How To Create A Zoom Blur Transition In After Effects

In this video we explore how to create a custom transition in After Effects called a zoom blur.  This transition makes it appear like the camera rapidly zooms from one position to another, making it capable of linking any two pieces of footage.  However, by joining two clips which look like different coverage of the same location you can give additional impact to your shots.  This is because when two shots look like they are in similar locations you can trick your audience into feeling like they are following the true movement of the camera.  

This effect is relatively simple to achieve inside of After Effects and primarily uses the transform and motion tile effects.  By keyframing the scale of an adjustment layer to zoom quickly over the course of a few frames, you can give two clips the exact same path of motion which helps to sell the effect.  Additionally, by using the motion tile effect and setting it to mirror, you can hide any black areas where shrunken clips fail to reach.  This gives the effect that your clip is larger than it actually is and is quite difficult to see over the course of only a few frames.

Once you have completed this effect, you now have the means to join any two clips in a very stylish and professional way.  

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