How To Use Master Properties in After Effects


Hey everyone, this is Owen with Motion Array and in this tutorial I’ll be going over a new feature in After Effects 2018. That new feature is Master Properties. With master properties you can customize templates quickly and easily without having to duplicate comps for each version. This is going to be great for keeping your project files nice and neat. Alright, let’s get started.   

How To Use Master Properties in After Effects

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Okay, so here I have a composition with a text animation. I’m happy with it, but I need to make a several versions for different scenarios. Let’s dive in and set this up with Master Properties

The first thing I’ll do is pull up the Essential Graphics panel by going to Window > Essential Graphics. In the Essential Graphics panel, I’ll choose the composition I’m in under the Master dropdown. I’ll also change the name to Text Template. Now, not all properties are supported for this so if you’re unsure you can click on the Solo Supported Properties button and in your timeline all the supported properties will be revealed on each layer. The last button is Set Poster Time and if you click that, it changes the thumbnail to what the comp looks like where the playhead is currently at. The big empty area here is where you drag in properties you want to add. At the bottom of the panel you can add comments and export the animation as a template that you can use in Premiere. 

Ok, so let’s set up a master position and scale. I’ll go to Layer > New > Null Object and I’ll name it Text Control. Then I’ll parent all the layers except the background to it. I’ll pull up the Null’s position and scale and then drag them into the Essential Graphics panel. Now when I use this template in other compositions I’ll be able to change those properties without having to go into the template comp. Next I’ll set up the text. I’ll twirl down the first text layer to get to Source Text and then drag that up to the Essential Graphics panel. I’ll change the name of the property from Source Text to Line 1. I’d also like to add the color of the text but unfortunately there isn’t a property for it. So I’ll just have to add one. I’ll go to Effect > Generate > Fill. Then I’ll change the color back to white. I’ll pull up the edited properties of the layer by double tapping U on the keyboard and then select the fill color and drag that up into Essential Graphics. Then I’ll repeat the same steps for the other two text layers. I also want to add the color of the line so I’ll twirl it down until I get to the stroke color and add it. For the BG I’ll add it’s fill color and I’ll also add it’s opacity so that I can have an alpha channel for the text. So with all that taken care of, I’m ready to version it out. 

I’ll drag this template comp to the new composition button to create a new composition with the template comp already in it. I’ll rename this new composition Title 1. In the timeline I’ll twirl down the template layer and you’ll see a new option called Master Properties. I’ll twirl that down and all the properties I set up are there. Now it’s important to note that you change the values here and not in the essential graphics panel. So for this one I’ll move the text over to the left and increase the scale. Then i’ll change the colors of the text, line, and background. In order to change the text I need to right click on the property and choose edit value. So I’ve got this version customized and let’s say that I liked the text better in it’s original color white. Rather than click in to the color box and select white, I can just click the first button to the right. That’s the Pull from Master Comp button. It will change the value to whatever it is in the master composition. So I’ll click that for all the text layers so that they all go to white. Let’s also say that I like the scale of everything so much that I want all future versions to be start that size. I can use the next button to the right which is Push to Master Comp. Now whenever I create new versions of the master comp, it’ll start at this size. So this version is good and now I’m ready to make another. 

I’ll go into the project panel and duplicate Title 1. I’ll open up the duplicate and then I’ll start making edits. I want to put this one on top of a photograph so I’ll drag in a photo from the project panel. I’ll right click on it and go to Transform > Fit to Comp Width. Then I’ll go into the master properties and change the background opacity to 0%. I’ll shrink it down to 50% and move it’s position around. I’ll change the colors of the the text and line to blue. I actually liked the top line of text in white better so I’ll use the Pull from Master Comp button to bring it back to white. Last, I’ll change the text because this is definitely not Orlando. 

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Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.

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