20 Engaging YouTube End Screens for Effective YouTube Channels

Video Effects 19/04/2021 6 min read

There is one thing that every YouTube content creator needs, regardless of the content they are creating – an awesome Youtube end screen! Creating a cool and stylish end-slate can be a challenge, but fortunately, our list of 20 end screens for YouTube is here to help you. What’s more, we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide to customizing these time-saving templates, so you can grow your viewership and get new subscribers.

Part 1: 20 YouTube End Screens All YouTubers Need

Making that extra space and adding in end screens to your YouTube channel videos will create a great cohesive branding look and feel. Not only that but your subscribers or general viewers of your content will be quickly alerted to all your other similar videos rather than going to other channels.

Check out Motion Array’s creative list of YouTube end screens that support all editing software options, including After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro!

1. YouTube End Screens

This After Effects template offers an efficient and contemporary design with 5 crisply animated end screens to choose from to suit all your end screen needs. Easy to customize and quick to render, Youtube End Screens V4 is ideal for closing your product reviews, reaction, or unboxing videos.   

Download YouTube End Screens Now

2. YouTube End Screens 4K

The Premiere YouTube End Screens pack contains 4 bright and modern designs. With large media placeholders, the contemporary feel makes these templates ideal for YouTubers looking to increase subscribers for their channel.

Download YouTube End Screens 4K Now

3. YouTube End Screens 4K

If you’re a content creator working with Final Cut Pro, then this is the pack for you. 4 bright and stylish designs, beautifully designed for a modern and clean layout with flourishing fun graphics.

Download YouTube End Screens 4K Now

4. YouTube End Screens

The YouTube End Screens pack for Davinci Resolve contains 4 stunning designs, ready to drag and drop to your project. The minimalist and clean approach to the design is eye-catching, while the subtle color palette makes it easy to brand.

Download YouTube End Screens Now

5. YouTube End Screens V2

This pack of 5 YouTube End Screens for Premiere Pro is incredibly versatile and can be used across various project styles. Ideal for reactors, vloggers, prank videos, and life-hacks, this pack is sure to have something you like.

Download YouTube End Screens V2 Now

6. YouTube End Scene

This set of 4 After Effects End Screen templates is ideal for businesses, charities, and social enterprises creating content for YouTube. The bright and bold color options with huge text spaces are perfect for those with longer messaging or a wide range of videos to work with. 

Download YouTube End Scene Now

7. YouTube End Screens 

The YouTube End Screens for Premiere Pro is a modern and sleek set of 5 templates. With bright colors and dynamically animated transitions and flourishes, this pack is ideal for Premiere Pro users of any level.

Download YouTube End Screens Now

8. YouTube End Screens V2

This beautiful pack of 6 end screens for Final Cut is ideal for fun and upbeat content creators. With swirly animated flourishes and a cartoon style, these templates don’t take themselves too seriously but provide an incredible ending to your content.

Download YouTube End Screens V2 Now

9. YouTube End Screens V5

With a funny 3D feel to this pack, these 5 YouTube End Screens for Davinci Resolve are sure to catch your viewer’s eye. With smooth animated elements and titles, this impressive pack would suit a wide variety of projects.

Download YouTube End Screens V5 Now

10. YouTube End Screens V2

The YouTube End Screens V2 for After Effects contains 5 stunningly designed end-slate templates with easy customization options. Simply change the text, font, colors, and images, and you’re ready to go.

Download YouTube End Screens V2 Now

11. YouTube End Screen Promo

The YouTube End Screen Promo template for After Effects is slightly different from the other packs here as it contains just one design. The simple and elegant template transitions the viewer through your ‘Next’ videos with plenty of space for images or footage.

Download YouTube End Screen Promo Now

12. YouTube End Screens V2

Ideal for Vloggers, Unboxers, and Reactors, this Premiere Pro pack features 5 YouTube Ends Screens. The simple and elegant design with minimal text is ideal for content that covers serious subjects or those wanting to add additional messaging to the screen.

Download YouTube End Screens V2 Now

13. YouTube End Screens V3

This pack of 5 Final Cut Pro YoutTube End Screens is ideal for FCP content creators who have a YouTube and Instagram presence. The bright, bold color palette and modern flourishes would suit a range of content styles across platforms.

