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  1. The style of the track: House, EDM
  2. Mood: Positive, sunny, energy, fashion, inspiring.
  3. What is associated in the first place: Positive summer dance, opener.
  4. Why this is a suitable track for your project: light pleasant summer track in EDM style. fashionable and modern sound will allow your project to stand out from the rest. the track is inspired by contemporary dance hits..
  5. Where to use: TV, Games, Intro, private videos, advertising.

The file contains these versions of the track:

  • Full version - Length 1:23
  • Short version 1 (opener) - Length 0:18
  • Short version 2 - Length 0:34
  • Loop version 1 - Length 1:03
  • Loop version 2 - Length 0:31



122 BPM


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YouTube Content ID: Identifyy
By VicateStudio
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