Facebook Video Ads: Top 30 Templates & Design Elements for Creatives

Video Effects 22/02/2022 7 min read

If you are doing any kind of marketing on social media, you definitely have to step up your game on Facebook. With many business accounts forming every single day, the ad section is full of competition and quality work created by many designers. Using video ad templates created by professionals will definitely help you grow a following and position your brand, events, and promo sales apart from others. Here is a list of 30 modern and dynamic Facebook video ad templates to choose from and download. 

Part 1: Top Facebook Video Ad Examples & Design Elements

1. Typography Promo

If you’re looking to step up your font game for Facebook video ads, Typography Promo is the After Effects template you need. With 22 cool text combinations, you’ll be able to highly recommend your product with some real pizzaz. 

Download Typography Promo Now

2. FX Typography Toolkit

FX Typography Toolkit is a great After Effects template that uses a combination of revealing effects and funky fonts to give you a final product that is eye-catching. This pack includes nine designs in 2 different aspect ratios, giving you plenty of options. 

Download FX Typography Toolkit Now

3. Stomp Intro Fast Shadow

For something filled with energy that has a distinctly modern vibe, there’s Stomp Intro Fast Shadow. This After Effects template features text animations that can really make your next intro of Facebook ad stand out among the crowd.

Download Stomp Intro Fast Shadow Now

4. Vertical Short Intro

If you’re planning on also adding your Facebook video ad to Instagram, you might want to consider using a mobile-first template. Vertical Short Intros is an energetic, upbeat animated After Effects template that contains 10 text layers and 15 media placeholders so you can style your next project with ease.

Download Vertical Short Intro Now

5. Facebook & Instagram Promo

Facebook & Instagram Promo is another After Effects template with enough versatility for you to build a complete set of ads that work for different platforms. Whether you’re promoting clothing, food, or even home appliances, with 12 media placeholders and 9 editable text layers, you’ll be able to build a great promo.

Download Facebook & Instagram Promo Now

6. Wave Aberration

If you’re looking to build an ad worthy of the inspiration of your followers and admiration of your competitors, the Wave Aberration is what you need. This dynamic title template features an energetic ultramodern design built for Facebook stories, giving you something bold to use for your next promo or announcement. 

Download Wave Aberration Now

7. Stomp Intro

Stomp Intro is an After Effects template you want to look at if you’re looking for a scroll-stopping ad. Featuring 7 editable media placeholders and text layers, and 1 logo placeholder, the stylish design, and modern text animations can help you build a trendy advertising campaign with the intent to sell.

Download Stomp Intro Now

8. 10 Watercolor Stories

The 10 Watercolor Stories template demonstrates that the modern ad isn’t all about flashy text and bold transitions, soft and unique work too. Built for Premiere Pro, this pack features 10 designs with 10 different editable text layers and media placeholders.

Download 10 Watercolor Stories Now

9. Hit Short Reel

Hit Short Reel is an Adobe Premiere Pro template built specifically for social media. With flips, cuts, and bold transitions, you can use it to effectively share short, rhythmic scenes. There are 8 editable text layers, 23 media placeholders, and 1 logo slot for you to utilize. 

Download Hit Short Reel Now

10. Positive Beat Promo

With 11 editable text layers and 25 media placeholders, chances are you can make Positive Beat Promo work for your brand. Whether you’re building for Instagram, Tik Tok, or Facebook, this Adobe Premiere Pro template can help you create your next big product campaign.

Download Positive Beat Promo Now

11. Vertical & Square Transitions Pack

The Vertical & Square Transitions Pack features swooping, transitions that are fast and fun. It features 9 vertical and square animated transitions that can help you make a unique and eye-catching promo.

Download Vertical & Square Transitions Pack Now

12. Displace & Distort Instagram Opener

Using a combination of color and transitions, the Displace & Distort Instagram Opener is a Premiere Pro template to check out for every ad designer. With 3 media placeholders, 6 spaces for text, and 1 logo spot, you can use this ultramodern ads template to create something both fun and on-brand.

Download Displace & Distort Instagram Opener Now

13. 3D Glitch Opener

Stunning and stylish, 3D Glitch Opener is a gorgeous Premiere Pro template that’s a perfect fit for your next Facebook ad video. With 5 text, 10 shots, and 1 logo placeholder, this could be the perfect, bold choice for your next daring modern project.

Download 3D Glitch Opener Now

14. Vertical Titles Opener

Vertical Titles Opener is a modern, animated Premiere Pro template that features a trendy design filled with fast transitions and glitchy title animations. This template pack is easy to use, you simply drop and drag your media and you’re good to go.

Download Vertical Titles Opener Now

15. Sweet Time

For a little retro glam, there’s Sweet Time. This modern template features a simplistic, minimal design with clean, transitions, and a large, engaging font. If you’re looking to do a lot with a little, this is where you’ll want to take a look.

Download Sweet Time Now

16. Music Event Promo

If you have a music event that you’re making a Facebook video promo for, then Music Event Promo is the Final Cut Pro template for you – notably, it also works on Apple Motion. It has four media placeholders, 11 editable text components, and space for a logo.

