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Climbers Conquer Summit: Stock Photos
By michelangeloop
Empty Gym In Sunlight: Stock Photos
By Pressmaster
Sports Training: Stock Photos
By Pressmaster
Hiker Under Sun Ray: Stock Photos
By michelangeloop
Players On The Football Pitch: Stock Photos
Boxing Punch Bag: Stock Photos
By Feel_Inside
Woman Meditating In The Lotus Pose: Stock Photos
Woman Lifting Kettlebell: Stock Photos
By MAD_Production
Man Doing Push-ups On Floor: Stock Photos
Red Basketball Court: Stock Photos
By Photology80
Graphic Tennis Background: Stock Photos
Football In The Goal: Stock Photos
By Anton Eine
People In Warrior Yoga Pose: Stock Photos
Woman Jumping Over Sky: Stock Photos
Soccer Field: Stock Photos
By michelangeloop
Spacious Interior Of Gym: Stock Photos
Climbing Team Cooperating: Stock Photos
By michelangeloop
Woman Meditating In Forest: Stock Photos
Woman Doing Yoga: Stock Photos
By mediaphotos
Ball On Football Field: Stock Photos
By Pressmaster
Muscular Woman In The Gym: Stock Photos
Three Happy Kids Playing In Ballpit: Stock Photos
Young Woman Running: Stock Photos
By Davide Ferreri
Basketball On Black: Stock Photos
By RomanS24
Soccer Ball In Gate: Stock Photos
By Pressmaster
Losing Weight On Treadmill: Stock Photos
Young Athletic Woman Portrait: Stock Photos
Rope Training: Stock Photos
By MAD_Production
Men Boxing: Stock Photos
By Anton Eine
Dumbbell Equipment: Stock Photos
By Pressmaster
Runners In The Mountain: Stock Photos
By michelangeloop
Soccer Stadium With Players: Stock Photos
By Natia Gioragdze
Group Portrait Of Joyful Hip-Hop...: Stock Photos
Woman In Lotus Pose: Stock Photos
By Photology80
Outdoor Basketball Court: Stock Photos
By SeventyFour
Green Grass: Stock Photos
By Le-Dantu
Running In The Mountains: Stock Photos
By michelangeloop
Stylish Singer In Recording Studio: Stock Photos
Couple Playing Tennis: Stock Photos
By DragonImages
Red Boxing Gloves: Stock Photos
By Anton Eine
Part Of Football Field Where Sports...: Stock Photos
Green Poker Background: Stock Photos
By AntonioGravante
Golden Trophy Cup Against Sky: Stock Photos
Boy Kicking Ball In Football: Stock Photos
Silhouette Of Mountain Runner: Stock Photos
Body Builder Posing: Stock Photos
By Davide Ferreri
Camping At Night: Stock Photos
By mlinnikov
Ball Of Player: Stock Photos
By Pressmaster
Ball And Racket: Stock Photos
By Pressmaster
PC Game Club With Modern Computers: Stock Photos
Doing Yoga At Sunset: Stock Photos
By Pressmaster
Tying Laces On Roller Skates: Stock Photos
Mountain Runner And Summit Cross: Stock Photos
Dumbbells On Stand In Gym: Stock Photos
Strong Woman Working Out With Dumbbells: Stock Photos
Yoga Mat: Stock Photos
By zdyma4
Athlete Takes A Rest: Stock Photos
By MAD_Production
Music While Playing Ball: Stock Photos
By SeventyFour
Road With Mountains: Stock Photos
By luckyshoe
Tent Camping In The Forest At Night: Stock Photos

What are stock photos? Are they different from stock images?

Stock photos, also known as stock images, or royalty free images, are photos that have been created by professionals, that you can integrate into your projects. You can use them for a variety of purposes, including presentations, social media posts, marketing materials, commercial projects, websites, apps, ads and more.

They’re a great way to convey certain ideas or add eye-catching visuals to your projects without having to hire a photographer, helping you save precious time and money.

With Motion Array, you can start experimenting right away with free stock photos, or subscribe to gain access to thousands of other stock images, such as textures, abstract backgrounds, office spaces, people working on laptops and much more. All the images are royalty-free, meaning that once you subscribe, you can use them in any type of project without having to worry about paying royalty fees.

How to use stock photos in your projects

You can use Motion Array’s stock photos in any creative project, from editorial to commercial. There are many ways you can use stock photos. For example, use them to illustrate your blog posts, create attention-grabbing social media posts, integrate them as backgrounds in posters and more.

Besides adding royalty free images to your videos and creations, try mixing them in with stock footage clips and royalty-free music to create impressive content fast.
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