3d Title Animations Using Environment Layers In After Effects


In this easy to follow tutorial, Eri will show you how to work with 3D title animations inside After Effects using the new Cinema 4D renderer for your 3D compositions. We will use standard animators to do a per character 3D animations just like you would on 2D text layers or using effectors in the popular Mograph module that is not included in the Cinema 4d Lite version of Adobe After Effects. We will also talk about environment layers and how they make a huge difference when working with 3D scenes.

This is a must watch for anyone working with Motion graphics that would like to speed up their workflow with new tools provided in After Effects CC. The new Cinema 4D renderer is amazing and combined with environment layers it can really give you the speed you need to get results on time and on budget with no additional plugins. You don't even have to open Cinema 4D Lite!

If you want to skip the tutorial, you can download the free After Effects project.

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