Solo Color Effect Tutorial | Sin City Effect

In this video we explore how to create the Solo Color Effect, otherwise known as the Sin City Effect.  This effect has the potential to be incredibly powerful as it creates an image that is completely black and white except for one specific color.  By using this effect you can draw your audience's attention to a specific part of your video and guide their experience by directing their focus.  
To create this effect, we utilize the "Leave Color" effect within Premiere Pro.   This default effect in premiere pro may seem simple, but it would have been an incredible marvel at the time of the release of the Sin City movie in 2005.  By selecting the example color directly from your footage, the effect quickly and effectively isolates the color you would like to remain saturated.  Using the Amount To Decolor, Tolerance, and Edge Softness parameters, you can create a personalized and truly accurate color isolation.

If you have any questions, please ask them below in the comments section. Also, be sure to check out all of our other awesome tutorials. 

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