Top 18 Instagram Titles & Typography Templates for Social Media Videos

Video Effects 15/07/2022 4 min read

The main purpose of sharing video posts on social media involves appropriately communicating your message. The style and design of your video matter as much as the typography and text you choose to display. This is where easy-to-use and professionally designed templates come in. We have put together our list of the top 18 Instagram titles and typography resources editors can download and use today. Select a couple of your favorites and create your signature look!

Final Cut Pro

1. Glitch Stories

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Add cool glitch animations to your Instagram stories with 6 unique vertical title compositions. Use your favorite videos or photos as a background and announce your next project, promo or display with a variety of information. 

2. Instagram Titles

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Create bold and stylish Instagram posts and reels with the Instagram Titles template. Featuring 7 clean and modern title fonts and animations, you can match them to your branding requirements and communicate your message like a pro. Use it to engage new followers and get a better following.

3. Neon Instagram Stories

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Bright and colorful, the neon font is a very eye-catching design element that you can use in various projects. The Neon Instagram Stories template includes 5 retro-style typography designs that are a great fit for your next podcast announcements, product intros or promos and even music event content.

4. 6 Shape Instagram Stories

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Boost your social media stories with bright color combinations and clean designs! This template is perfect for promoting inspirational quotes, fun facts and exciting events using shapes that interact with typography and geometric backgrounds. 

5. Stories Event Promo

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A perfectly balanced design with typography and background imagery, edit and publish impressive social media stories. The Stories Event Promo template is designed just for you, whether it’s an upcoming summer event or generic updates about your brand or podcast.

6. Instagram Black Friday Stories

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Even if you are not posting about Black Friday product sales, the unique typography design and animations make this template a must-have in your creative arsenal. From colorful call-to-action buttons to flashy titles and backgrounds, enhance the look of your promos and upcoming contests.

After Effects

7. Instagram Typography Stories

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Looking to jazz up your typography? Make your Instagram stories stand out with trendy and stylish title animations and background designs. A great way to display your message and upcoming announcements!

8. Typography Instagram Stories

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Dynamic and clean go together perfectly with the Typography Instagram Stories AE template. Featuring 9 dynamic animations, the design is mainly black and white, which makes it easy to use for diverse projects.

9. Ultra Typography Stories

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Looking for something modern yet also 80s retro? Add cool 3D geometric shapes and animations to make your Instagram Stories look more appealing to your audience. Especially if your followers are into artsy and abstract styles, the Ultra Typography Stories template is altogether fun and lively.

10. Shadow Typography Stories

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Another great black-and-white template, quickly use your titles to create excitement around your next event or promo. Bold typography graphics and animations, you can easily mix and match with other templates to use at the beginning, middle and end of your videos.

11. Kinetic Glow Typography

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Infuse your Instagram Stories with glowing neon titles with cool animations. Fill your screen with kinetic typography designs and 20 different variations to choose from to properly announce your promos, events and upcoming live videos!

12. Sticker Typography Stories

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Whether you’re working on fashion shows or music videos, the Sticker Typography Stories template is a great visual experience with eccentric vertical designs. The stunning combination of glitching and distorting effects makes it easy to create eye-catching title videos on Instagram.

Premiere Pro

13. Vertical Typo Opener

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If you want to promote something new and fresh on your Instagram, look no further than the Vertical Typo Opener template. Featuring a great design with cool typography animations that seamlessly transition between photos or videos, create your next dynamic social media story.

14. Typo Stories

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Skillfully using typography in the background or foreground, get creative and inspire your audience to follow your content. Featuring 8 professionally designed title templates, edit the color to match your brand and quickly blow your viewers away!

15. Abstract Art Stories

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Pump up your Instagram stories with this monochrome and urban style template! With original typography animations, artistically engage your audience about your upcoming events or promos. The grungy look and smooth transitions make this a perfect fit for street or sports content.

16. 10 Hand-Drawn Stories

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Following the artsy style, 10 Hand Drawn Stories is a fun pack with hand-drawn elements and stop-motion animations. These original watercolor art stories are uniquely designed for eco-focused projects, as well as homemade beauty or vegan products with a more female audience.

17. Insta Stories Pro

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Like the Typo Stories template, download this nice-looking Premiere Pro template to craft typography-focused Instagram Stories easily. Bright and dynamically animated, add your photos or videos and main content to let the template do the rest of the work for you – promote, engage and impress!

DaVinci Resolve

18. Creative Stories

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This pack of 8 clean yet dynamic designs will definitely infuse your Instagram stories with a professional look and feel. Display new products, travel or food captures or your portfolio with transitioning typography animations that can be easily timed to a music track. Amaze your followers!

Stay creative and original using Instagram title and typography templates without worrying about every design detail. You can pick and choose slightly different elements you like from our top 18 Instagram titles and typography list above and use them to post something fresh every week. Inspire your followers to like and engage with your content and lead them to your other social accounts.

You can also check out other resources to complete your social media posts, including Instagram music, plus the top Instagram Story design tips and tricks.

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