How To Animate A 2D Flag Waving In After Effects


Hey everyone, this is Owen with Motion Array and in this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to animate a 2D flag waving. Alright let’s get started.

How To Animate A 2D Flag Waving In Adobe After Effects

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So inside my composition I have a mountain with a flagpole and then I have a flag on a separate layer. The flag is a shape layer and that’s really important for this. On the flag layer add a rectangle and adjust the size so that it’s taller than the flag and about 3/4 the width. At frame 0 set a keyframe for position where the rectangle is just to the left of the flag. Then at frame 60 change the position so that it’s just to the right of the flag. Option click on the stopwatch for position and using the add button go to Property > loopOut. Add a Merge Paths to the shape layer and set the mode to Subtract. Also make sure that the original flag path is at the top of the contents, then the rectangle, then the merge paths. 

Duplicate the flag shape layer. In the duplicated flag change the Merge Paths mode to Intersect. Adjust the position of the duplicate flag so that it’s slightly higher than the original. This creates the offset part of the flag. That finishes up the flag!

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