15 Awesome Video Color Effects to Download (Plus Tutorials)

Video Effects 14/03/2019 5 min read

No matter what video project you are working on, you’re likely to have to do some color correction and grading at one point. While there are no shortcuts to getting the perfect grade, video color effects can help you save you time! And more importantly, they can inspire you to consider color in a whole new way. The ease of adding and removing color effects make them a great way to experiment with the color of your video.

Color effects are a great way to add flair when video editing, but only when used in the right way. The color grading effects you choose to use are as significant and should be considered as carefully as all other aspects of your project. Colors are emotive and can change the context of an entire scene, so be creative but careful not to overdo it!

Part 1: Video Color Effect Presets & Templates to Download

You can get a wide range of color effects as easy to use drag and drop presets. Motion Array has over 350 color effects, from beautifully simple pastel shades to bold, colorful statement effects. Whatever your video project might be, you will be sure to find color effects to suit your needs.

1. Free 10 Color Presets

This download contains 10 tint color presets for creating modern, elegant looking videos. These tints also work well with overexposed video clips to create an impactful visual and mitigate overly bright footage.

Free 10 Color Presets Download

2. Color Presets

If you are looking to make a statement with color in your video effect, this is the set for you. The 15 bright and bold color presets included in this pack are perfect for arts-based videos. From fashion shoots to music videos, these presets are sure to make an impact.

Download Color Presets Now

3. 50 Pack: Light leaks, Color, Glitch Transitions

Light leaks are a great way to give an additional layer of depth to your film, complimenting your color grade and transition choices. Create exciting trailers, slideshows, and presentations with this pack containing 50 light leaks, color effects, and glitch transitions.

Download 50 Pack: Light leaks, Color, Glitch Transitions Now

4. Gradients

Save time by enhancing the look of your projects with these pretty gradient effects. Use on video, photos, and even backgrounds to add a splash of color and depth to your video.

Download Gradients Now

5. Gradient Presets V2

The second Gradients Pack from Motion Array includes 10 subtle Premiere Pro presets, perfect for using on shots of landscapes. The subtle colors used in the gradients gives landscape shots a new look, allowing you to change the light and time of day the clip.

Download Gradient Presets V2 Now

6. Glitch Color Flash Transitions Presets

With 30+ multilayer presets, the Glitch Color Flash Transitions Pack is a lot of fun. The transitions have both a color glitch and flash effect to create spinning, whip panning, and zoom transitions.

Download Glitch Color Flash Transitions Presets Now

7. Tint Color

If you’re feeling vibrant, then the Color Tint set will be your new best friend. Containing 54 bold color grades, you can repaint your photos and videos for a bold visual statement.

Download Tint Color Now

8. Kaleidoscope Transitions Presets

This pack consists of transitions, so why is it included in a color effect list? Well, this fantastic little preset uses the color in your clips to create beautiful kaleidoscope transitions between clips. Big, bright and bold, they are perfect for promos, intros, and music videos.

Download Kaleidoscope Transitions Presets Now

9. Stylized Digital Error Presets

If you don’t export your videos correctly from Adobe Premiere, you can end up with unintended digital errors in your video. But what if you want those digital errors in your film? Well, Motion Array has the answer with this set of glitchy error presets. Use them individually or combine them to get unique color distortion effects.

Download Stylized Digital Error Presets Now

10. Colorful Panoramic Transition Presets

The Colorful Panoramic Pack is another set of transitions that use the colors in your clips. Unlike the pretty Kaleidoscope Transition Pack, the Panoramic ones are bright and bold, perfect for corporate, tech, and sports-based videos.

Download Colorful Panoramic Transition Presets Now

11. Film Look Luts & Footage

This package contains not only 30 beautiful LUTs, but 20 additional light leaks/film grain/animated frame clips for your projects. The LUT effects are subtle, helping you turn your raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece.

Download Film Look Luts & Footage Now

12. Free Outlast Presets

If you are a fan of the video game Outlast, then this is the preset for you. Giving your footage the stylized video game look, this preset allows you to adjust the tint color of the clip to create unique new color effects.

Free Free Outlast Presets Download

13. Cinematic Color Presets

This project includes 30 cinematic color presets as a standalone pack, along with the After Effects controllers for each effect, giving you total control over these amazing grades. As a bonus, the project comes with three old film footage and 5 light leak generators.

Download Cinematic Color Presets Now

14. 45 After Effects Presets

This pack contains a range of animated text effects and transitions alongside 15 beautiful color grade presets. If you are creating a slideshow or promotional video, this pack has all the bases covered.

Download 45 After Effects Presets Now

15. Modern Color Kit with Light Leaks

The Modern Color Kits have a massive 100 FFX presets for color correction along with 31 pre-rendered light leaks. With a wide range of stunning vintage and pastel toned color presets, this kit is a must-have for any inspiring editor.

Download Modern Color Kit with Light Leaks Now

Part 2: How to Create Cool Video Color Effects

Numerous color effects can be used to create familiar, yet cool looks. You might have seen similar compositions in your favorite films, music videos, and ads (and the downloads above). If you want to give some popular ones a whirl, try these out in Adobe Premiere Pro CC!

Channel Blur

The Channel Blur effect allows you to blur the individual red, blue, and green colors in your clip. You’ll create a similar to what a 3D film without your 3D glasses looks like.

  1. Edit your clips in the timeline
  2. In the Effect Panel, search for Channel Blue
  3. Drag and drop the effect onto your clip
  4. Adjust the RGB blur channels until you are happy with the look

Leave Color

The Leave Color effect allows you to isolate an individual color in your clip and desaturate the rest of the frame. You might have seen this effect used in films such as Sin City and Schindler’s List.

  1. Edit your clips in the timeline
  2. In the Effect Panel, search for Leave Color
  3. Drag and drop the effect to your clip
  4. Using the color picker, select the color in your clip that you want to isolate
  5. Adjust the Amount to Decolor, Tolerance, and Edge softened until you are happy with the look.
  6. If you are unable to isolate the exact color using the RGB setting, change the Match Colors box to Hue.
  7. Remember, you can also use this effect with a mask, to isolate the area of the clip you want to affect.


The Tint effect works by allowing you to change the color of blacks and whites in your clip to create both dramatic and pastel look.

  1. Edit your clips in the timeline
  2. In the Effect Panel, search for Tint
  3. Drag and drop the effect you’re using to your clip
  4. Adjust the Map Black to and Map White to color settings
  5. To create a more subtle look, adjust the Amount to Tint settings to mix with the original color of the clip.


You might think the Invert effect gives an extremely stylized look to your footage, and it can do just that. It can also be used for a more subtle look, such as creating a vintage feel to your film.

  1. Edit your clips in the sequence
  2. In the Effect Panel, search for Invert
  3. Add the effect by dragging and dropping it on the clip.
  4. Play around with the Channel options until you are happy with how the clip ‘inverts.’
  5. Use the Blend with Original settings to lessen the effect of the invert.

So, there you have it, over 500 video color effects, transitions, and presets that you can use in your projects. Downloading presets like these are a great way of expanding your editing capabilities while saving you time. Now it’s time to start downloading and get creative!