Download YouTube End Screens V3 Now

14. YouTube End Screens V4

Another Davinci Resolve pack, with 5 beautiful, elegant end screens to make your own. This template is perfect for businesses creating YouTube How-To videos or corporate promotions by utilizing abstract shapes and patterns.

Download YouTube End Screens V4 Now

15. End Screens

End Screens for Final Cut Pro contains 9 design variations ready to drag and drop to your timeline. All 9 designs center around your media assets, with vast amounts of space given to images and video; ideal for artists, photographers, and filmmakers.

Download End Screens Now

16. YouTube End Screens 4K V3

This stunning After Effects template is ideal for news and tech-related content with its high-powered end screens. Attention-grabbing and boldly designed with 6 wildly varying designs, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit you in this pack.

Download YouTube End Screens 4K V3 Now

17. Gradient Subscribers and End Screens

The Gradient Subscribers and End Screens pack for Final Cut Pro is ideal for any FCP editor or content creator. Featuring 4 End Screens, the pack has a considerable amount of customization with its choice of 7 beautifully designed Subscribe Bars.

Download Gradient Subscribers and End Screens Now

18. Grunge Social Outro

The Grunge Social Outro is an artistically designed Premiere Pro project featuring 2 variants. Both feature broad brush-stroke transitions and flourishes, with big, bold titles for your messaging.

Download Grunge Social Outro Now

19. 5 Social Outro

The 5 Social Outro pack is a simple Premiere project with beautiful contemporary designs. The 5 end screens are bright and clean, with plenty of room for your call to action and a color controller for easy brand customization.

Download 5 Social Outro Now

20. Social Media Outro

The Social Media Outro Pack for Premiere Pro contains 5 YouTube End Screens and 4 lower third assets. Even more impressive than the dynamically designed indents are the massive 36 social media icons included, making sure your audience can follow you wherever you are. 

Download Social Media Outro Now

Part 2: How to Use & Add YouTube End Screens Effectively

Editing After Effects templates is straightforward and intuitive, so even if you’ve never used the program before, we’re confident that you’ll get the hang of things in no time.

  1. Download your chosen template and double-click the After Effects project file to open it.
  2. In the timeline, you will see several layers, each of a different version of the template you have chosen. Click on the eye icons at the start of each layer to see which you want to use.
  3. In the Project Browser panel, go to the image folder: Placeholders > Image > *Chosen Template Number.
  4. Open the composition in your template folder by double-clicking it.
  5. Import your footage/image by hitting Cmd or Ctrl + I, then drag it to your timeline.
  6. At the top of the timeline, you will see tabs for each composition you have open. Click on the main template comp to go back to the main view.
  7. Next, go to the titles folder: Placeholders > Titles > *Chosen Template Number.
  8. Double-click on each of the title comps to edit them.
  9. You can edit the text by double-clicking in the viewer.
  10. Go to the Colors folder: Placeholders > Colors > *Chosen Template Number.
  11. When you double-click on this comp, you will see all the inner workings of the template. Click on the layer called Controller.
  12. Go to the Effects Control tab in the top left of the screen, and you will notice all of the colors used in the template, labeled to make it easier to customize. 
  13. Click on each one and use the color picker to choose your palette.
  14. Go back to the main composition view and check through your end screen.
  15. Go to File > Export > Add to Render Queue.
  16. A new area will open in your timeline. Click the Output To setting to choose a save location and name your file.
  17. Finally, hit the Render button, sit back and wait for After Effects to do its thing!

Add your custom end screen to all your old and new videos and see a significant change in the engagement to your YouTube channel! We recommend you mainly promote up to 4 elements and always make sure to leave about 5 to 15 seconds of space at the end of your video for placing your end screen elements.

YouTube end screens are a brilliant way to get and keep your audience engaged with your content. Designing a purpose-built end slide to house YouTube’s built-in subscribe and next video elements creates a professional and on-trend impression with your viewers. Now that you know how to customize YouTube end screen templates, your only problem is which one to choose first.