How To Levitate In Premiere Pro


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Hello my children, Greetings from Motion Array.  Today, I will be your guide, as I teach you how say no to the primitive restrictions of gravity, and open your minds to what is truly possible. So join me, and let’s get into it.

How To Levitate In Adobe Premiere Pro

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Okay, chill yoga music is over, let’s get into this tutorial.

This effect is super simple to achieve.  But the key isn’t in the editing, it’s in the setup and filming.  Step 1, is to get your subject elevated somehow above the ground. Something really stable is necessary so that your subject feels safe and won’t fall over, and so that they can focus solely on their lines and their motion.  

Now set up a green screen behind your subject.  Here’s the key, try and set it up so that it’s not directly behind your subject.  The reason is 2 parts. 1, so that your subject isn’t casting any shadows across the green screen, making it super hard to key out.  2, so that it’s a little bit more out of focus. The more blurry, the more uniform in color it will be, and the easier it will be to key out.

You don’t have to go crazy far back, but enough so that there’s at least a bit of a gap, and in my case, close enough so that the excess that drapes down will cover up the stool I used for my subject.  


Okay, so now what we need to do is grab our subject and have them go through the course of their lines.  Keep in mind, this will be the easiest to pull off if our camera isn’t in motion. Locking it off on a tripod will make our work a LOT easier and will prevent us from having to jump into After Effects.  

Have your subject run through their lines until you’re confident they’ve nailed it.  Then DONT touch your camera, and keep it rolling. And try to take it down as quickly, but safely, as possible.  The goal here is that you want a clean plate with no subject in the frame, and you want your shots with and without your subject to be as close to identical as possible.  Same framing, same lighting, same everything. So once you’ve gotten a clean plate for AT LEAST as long as your final take length, you’re good to go!

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Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.

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