Best 20 TikTok Templates Every Creator Needs to Download Today

Video Effects 27/02/2022 5 min read

Everyone’s talking about and using TikTok! The best place on the internet for short-form video content to make you laugh, cry, raise an eyebrow, and fully express yourself. But how do you step up your TikTok game? Try making use of templates that are easy to use and can add plenty of character, dynamism, texture, and color to your clips. Here is a list of our popular 20 TikTok templates that creators should keep in their arsenal to elevate your posts.

Part 1: Best Upbeat TikTok Templates for the Perfect Edit

Premiere Pro

1. Social Media Intro

This Premiere Pro template is filled with big text, lens flare transitions, and dynamic camera moves. It’s easy to use – all you need to do is edit the text, drag and drop your own media into the placeholders, and render.

Download Social Media Intro Now

2. Colorful Pro Stories

Give your TikToks a retro colorful vibe with this pack of 6 templates. Layered images, bold colors, and an 80s-inspired computer interface look make this a really fun TikTok. Simply replace the media and render.

Download Colorful Pro Stories Now

3. Hit Funk Stories

Fast, impactful, dynamic camera transitions sweep from shot to shot and combine text in an exciting way in this template. With 25 media placeholders and 9 text placeholders, this is guaranteed to grab your audience!

Download Hit Funk Stories Now

4. Optimistic Beat Stories

Good vibes only in this TikTok template which features plenty of dynamic transitions and text animations. The stylish overlays give your footage a modern feel, and it’s super easy to swap out the media and render quickly.

Download Optimistic Beat Stories Now

5. VHS Stories Intro

Rollback the clock and dust off your VCR with this retro VHS-tape feel to your video. There are a couple of size options here, 9:16 and 1:1, so you can make the most out of your content and post it on all other social media accounts as well.

Download VHS Stories Intro Now

6. Geometric Stories

Big, bold colors, bright eye-catching shapes, and a trendy art design all come together in this pack of vertical video templates for TikTok and Instagram. This style would be great for fashion content, or any other lively stories you want to tell on social media.

Download Geometric Stories Now

7. Creative Stories V3

If you’re looking for something clean, professional, and dynamic, there’s definitely something in this pack of 8 templates to choose from. Whether you’re creating a vlog, advert, or promoting an event or product, there is a beautiful design to use in this pack.

Download Creative Stories V3 Now

8. Stories – Glitch & VHS Edition

This modern and urban vertical video template is perfect for TikToks that need to be a bit edgier, with dynamic glitch and VHS effects scattered throughout. It’s dead easy to customize in Premiere Pro, just drag and drop your media onto the timeline.

Download Stories – Glitch & VHS Edition Now

9. Retro Day Social Media Opener

Give your content Saved By The Bell vibes with this incredible retro 90s themed template. Big, bold, vintage graphics come in both 1080×1080 and 1080×1920 resolutions so you can use them for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and more!

Download Retro Day Social Media Opener Now

10. Nature Day Social Media

Download this pack of clean, minimalist templates to start creating content today. This simple design would be perfect for organic brands, nature-themed stories, and other simple living social posts.

Download Nature Day Social Media Now

Final Cut Pro

11. Pop Social Posts

Big, bold, bright, and eye-catching designs are the name of the game in this fantastic pop art-themed template. There are over 50 designs to choose from and each one sings with its own unique personality.

Download Pop Social Posts Now

12. TikTok Elements

If you’re a Final Cut Pro user, try this TikTok element pack to create seven unique titles specifically for TikTok. Engage your audience and create a consistent style of branding for your content.

Download TikTok Elements Now

13. Fibra – Fashion Slideshow

Here’s an ultramodern slideshow template for you to customize in Final Cut Pro. Specifically designed with fashion content in mind, it’s jam-packed full of cool transitions and text animations.

Download Fibra – Fashion Slideshow Now

14. Creative Stories

One of the best benefits of using templates is that other designers do all the hard work for you, and you can always stay on top of which trends are fashionable right now. Here’s a pack of 8 templates with some modern, cool text animations and transitions.

Download Creative Stories Now

15. Valentines Day Romantic Stories

Love is in the air thanks to this selection of colorful, romantic Valentine’s Day-themed templates. With plenty of hearts, cursive text animation and bright rose colors, Cupid has his work cut out.

Download Valentines Day Romantic Stories Now

16. Unique Stories

This After Effects template is very easy to use. If you’re looking for high-quality, effective vertical videos for your TikTok and other social profiles, simply download the template, swap out the media, and update the text.

Download Unique Stories Now

After Effects

17. Vertical Posts Pack

If variety gets you out of bed in the morning, this is the template pack for you. 3D text, gradients, minimalist styles, retro – you name it, it’s in this pack. All you have to do is customize the text and you’re done.

Download Vertical Posts Pack Now

18. TikTok Pack – Social Media Toolkit

Consider this the ultimate survivor’s guide to social media. This After Effects template contains everything you need to create perfect social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snap, and YouTube Shorts.

Download TikTok Pack – Social Media Toolkit Now

DaVinci Resolve

19. Mobile Sport Promo 

The theme of this DaVinci Resolve template is glitch effects, which makes for a super cool edgy, urban style perfect for action and adventure sports content.

Download Mobile Sport Promo Now

20. Valentines Day Social Media

If you’re looking for templates filled with animated hearts to create Valentine’s Day content, look no further. This is the perfect DaVinci Resolve template for creating romantic videos.

Download Valentines Day Social Media Now

Part 2: Create Cool Trendy TikTok Videos Using Motion Array Templates

Trend #1: Turn DMs into quotes

If you receive hilarious DMs, you can take this opportunity to have some fun. If you’re a business, then how about using this style for testimonials? We recommend using Geometric Stories for this one. Use the TikTok music A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #inspirationalquotes.

Trend #2: Don’t be surprised if one day I just

This is an aspirational TikTok trend that’s perfect for showcasing what you love, or what you’d rather be doing, like traveling the world or creating something. Businesses can jump on this trend to showcase new projects they have coming up. Add the hashtags #DontBeSurprised and #dontbesurprisedifonedayijust, and use the song Go Down On You by The Memories.

Trend #3: I was busy thinking about

Show off your daydreams in a visual way by creating a fast visual edit and throwing in plenty of clips of things you’d rather be doing. Use the music I was busy thinking about boys Charli XCX, and tag it with #iwasbusythinkingbout or #iwasbusythinkingabout.

When it comes to creating cool, trendy TikTok videos, there are some key things to bear in mind. The main thing to remember is that you’re not making any old social media videos – you’re making TikToks. It’s a specific audience with specific tastes, and you want to make your videos feel at home on the platform.

  • TikTok is all about trends, and it’s best to jump onto a trend as soon as you have a video idea for it. If you leave it longer than 5 minutes, the trend will have moved on to something else. So keep up with what’s current to make the most of your content.
  • The best export settings for TikTok are to create 4K videos, definitely vertical (1080×1920) and preferably 50K bitrate at 24 frames per second.
  • To make your editing even better, start working with an audio track in mind rather than adding the track later. It will make the video feel organic and intentional.

TikTok is a big, daunting platform, but now with these trendy and easy-to-use templates, you can create amazing clips to inspire others and look like a pro! Pay close attention to what people are liking at the moment and what trends are fashionable, and edit the template you chose to make your editing quick and stress-free.

For additional resources to use, check out these amazing TikTok sound effects, as well as social media packs for Premiere Pro.

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