Download Music Event Promo Now

17. Vertical Screen Urban Style Promo

Trendy and clean, Vertical Screen Urban Style Promo is a great ad template for the modern brand. Built for Final Cut Pro, this pack is easy to use, simple to edit, and customizable as far as color goes – perfect for your fashion, sports, or corporate brand.

Download Vertical Screen Urban Style Promo Now

18. Vertical Screen Promo

Modern and creative, Vertical Screen Promo also offers a great ad template pack that is simple to use, and easy to edit. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to promote a discount vacation or a new fashion line that can help you create unique and memorable ads.

Download Vertical Screen Promo Now

19. VHS Urban Intro

For a retro, movie-style look, the VHS Urban Intro template pack built for Final Cut Pro is the ideal choice. You simply add your own media, adjust the text and effects, and hit render. In minutes, you’ll have a great Facebook video promo video that can help bring in the customers.

Download VHS Urban Intro Now

20. Silhouette Openings

Text silhouettes can be a powerful visual tool for online advertising. The Silhouette Openings template pack built for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion 5 features 3 different ratio options – you simply add in your image, change the text, and you’re ready to go!

Download Silhouette Openings Now

21. Fast Modern

For a simple, elegant design that works for any type of project, Fast Modern delivers. This Final Cut Pro X template is easy to use – you just drop in your media, fix up the text, and you’re ready to go. Bold, beautiful, and scroll-stopping.

Download Fast Modern Now

22. Workout – Gym & Sports Promo

Workout – Gym & Sports Insta Promo is a modern, creative template built for Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion that really delivers on design. It features dynamic slide animations that feature easy-to-use media placeholders and engaging text styles.

Download Workout – Gym & Sports Promo Now

23. Catchy Promo

Catchy Promo delivers on its name. It’s a fast and stylish Final Cut Pro X template that’s easy to use. It features 20 media and 26 text placeholders and comes in Full HD or vertical format, so you can tailor it to the ad style you’re trying to build.

Download Catchy Promo Now

24. Social Media Fast Promo

Built for Final Cut Pro X, Social Media Fast Promo delivers a clean, stylish design that’s perfect for your next social media ad campaign. You have 3 options for resolution, so you can customize the right campaign for the right platform.

Download Social Media Fast Promo Now

25. 10 Sec Intro

If you’re looking for a short sweeping introduction, the 10 Sec Intro built for Final Cut Pro X can deliver. With 2 different resolutions, you can simply drag-and-drop your media, switch out the text, and you’re ready to export your brand new social media advertising campaign.

Download 10 Sec Intro Now

26. Creative Stories

Creative Stories is a Davinci Resolve template that adds a little more fun to your next social campaign. It features media placeholders, editable text, and sliding transitions that will add some clean, creative color to your video ad.

Download Creative Stories Now

27. Unique Stories 

If you’re looking for a trendy template with an elegant, moody look. There are 8 different story templates that can help you build a modern video ad. This Davinci Resolve template is easy to use, you simply add your own media, edit the text, and amaze your audience.

Download Unique Stories Now

28. Swipe Up Mix

If you’re looking for a stylish swipe template, Swipe Up Mix has 15 creative, professionally designed animations. This template was built for Davinci Resolve, but you don’t need an expert to use it – impress your audience with an advertisement that took a few minutes but has a smooth, professional look.

Download Swipe Up Mix Now

29. Event Promo

Event Promo is a versatile template that features light but not overpowering light flares. This Davinci Resolve template features 23 media, 21 text, and 1 logo placeholder – and your end result is a perfectly-sized mobile ad that can wow your audience.

Download Event Promo Now

30. Social Media Color Grades

With 40 different Social Media LUTs to choose from, the Social Media Color Grades pack can help you design an ad with strong, engaging coloring. Best of all, this Davinci Resolve template is easy to use, you just drag and drop it onto your video and have perfectly graded color!

Download Social Media Color Grades Now

Part 2: Top Tips for Creating the Best Facebook Video Ad

Keep it Short, Sharp, Sweet

The best social media advertisements are the ones that can get their message across to their audience in a short period of time. Ideally, your final product is a 5 to 15-second video that’s engaging enough to help you connect with a diverse audience.

Grab Attention within 5 seconds

You only have a few mere moments to catch your audience’s attention. With that in mind, you’ll want to pack the most critical information within the first 5 seconds of the video. The most important information should go first, like how you solve your audience’s pain points.

Let Your Text Do the Talking

Many viewers consume content with the sound off. While the text isn’t the most engaging part of a social media video advertisement, you want it to be able to speak to your audience when they’ve got the sound off. So, choose your text wisely, and let it speak for itself.

Use CTA Throughout the Ad

Your ad is going to be short, but you want it to be memorable so your audience takes action. Repeat your call to action a few times through the advertisement, but be sure not to overdo it.

We did also cover other tips for creating compelling Facebook video ads for business brands, so be sure to check those out as well.

There’s a lot of competition out there these days vying for your audience’s attention. If you’re looking to make a real splash with your Facebook video ads, you need the right tools and templates to get the job done. You can find these 30 attention-grabbing choices, along with thousands of other options on Motion Array. It’s a great time to make your project stand out.

For additional resources, check out our social media packs, amazing stock photos, as well as cool sound effects, and royalty-free music options!

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