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What are the benefits of Adobe Premiere Pro plugins?

Premiere Pro plugins give you a huge advantage when it comes to video editing. They’re built right into your editing software, expanding its capabilities and giving you a richer creative library to work with. They let you easily create professional content and save yourself precious time.

Motion Array offers some of the best Premiere Pro plugins, including expertly-made transitions and effects, allowing you to create impressive lighting looks, flicker effects, distortions, spinning transitions and more. You can access a sample kit of free Premiere Pro plugins or subscribe to start creating with the full toolkit.

How to install plugins for Premiere Pro

After downloading your plugins, you’ll find the folder within the downloads section of your computer, in a folder titled Motion Array Plugin Installer. Double-click the relevant Installer (Mac or PC) to start the process and follow the instructions.

Next, open Premiere Pro and your new plugins will be in the Effects and Transitions folders. To activate the plugins, you need to log into your Motion Array account, so click on the little setup box beside the new plugin in your panel. Insert your email and password for your Motion Array account to log in. Lastly, simply select your chosen plugin, drag-and-drop it onto your footage, and you’re done!

Adobe plugins vs templates vs presets

While plugins, templates and presets are all amazing tools for creating amazing video content, there’s a difference between the three. Plugins are software add-ons that you install right into your editing software, whereas Premiere Pro templates are pre-designed customizable projects and Premiere Pro presets are a series of settings that produce a certain effect.