28 Lovely & Enchanting Valentine’s Day Video Slideshows and Elements

Video Effects 03/02/2022 5 min read

Whether you’re building a project for the masses or someone special, adding the perfect elements can make all the difference. For those building, romance-themed Valentine’s day videos these cute, elegant, and fun slideshow and element additions might just make your next project stand out.

Part 1: Top Valentine’s Day Slideshows for Romantic YouTube Videos

1. Romantic Slideshow

Romantic Slideshow features heart-shaped inserts that are perfect for slotting in pictures of loved ones. There are 21 spots for photo and video, as well as for titles with a single logo spot.

Download Romantic Slideshow Now

2. Lovely Slideshow

If you’re looking for something that will let you show off your brightest moments, the Lovely Slideshow is for you. It features 14 editable text layers and 13 spots for your favorite photos or videos. 

Download Lovely Slideshow Now

3. Lovely Valentine Slideshow

Built for Premiere Pro, the Lovely Valentine Slideshow template has a more rustic feel to it. It features 13 unique flat lay scenes that were made specifically for this project – which means the footage is included!

Download Lovely Valentine Slideshow Now

4. Valentine’s Day Opener

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with Valentine’s Day Opener, you can make those pictures say even more. With 14 editable text holders and 12 stops for media, this heart-shaped presentation will no doubt win your loved ones over. 

Download Valentine’s Day Opener Now

5. Love Story – Romeo And Juliet

With Love Story – Romeo And Juliet you get 12 media placeholders and seven editable text layers so you can really make it your own. Whether you’re the editor for a wedding, or you’re preparing something for a family get-together, this Premiere Pro will surely impress your audience.

Download Love Story – Romeo And Juliet Now

6. Day of Love

Inspiring and elegant, Day of Love features 12 media placeholders and text spots alighted with heart-shaped cut-outs. Whether you’re building a wedding video or a Valentine’s Day gift, it might be the perfect Premiere Pro template.

Download Day of Love Now

7. Valentine Booklet

If you’re creating a video for someone special in your life, you’ll want to take a peek at Valentine’s Day Opener. It features Valentine’s Day-themed flipbook with 8 text placeholders and 6 spots to add your media.

Download Valentine Booklet Now

8. Valentines Day Slideshow

For creators that are truly looking to tell a romantic story, there’s the Lovely Valentine Slideshow. This easy-to-use After Effects template is stylishly designed and uses 3D picture frames to highlight your media files.

Download Valentines Day Slideshow Now

9. Sweet Love Slideshow

For those looking to build a slideshow with some real, magical ambiance there’s Sweet Love Slideshow. This After Effects template plays with soft leaks, particles, and smooth mesmerizing transitions so you can add your media and text into the 30 and 17 placeholders set out for them.

Download Sweet Love Slideshow Now

10. Valentines Day Card Opener

If digital cards are your thing, then the After Effects Valentines Day Card Opener template is for you. Using it is as easy as dragging-and-dropping your images and editing in your own text. 

Download Valentines Day Card Opener Now

11. Valentine’s Day Opener

Featuring 6 textured backgrounds, 2 animations, and optional pre-made lettering, Valentine’s Day Opener is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Use this cute After Effects template to let your loved ones know you care.

Download Valentine’s Day Opener Now

12. Romantic Memories Album

You can use this After Effects template to show off your favorite love story. Romantic Memories Album has a stylish design that features simplistic animation so you can impress whoever is in the audience.  

Download Romantic Memories Album Now

13. Romantic Photo Slideshow

The Romantic Photo Slideshow template built for After Effects adds an old-school feel to it with its polaroid media inserts. There are 35 media, plus 2 text, and even one logo placeholder that you can use and make this Valentine’s video truly your own. 

Download Romantic Photo Slideshow Now

14. Elegant Memories Slideshow

With 22 editable media and text placeholders, the Elegant Memories Slideshow template gives creators a lot of options. While it’s elegant, it’s also simple with cute jagged-edged media places.

Download Elegant Memories Slideshow Now

15. Brighter Moments

Brighter Moments is a charming Final Cut Pro template that will help you create a dramatic but uplifting presentation. It features cute elegant animations and plenty of spots for you to drop your own media.

Download Brighter Moments Now

16. Love Story Slideshow

As the title implies, this Davinci Resolve template will help you tell your love story in slideshow format. Love Story Slideshow features 10 media placeholders and editable text layers, and the design is impressively animated.    

Download Love Story Slideshow Now

17. Warm Memories Photo Opener

Built for Davinci Resolve, the Warm Memories Photo Opener template features 13 media placeholders and another 8 for text. It’s easy to use and elegantly animated, perfect for your next romantic story.

Download Warm Memories Photo Opener Now

18. First Love Gallery

First Love Gallery is a Davinci Resolve template that has a classic wide-border photo design. To add to the romantic drama, the template utilizes light leaks, smooth transitions, and dancing particles. 

Download First Love Gallery Now

Part 2: Beautiful Valentine’s Day Video Effects & Elements for Social Videos

1. Valentines Day Social Media

The Valentines Day Social Media template features 8 different holiday-themed story-sized features. Whether you’re putting out an event invitation, wedding announcement, or just having some Valentine’s day fun, these red, white, and black templates are for you.

Download Valentines Day Social Media Now

2. Valentine’s Day Instagram Stories

If you’re looking to spice up your Instagram stories with a little love, Valentine’s Day Instagram Stories template is just for you. It’s easy to drag-and-drop your own media and edit images to share your valentine spirit.

Download Valentine’s Day Instagram Stories Now

3. Valentine Titles

Valentine Titles is a smooth and simplistic title template pack built for Premiere Pro. Featuring a black, red, and white theme, all you need to do is edit the template and hit render.

Download Valentine Titles Now

4. Valentines Day Card

Valentines Day Card is an elegantly made After Effects template perfect for sending holiday greetings. It features a beautifully designed canvas with 2 editable text layers. 

Download Valentines Day Card Now

5. Love Instagram Stories

Love Instagram Stories is a sleek, inspired template collection designed for After Effects. It features 5 text layers and backgrounds with hearts, sweets, plus balloon elements to add some flavor.  

Download Love Instagram Stories Now

6. Heart Transitions

Heart Transitions is a simple but effective addition to any Final Cut Pro project. It features 8 smooth, stylized transitions that will enhance your next love-themed Valentine’s day YouTube video.

Download Heart Transitions Now

7. Cartoon Love Elements

Cartoon Love Elements is a fun, dynamic template pack built for Final Cut Pro. It features a collection of cute hearts and scribble elements that can be used to give your next project more personality. 

Download Cartoon Love Elements Now

8. Love Elements

The Love Elements pack gives you more valentine-themed cartoon elements that you can use in Final Cut Pro. You’ll find 16 animated designs that you can add to your next project.

Download Love Elements Now

9. Love Is In The Air Watercolor Titles

For a fun, energetic watercolor theme, there’s Love Is In The Air Watercolor Titles. Created for Davinci Resolve, this pack includes hand-drawn graphics and 6 editable text layers. 

Download Love Is In The Air Watercolor Titles Now

10. Valentine Clean Titles V2

Valentine Clean Titles V2 features bright and enchanting elements that you can add to your next romance-themed project in Davinci Resolve. The best part is, you can change the color properties so they match the style you want in your Happy Valentine’s Day video.

Download Valentine Clean Titles V2 Now

Simply throwing a heart in your project and calling it a day probably won’t make it one of those viral Valentine’s day videos. But even if going viral isn’t your goal, adding the perfect romantic element might just make your audience swoon – and, if you don’t love our favorites, Motion Array has thousands for you to choose from.

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