40 Elegant and Beautiful Wedding Video Templates for 2021

Video Effects 08/03/2021 9 min read

You don’t need to work with an expensive production company to create an incredible wedding video. From modern, fresh, and dynamic videos to traditional, beautiful slideshows, here is our list of 40 elegant wedding video templates to showcase your special day in 2021!

If you’re looking for tips on what makes a perfect wedding video, check out our previous guide here. Also, don’t forget to review the effects we think every wedding videographer should consider.

Premiere Pro Wedding Templates

1. Lovely Wedding Slideshow

This stunning wedding video template is an enchanting slideshow of images, but you can swap the media for videos. It’s a flexible Premiere Pro template for creating video wedding invitations or a highlights video of your special day. Simply edit the text and replace the media for instant results. 

Download Lovely Wedding Slideshow Now

2. Vintage Wedding Memories

Photo albums are great, but this Premiere Pro template lets you create a nostalgic video for your memories. Beautiful camera moves and stylish text reveals are all wrapped up in a vintage-themed photo album of 3D animation. Swap out the media and text to create a high-quality video in no time at all.

Download Vintage Wedding Memories Now

3. Romantic Wedding Memories Slideshow

Cycle through an animation of vintage wedding memories in this slideshow template for Premiere Pro. This template contains 40 placeholders and 17 editable text layers for you to adjust to your liking. Simply upload your own media and amend the text to create a stunning showcase of your wedding memories.

Download Romantic Wedding Memories Slideshow Now

4. Wedding Frames

Re-live your special wedding day memories with this beautifully designed Premiere Pro template. With 6 media placeholders, 7 editable text layers, and one logo placeholder, it’s easy to upload your own images and videos and edit the template to suit your project.

Download Wedding Frames Now

5. Wedding Invitation Slideshow

Stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of your loved ones with this animated wedding invitation. Instead of risking your precious invitations being lost in the mail, send your friends and family a stunning dynamic wedding invitation. This template is super easy to use, with no plugins required. Simply update the text and images and render it out.

Download Wedding Invitation Slideshow Now

6. Bright Love

Re-live the romance of your special days with this nostalgic image slideshow. Fully 4K and easy to replace images, this Premiere Pro template is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, valentines day, and other memories videos. Simple to use and quick to render, it doesn’t require a single plugin.

Download Bright Love Now

7. Wedding & Love Freeze Story

Slick, dynamic animation, vintage film-themed overlays, and perfectly timed freeze-frames make this a lovely template for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. The black style gives it a fresh, modern feel, and the template is generously packed with media and text placeholders to replace.

Download Wedding & Love Freeze Story Now

8. Wedding Slideshow

If you’re looking for a video for your wedding invitations or to immortalize your special day, try this Premiere Pro template with soft, warm light leaks. This template features 21 media placeholders and 7 text placeholders, and a free font to tie it all together. Don’t worry about plugins, just swap out your images and text and hit render.

Download Wedding Slideshow Now

After Effects Wedding Templates

9. Natural Wedding Titles Pack

This is a pack of wedding titles for traditional weddings, featuring floral emblems and animated butterflies. Each one is beautiful, clean, and perfect for a wedding of any kind. Choose from designs in this 4K After Effects template and start using them right away.

Download Natural Wedding Titles Pack Now

10. Wedding Invitation

If you’re looking for a modern animation with traditional elements, this wedding invitation Premiere template is a perfect blend of old and new. A smooth, seamless blend of images, footage, and animation, it’s super easy to tweak to create something truly bespoke for your special day.

Download Wedding Invitation Now

11. Wedding Cinematic Promo

This high-quality cinematic video template is professional and perfect for editing a highlights video of your wedding or a promo to accompany your wedding invitation. This template contains 28 media placeholders, 9 editable text layers, and one logo placeholder, and can be used for any kind of content whether you’re making a travel film or a video resume.

Download Wedding Cinematic Promo Now

12. Slideshow

Simple but effective, this slideshow template for Premiere Pro is an excellent way to showcase your happy memories of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions. Replace the 13 placeholders with your own images and videos, edit the text, and render the results quickly to share with your family and friends.

