How To Make Your Videos Stand Out - 3 Helpful Tips


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I don’t know if you realize, but video creation is an EXPLODING field.  Literally everyone is starting to do it, for personal use, for business, trying to get famous, to make travel videos, teaching and training, everyone and their mom, literally (sort of shocked), is throwing content out into the world, so the big question a lot of people have is, how do you stand out?  Like, in a good way?

Well I’m gonna give you 3 tips to hopefully give your videos an edge over the competition.  So let’s dive into it with...

Give every cut a purpose

It can be really easy just to jump back and forth from one camera angle, to another, then throw up some B-Roll and call it a day.

But you know how every time you show a new clip its an opportunity to give your audience new information?  Every time you switch clips, that can be another opportunity to speak to your viewer.  I’m not just talking about transitions.  Those can work but just doing a zoom blur gets a little old after a while.  

But if you want to learn how to do that...we have a video showing you how...if you want’s right there….nooooo pressure...

Zoom Blur Transition:

What about when you just simply make a cut?  You can cut away from this B-Roll at any time, but what if you wait right, until...NOW.  Cutting on impact and action.

Or what about what’s in the frame?  You could do a match cut.  Even if you have just B-Roll of a person standing there not doing anything, (cut from Kris head to me in same position) you can still get a match cut out of it.  It adds another dimension to your film and proves that you thought the whole things through.    It also makes your audience think that you’re saying something even deeper.  Maybe these two things are related, share a common thread, or maybe you just think it looks cool. If you’re in that second group, your secret is safe with me.

You could have someone lead into the next shot with a particular motion.  You could have the camera motion create the transition, you could insinuate the next shot by getting your characters to look at whatever’s coming next, you could have an person walk across frame, you could focus on something in one shot and have the same type of thing visible in another shot, the

Here’s the point, there’s a lot of different ways you can actually accomplish this.  This is a list of terms that you can start out with (show a list of terms).  Google search ‘em up and try to implement whichever ones you want to use in your next videos.  Feel free to pause it or take a screenshot to look over later.  

The bottom line is that standing out requires being creative.  And this point is all about giving points of connection between clips.  We’ve given some examples, but you can also try and discover your own new ways to give your cut’s new meaning.

Focus on Audio

When I say “focus on audio” probably what comes to mind immediately is “get high quality audio”.  That’s important, but I’m actually not talking about that for this point.  I mean, yeah get great quality audio, but once you’ve got your main edit down, what are you doing with audio?

A lot of people just find a piece of music, slap it down (slap sound) and say GOOD ENOUGH! But audio is more than just music or dialogue.  You have Ambience, sound fx, risers, foley, there’s so many other aspects to giving life to your video through audio.  

If you’ve got B-roll of a street corner, get some audio from a street corner.  If you’ve got a skateboarder landing a sick trick, give a satisfying thud when they land!  

It’s not that hard to do either.  You can take sounds from real places, or make your own from scratch by getting creative.  For a recent vacation video I made, my wife was running towards the GoPro splashing in the water.  But the sound quality I got from the GoPro was TERRIBLE!  So I put some water in the bathtub and made my own splashing sounds to use in the video!

Even something as simple as adding location ambience can help your video feel a LOT more engaging.  

If that’s too much then there’s always places like Motion Array where you can get sound effects for a very very low price!  And i’ve linked to their sound effects section down below.   And finally...

Get Off The Beaten Path

It’s amazing when I hear people ask how to make their videos stand out, you take a look at their content, and it almost looks like their actually trying to blend in.  They’re using the same transitions, the same fonts, the same color grades, the same structure, as literally, everyone, else! No wonder you’re not standing out.  You’re doing the same thing as everyone else.  

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re all guilty of it.  There’s so much within us that when we see something that works for someone else, or something that just looks or feels cool, we want to try and implement that into our own work.  There’s nothing wrong with trying out stuff you’ve seen done by other people.  But what I am saying is that the only way to stand out is to do something different.  

Let me just give a simple way to visualize this idea.  Which text do you see clearer here?  And if you’re asking “what do you mean which text? That’s the only text.”  Exactly.  There’s actually a second piece of text here.  But whether or not you were able to see it, your eyes weren't drawn to it.  And now that you’re looking closer at it, you can kind of tell it's there and even read it.  But compared to the other one in black, you’re brain doesn’t even want to give it a chance.  You gotta make your videos like that.  Knowing that there’s an infinite number of other websites and places and videos your audience could be focusing.

Now, let’s be clear.  I’m not saying to just do anything weird, crazy, and ridiculous to stand out.  I’ve watched arthouse films that are like 20 minutes long of just a dude sitting reading a newspaper.  It’s different,’s not quite what we’re talking about.

Make your videos high quality, engaging, and send a message.  But through that process ask yourself, is there a way that I can break new ground, and go against the grain to tell my story.

We hope you found this video helpful.  If you did, we’ve got lots of other tutorials for Premiere Pro, After Effects, and filmmaking in general!

You can also check out these great website presentation presets, many of which feature the effect we just went over:

Thank you so much for watching and we hope to see you in the next video!

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