How To Install Motion Array Plugins for Premiere Pro

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Hi Guys! Jordan with motion array and I’m going to be quickly showing you guys how to install our own handcrafted plugins for premiere pro!  Thankfully it’s a really simple process, so let’s dive right in!

How To Install Motion Array Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro

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Once you’ve downloaded one of our plugin sets, like this one for example, you should be able to find it within the downloads section on your computer, in the folder, Motion Array Plugin installer.  If you’ve ever tried to install plugins before, you might have had a challenging experience, so we’ve made it super simple for you. Whether you’re on mac or a PC, the process is the same! Within the downloaded material, you should see a folder for either mac or PC.  So choose your option, and then simply double click on the installer inside to start the process. Select which version of Premiere Pro you’re on, and then the installation process is as simple as hitting OK.

Your computer will take it from here, and once it’s done installing, your materials are ready to use inside of Premiere Pro! If you had premiere pro open during this process, we’d recommend shutting it down and opening it up again.  Once you do, your plugins will be located among your other effects and transitions. So the plugins we installed were transitions, so I’ll go down to video transitions, and our plugins are located here in their own designated folder!  It’s really just that easy!

But there’s one last thing you have to do before you start using them.  If we drag and drop a transition onto our footage, you can see that it works, but it’s got a red X overtop of it.  This is because Motion Array plugins are linked to your motion array account. So in order to activate them, you need to click on this little setup box located here.  

Once you do, you’ll be asked to input your email and password for your motion array account.   Hit enter and you can use these plugins to start making your videos look awesome!!

Well, that concludes this tutorial. I hope you found it helpful, if you did, please give us a thumbs up and if you’d like to see more tutorials please go ahead and subscribe because we’re making new ones all the time.  I hope you guys found it helpful.  If you did, we’ve got lots of other Premiere Pro tutorialsAfter Effects tutorials and filmmaking tutorials!

Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.

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