used to create epic opening titles.

Download Ink-Smoke Transitions (Pack 2) Now

9.  Double Exposure – Opening Titles

This template opener uses both double exposure and smoke footage effects to create a gritty and cinematic feel. The subtle color effects allow your images/video to blend perfectly with the smoke effects and fade into the background, perfect for your films, music videos, and trailers.

Download Double Exposure – Opening Titles Now

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic video can be used in a range of video editing programs, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro. Each option below can be composited into your projects as an alpha layer.

10. Smoke Pack Two

This pack of 10 stunning motion graphic stock videos can be used in a number of ways: create smoky transitions between scenes, blend with your original media to create a smoky atmosphere, or add to title sequences for a cool spooky feel.

Download Smoke Pack Two Now

11. Smoke Transition Package

This 4K transitions pack contains 3 variations of smoke bursting across the screen and slowly fading away, and is perfect for adding a beautiful smoky style to your projects. You can use the alpha mattes to move between scenes or use alongside text and logo animations for a stunning opening indent.

Download Smoke Transition Package Now

12. Smoke Impact Pack

This motion graphics collection includes 7 high-quality smoke impact clips that can be used for a range of VFX. You can use these video clips for logo and text transitions or composite them into your own footage to add production value to your project. The realistic graphics make these the perfect option for adding smoke into your scene.

Download Smoke Impact Pack Now

13. Smoke VFX

Smoke VFX is a 4K Motion Graphic clip that comes with an alpha channel, ready to use in your hottest projects. Composite on to your footage to create stunning titles and transitional effect, or to give your viewers the impression of an actual fire.

Download Smoke VFX Now

Part 2: Pro Tips When Working With Smoke Video Effects (VFX)

If these smoke templates have inspired you, here are a few key tips that you should keep in mind when choosing the right asset for your project. 

1. Think About Your Angles

When you’re considering which stock motion graphic to use, you need to compare it to the shot(s) you wish to composite the VFX in to. If you are trying to build a believable world for your audience, the stock graphic should blend into your original media. If the angle of the stock graphic is different from the angle you shot your footage, it will not look believable. 

2. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

As with your camera angles, lighting can have a considerable impact on the believability of your composition. If the lighting in your original media is coming from the right, you should choose an asset lit in a similar direction. 

3. Match Image Quality

When you download a motion graphics stock video, the animated elements will be high-quality renders. You should check the footage you want to add the VFX to and adjust the quality of the asset to match.

4. Maintain Focus

Similarly to image quality, the depth of focus in your shot might be different to your VFX asset. Try adding blur effects to help blend the VFX and original media.

5. Color Correction & Grading

You should color correct both your VFX graphic and your original media to help place the effect in your scene. Color grading is a great way to sell the effect. By adding your adjustments to the overall scene, you can blend your VFX further.

6. Build Layers of Effects

If you want a realistic look, don’t rely on just one VFX layer. Add multiple effects and build up your scene. Let’s say your film has a shot with a house ablaze. Well, when there’s smoke, there’s fire! Layering your fire video effects with billowing smoke will make the scene look authentic. You can even try adding light leaks or lens flares to the composition to tie it all together!

There is no doubt that smoke video effects look cool and can add production value to your projects. Video templates can help you create stunning compositions that impress your audiences and clients alike, so get downloading and see where your creativity takes you!