21 Water Animation Downloads to Add Flow to Your Videos

Video Effects 30/07/2020 6 min read

You don’t need to be told that water is everywhere. Not just in real life but in videos too. It’s an incredibly versatile material and you can create some awesome footage, whether you’re watching gently lapping waves or dramatic 3D slow motion droplets. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to shoot. If you’re out of time or don’t have access to the shot you need, try downloading these water animations. You can use them as cutaways or combine them with text to make engaging animated sequences. Read on to learn how to include them in your videos.

Part 1: 21 Popular Water Animations for Your Next Project

Realistic Water Animations

1. Water Animation

Gentle, swirling ripples of a calm pool of water. This relaxing stock motion graphic would work well with animated text or just as a peaceful background video. The HD file is 20 seconds in duration so there’s plenty to play with.

Download Water Animation Now

2. Aquamarine Liquid Background

Whirling bubbles rush past the screen in this exciting close-up of rushing water. The liquid effect can be used to accompany animations or be used as a standalone video to enhance a sequence. Download the HD file now.

Download Aquamarine Liquid Background Now

3. Water Waves Pack

Use these water splash effects in any of your videos. There are four styles to choose from, each a different color and motion. These graceful 3D animated graphics are mesmerising and available as 4K files.

Download Water Waves Pack Now

4. Sea Coast Clear Water

Imagine crystal clear water on a warm summer’s day, and the feel of wihte sand between your toes. This peaceful animation of a transparent sea floor is perfect for any nature-themed or meditation content.

Download Sea Coast Clear Water Now

Hand Drawn Water Animations

5. Hand Drawn Liquid Splashes

Here’s a pack of brightly colored, fun and lively cartoon liquid splashes. The hand-drawn style makes them great for children’s videos or anything with a bright and airy tone. Use them as transitions for your footage and animated text. The pack even contains sound effects for you to play with.

Download Hand Drawn Liquid Splashes Now

6. Water Animations Pack

Droplets, ripples, fountains and squirting transitions. These cool water animations can be used in live action content and video games to bring your projects to life. There are clean and pixellated versions of each so you can give your animations a retro video game feel.

Download Water Animations Pack Now

7. Liquid Motion Elements

For Final Cut Pro users, grab this pack of hand drawn and frame by frame animated water elements. Use them to enhance your footage or transition between text animations. Change the colors to match your brand and breathe life into your projects.

Download Liquid Motion Elements Now

8. Water Elements

If you’re looking for a bit more control over your projects, try this After Effects template. It gives you the opportunity to play around with shape layers and refine the movement of these animated water elements – ripples, splashes, bubbles and much more.

Download Water Elements Now

9. Liquid Elements Water Splashes

This Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Template (MOGRT) includes a hand-drawn and animated water splash in a wide range of colors. Simply import it into Adobe Premiere Pro and drag it onto the timeline to bring it instantly into your video.

Download Liquid Elements Water Splashes Now

10. Hand Drawn Liquid Transitions

This After Effects pack is all about transitions. Impress your clients with these fluid and fun water transitions to wash you from one scene to the next. Use them in TV commercials, social media videos and kids’ content.

Download Hand Drawn Liquid Transitions Now

11. Liquid Shape Elements

These cartoon elements are a lot of fun. They can be added straight to Premiere Pro as a Motion Graphics Template, and it’s easy to change the colors and the style in no time at all. Use them as transitions, logo reveals or simply to enhance the footage in your videos.

Download Liquid Shape Elements Now

Water Animation Logos

12. Water Splash Text Reveal

If you’re looking for a clean, premium, 3D water animation to enhance your videos, try this text reveal that works directly within Premiere Pro. Speed up or slow down the animation and change the font to create instant high quality results.

Download Water Splash Text Reveal Now

13. Drop In Water Slogan Reveal

This is a slick 3D animation to reveal text or logos. It’s a clean Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Template which is easy to edit and looks absolutely great. Use it as an intro or opener to your TV shows, commercials, presentations – anything you’re working on.

14. Under The Water Logo

If you want to give your logo reveals an underwater feel, try this specialized logo animation template. Open it in After Effects, simply replace the text and the logo and hit render. Easy. It’s an eye-catching animation for whatever project you’re working on.

Download Under The Water Logo Now

15. Underwater Cinematic Logo

Here’s something spectacular for your movies and video games. Dramatic lighting and bubbles stream around a gently shimmering logo deep underwater. It’s an incredible effect and super easy to customize within After Effects.

Download Underwater Cinematic Logo Now

Water Animation Transitions

16. Water Revealer

A spout of 3D water rushes onto the screen and forms a dense ball of water before revealing your text or logo. This is a high quality, dramatic 3D animation that would step up the value of any of your video projects.

Download Water Revealer Now

17. Water Pouring With Splashes

This stock motion 3D graphics of water pouring would be a beautiful addition to any food themed videos, TV commercials or even just experimental short films. The HD file can be downloaded and simply dropped into any of your projects.

Download Water Pouring With Splashes Now

18. Water Splash

Water twists and turns on a background in this highly stylized 3D animation. Combine it with text and logos to make a high quality production. The beautiful slow motion stock footage is a 4K file so can be adapted to plenty of projects.

Download Water Splash Now

19. Liquid Drop Explosion Pack

BOOM. A drop of liquid explodes in a shower of glistening, warping fragments. Available in four colors, this 4K motion graphics file is built with an alpha channel so you can overlay it on any existing footage.

Download Liquid Drop Explosion Pack Now

20. Vortex Tornado of Water

This magnificent 3D animated tornado of water spins onto the screen in a dramatic cyclone, and would be an incredible opportunity to reveal your text or logo. It’s a 4K file so there’s a lot of scope to scale it up and down.

Download Vortex Tornado of Water Now

21. Water Splash Pack

Download this pack to get access to five different animations of water splashing realistically. These 3D animations are on an alpha channel so you can overlay them on your existing footage.

Download Water Splash Pack Now

Part 2: Learn how to Install and Apply Water Animations

Step 1: Download your favorite Motion Graphics Template from the library.

Step 2: In Premiere Pro, head to the Essential Graphics panel.

Step 3: Click Install Motion Graphics Template and select your downloaded .mogrt file.

Step 4: Drag the template from the list onto the timeline.

Step 5: Change the Source Text and the colors to your preference.

Top Tips

As you will have seen, there’s a huge range of animations to choose from. It’s up to you to decide which water animation is best for your project. Is your project a light-hearted children’s video? Try something cartoony and fun. Is your project a serious cinematic short film? Maybe something more photorealistic would be better.

Bear in mind the movement in the animation, and try not to include anything that might be too distracting if you don’t want it to be the focus. If you want the text to be the focus of the frame, try using a background of gently lapping water. If you want an exciting fast-paced visual to carry an edit from one shot to the next, that’s the time to use something more energetic.

Water animation is a flexible, exciting asset to use in your video productions. The Motion Array Marketplace has a wide range of animation templates and stock footage, so pick the one that best suits the project you’re working on. Making a food commercial? Try some high quality, glossy 3D animation. Making some kids’ content? Try the hand-drawn, bouncy water transitions. Simply download them and add them to your project as footage or as a background to overlay text.