Download Slideshow Now

13. Wedding Reel

Lens flares, sparks, light leak transitions, and animated text all come together to create a cinematic showreel template to celebrate your wedding footage. This Premiere Pro template requires no plugins, so all you need to do is swap out the footage and render the final results.

Download Wedding Reel Now

14. Wedding Love Story

This is a beautiful wedding video template that combines footage, color overlays, animated particles, and text to tell an entrancing love story. Showcase your personal stories by replacing the 12 media placeholders, 2 editable text layers, and the logo or final text placeholder with your own images and videos.

Download Wedding Love Story Now

15. Wedding Film

This Premiere Pro template is a fresh, modern take on the wedding video with soft light leaks and a clean text design. Simply download the project, import your own footage and images and replace the placeholders, and update the text. This easy-to-use template lets you create a stunning wedding film in just moments.

Download Wedding Film Now

16. Wedding Flowers Trailer

This is a beautiful, unique style for a wedding video. The freeze-frame effect includes layers of footage and flower designs, bringing images to life in a vibrant way. This watercolor effect template also comes with a tutorial to walk you through the process step by step.

Download Wedding Flowers Trailer Now

17. Wedding Intro

Sliding frames and clean transitions make this a modern dynamic wedding video template. It includes 4 scenes with 20 video placeholders and 3 title placeholders, so all you need to do is open up the Premiere project and replace the assets with your own.

Download Wedding Intro Now

18. Wedding Mini Pack

If you’re a professional looking for a multitude of ways to create a wedding video, or if you’re creating your own and would like plenty of options to explore, this wedding mini pack contains everything you need to create a customized wedding video. It includes 17 media and text placeholders, 6 intro variations, editable closing credits, and 2 types of particles to edit.

Download Wedding Mini Pack Now

19. Wedding Teaser

Glossy, loud, and proud, this wedding teaser embraces the cinematic glam of weddings and combines light leaks, animation and text into a bright and vibrant wedding video template. Simply swap out the images for your own photos or video files and render the project, no plugins needed.

Download Wedding Teaser Now

20. Save The Date Slideshow

If you’re looking for a fresh, modern way of sharing the date for your wedding, consider this Save The Date video template for Premiere Pro. It’s a vertical video, making it perfect for mobiles, and all you need to do is update the names, date, place, and replace the images with your own.

Download Save The Date Slideshow Now

21. Wedding Slides

This slick animated slideshow for Adobe After Effects is an ideal glossy showcase for your wedding photos to create a nostalgic video or a save the date invitation. Make it your own creation by editing the 15 media placeholders, 4 text placeholders, and one logo placeholder.

Download Wedding Slides Now

22. Wedding Day Gallery

This 3D animated photo slideshow is an After Effects template designed to display your favorite wedding photos. Don’t be put off by the complexity of the cinematic animation – this After Effects template is easy to use and replace the 12 media placeholders to create something truly unique.

Download Wedding Day Gallery Now

23. Wedding Slideshow

Romance is in the air with this dynamic After Effects template featuring imagery, clean transitions, and animated 3D rose petals. The soft light leaks and text overlays come together to create a consistently beautiful style. All you need to do once you’ve downloaded the project is import your own assets and swap out the images and edit the text.

Download Wedding Slideshow Now

24. Sweet Wedding

If you’re looking for a soft, cinematic, and beautiful slideshow for your weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and even business events, this After Effects template is versatile and suitable for any occasion. Simply replace the images with your own and enjoy the gentle camera moves and light leaks.

Download Sweet Wedding Now

25. Modern Wedding Invitation

What could be more modern than a vertical After Effects template with a QR code embedded in the video? This template for the tech-savvy wedding audiences lets you create beautifully animated mobile-friendly video wedding invitations, with 6 vertical designs to choose from.

Download Modern Wedding Invitation Now

26. Gold Wedding Opener

Shimmering showers of gold dust flow across the screen in this incredible wedding video template for high-quality, glossy weddings. The bumper After Effects template contains 60 editable slides, including an opener, bumpers, slideshow, 10 lower thirds, and closing credits.

