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This modern and stylish hip-hop tune is driven by punchy drums and a deep bass, with the added element of vocal chops that give the track a unique and memorable quality. The vocal chops are catchy and rhythmic, adding to the overall vibe of the piece.
This track is ideal for a range of video projects, particularly those that require a contemporary and stylish sound. It would be a perfect fit for fashion videos, product reviews, or any other video project that requires a modern and upbeat soundtrack. The dynamic and engaging tone of the track is sure to grab your audience's attention and hold it throughout the video.
Overall, this hip-hop tune with vocal chops is an excellent choice for any video project that needs a contemporary and stylish sound. Its driving drums, deep bass, and catchy vocal chops make for an engaging and memorable soundtrack that will help your content stand out from the crowd.



95 BPM


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