Top 24 Merry & Bright Snow Backgrounds for Video Editors

Video Effects 15/11/2021 4 min read

‘Tis the season for snowflakes and winter settings. Most likely, your next holiday presentation or project design probably needs an update and you can find the perfect fun snow background to add to it. From sparkling snow to detailed flakes, these 24 backgrounds are merry and bright — you’ll definitely download more than one this time around!

Pick the Best Snow Background for Editing

1. Blue Ice And Snowfall Loop Background

Perfect for digital greeting cards, the Blue Ice And Snowfall Loop Background template features small white transparent snowflakes gently falling as three larger ones sway back and forth. All over a true blue background with light frost etched in.

Download Blue Ice And Snowfall Loop Background Now

2. White Particles Background Loop

Set on a grey background with barely-there light leaks that move slowly, the White Particles Background Loop features small, shimmering white dust floating across the screen.
Download White Particles Background Loop Now

3. Snow Falling

The perfect winter tie-in to your animation project, Snow Falling features cartoon-ready snowflakes that fall over a transparent background. You could even use this festive piece for a family holiday video card!
Download Snow Falling Now

4. Holiday Snowflakes On Dark Background

If you’re looking for something a little bolder but still season-appropriate, Holiday Snowflakes On Dark Background features golden snowflakes over a gradient red background.

Download Holiday Snowflakes On Dark Background Now

5. Snow Pack

If you’re looking for variety, Snow Pack has you covered. It features nine different snow overlays to choose from — starting as small as tiny star-like specs to large, full-detailed cartoon flakes.

Download Snow Pack Now

6. Magic Snow

Looking for the perfect event-ready choice? Magic Snow might just be for you. This snow background cartoon features white detailed flakes of snow falling on a blue background with a few circular light leaks peaking out.

Download Magic Snow Now

7. Snowflakes And Bokeh Winter Background

The Snowflakes and Bokeh Winter Background features floating bokeh lights over a gradient pale blue background. There are also light balls of snow that fall on a loop, perfect for the season.

Download Snowflakes And Bokeh Winter Background Now

8. Blowing Snow Background Loop

For a “caught in a blizzard” feel there’s the Blowing Snow Background Loop. This snow background features sideways puffs of snow blowing mixed with bokeh and shimmering particles.

Download Blowing Snow Background Loop Now

9. White Falling Snow Loop

If you’re looking for a hint of blustery winter magic, check out White Falling Snow Loop. This background features shimmering snow-like particles floating towards the viewer in an enchanting loop.

Download White Falling Snow Loop Now

10. White Particles Snowy Background Loop

Providing a fairy-like winter wonderland feel, White Particles Snowy Background Loop features bokeh lights moving towards the viewer and dots of snow away with streams of light falling from the top.

Download White Particles Snowy Background Loop Now

11. 3d Snowflake Backgrounds

If your project calls for something fun, colorful, and 3D, then 3d Snowflake Backgrounds is for you. This graphic pack features one scene of animated 3D snowflakes but there are five backgrounds — red, orange, green, blue, and purple  — to choose from.

Download 3d Snowflake Backgrounds Now

12. Snowflakes Rising

Also 3D, the Snowflakes Rising background features pastel glowing flakes along with glowing particles falling upwards. This mesmerizing scene is set against a black background. 

Download Snowflakes Rising Now

13. Frosty

Frosty is the perfect moving frame background. It features an icy frame made of snowflakes growing towards the center of the screen all set on a light grey background. 

Download Frosty Now

14. Holiday Lights And Snow

Bright twinkling lights make up much of the holiday season, and that’s what you’ll find in Holiday Lights And Snow. This snow background for editing features falling colorful dots and bokeh lights against a light blue backdrop.

Download Holiday Lights And Snow Now

15. Magic Snow

Magic Snow is perfect if you want a little spring touch in your winter background. It features particles falling and lights twinkling all against a light purple backdrop.

Download Magic Snow Now

16. Holiday Pack: Snowflakes And Stars

For a little more variety there’s Holiday Pack: Snowflakes And Stars. This stock motion graphics pack features four sets of looped backgrounds — snowflakes, stars, and bokeh lights set against bold holiday colors.

Download Holiday Pack: Snowflakes And Stars Now

17. Blue Snowflakes

Featuring a mixture of snowflakes, sparkles, and balls of light against a deep blue background Blue Snowflakes is perfect for a corporate setting. It’s lively enough for the holiday season but professional enough for a commercial environment.

Download Blue Snowflakes Now

18. Snowflakes Loop Background

The Snowflakes Loop Background features glittering snowflakes that fade from a white to a deep blue. Behind the snowflakes, you’ll find a gradient deep blue background with multicolored balls of light.

Download Snowflakes Loop Background Now

19. Blue Snowflakes Sparkling Loop Pack

The Blue Snowflakes Sparkling Loop Pack features four different falling snow patterns to choose from. All of the patterns feature moving, rotating snowflakes and sparkling lights.

Download Blue Snowflakes Sparkling Loop Pack Now

20. Blue Snow

In the Blue Snow background, you’ll find blue snowflakes sliding down the screen against a dark blue background. Bokeh lights fall in the back giving the clip more visual dimensions.  

Download Blue Snow Now

21. Golden Snowflakes

For a mixture of gold and red, take a look at Golden Snowflakes. This graphic video features falling gold snowflakes mixed with golden snow against a dark red-toned background. 

Download Golden Snowflakes Now

22. Snowflakes Holiday Background

If you’re looking for a snow background cartoon feel, look no further than the Snowflakes Holiday Background. It features large, chunky flakes falling over a close-up background of a sparkly detailed flake.

Download Snowflakes Holiday Background Now

23. Snowflakes

The Snowflakes template features large detailed flakes slowly making their way towards the viewer. It has a cartoon-like feel to it but could still be appropriate for corporate presentations and parties.

Download Snowflakes Now

24. White Particles Background Loop

The White Particles Background Loop again features light, shimmering white particles except they slide across a gradient grey background. All shown in a mesmerizing, seamless loop.

Download White Particles Background Loop Now

Holiday greetings and corporate videos should be fun, which is why the perfect snow background should be added to your editing mix. There are also plenty of non-winter backgrounds available out there as well — and Motion Array is the best place to find the perfect one.