Download Gold Wedding Opener Now

27. Wedding Slideshow

This After Effects template lays out your images as if they were a postcard, with dynamic camera moves floating around an album. The soft, gentle style, tied together with light leaks, contains 10 media and text placeholders to edit. Simply download the project, replace the placeholders with your own media, and render in just minutes.

Download Wedding Slideshow Now

28. Wedding Intro / Wedding Trailer

With slow, soft light leaks and a cinematic title design, download and use this After Effects template to create a premium wedding video. Use it to create a video for your guests to save the date, or to showcase the highlights of the wedding after the special day. Simply replace the footage and edit the text to your liking.

Download Wedding Intro / Wedding Trailer Now

29. Wedding Intro

Photographs fall into frames and stack together into a beautiful collage of memories from your special day. Clever animation and clean transitions make this a perfect snapshot of your wedding day, and all you need to do is replace the images in the After Effects file with your own. 

Download Wedding Intro Now

30. Elegant Parallax Slideshow Intro

Parallax gives still images the illusion of movement by layering them and maneuvering a 3D camera around them. 19 editable text layers and image placeholders can be tweaked and adjusted to your liking to create a truly bespoke intro to your wedding-themed video.

Download Elegant Parallax Slideshow Intro Now

31. Flower Wedding

Golden blossom floats across the screen in this parallax collage of images. It’s a beautiful template to tweak and adjust to your liking, with 16 media placeholders to swap out. The elegant After Effects template works perfectly for wedding videos but also for any other nostalgic occasions.

Download Flower Wedding Now

32. Wedding Luxury 0.2

Re-live the luxury of your special day with this stunning, glossy template for After Effects. With a high-end feel and glossy, dreamy particle effects, this template is the ideal way to preserve your wedding memories. Despite the involved effects, it renders in just moments.

Download Wedding Luxury 0.2 Now

33. Wedding Clip

This After Effects project is versatile enough to be used for any kind of occasion. Simply swap out the images for your own, and the pre-made transitions and light leaks will do the rest.

Download Wedding Clip Now

34. Wedding Photos

Recreate your favorite memories from a wedding day without printing any photographs. This HD After Effects template is a slideshow of photographs, and all you need to do is open the project, import your own images, and render the output.

Download Wedding Photos Now

35. Album of Memories and Wedding Book Bundle

Download this After Effects template, import your own images or footage, and start creating a  slick wedding slideshow in this photography album-themed video. This template contains two design versions with 21 image placeholders and 16 editable text layers.

Download Album of Memories and Wedding Book Bundle Now

Final Cut Pro Wedding Templates

36. Capture The Memories

If you’re a Final Cut Pro user, this is the wedding video template for you. Open up a beautiful 3D animated book of memories and populate it with your favorite images. A dynamic camera, light leaks, and sparkling overlays make this a dreamy, high-end video template.

Download Capture The Memories Now

37. Wedding Love Story

The camera descends in the frame in this Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion template. Smooth, clean, dynamic animation cycles through your chosen images and footage and contains nine media placeholders to adjust to your liking.

Download Wedding Love Story Now

38. Love Story Slideshow

The original dynamic transitions in this Final Cut Pro template are eye-catching and high-quality, guaranteed to grab your audience and hold them tight. Amend the color and opacity of the effects with just the click of a button, and replace the images with your own to showcase your dream wedding.

Download Love Story Slideshow Now

DaVinci Resolve Wedding Templates

39. Wedding Slideshow

Boot up DaVinci Resolve and make the most of this incredible template. Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions, it combines ink blossom transitions with vibrant light leaks and a bokeh effect to create stunning results.

Download Wedding Slideshow Now

40. Wedding Elegance

If particles and glowing flares are more your styles, check out this DaVinci Resolve template. The footage and text can be easily edited, and all you need to do is drop your footage or photos in to make an immediately stunning wedding film.

Download Wedding Elegance Now

If you’re creating a wedding video but aren’t sure where to begin, this wide variety of Motion Array templates lets you create incredible videos in just moments. Fully customizable, with a wide range of colors and transitions to choose from, all you have to do is replace the media and text and hit render. If you aren’t sold on the text, try adding in your own titles based on the incredible designs we have available and add some beautiful thematic music as the final touch.