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This is a pack of useful Final Cut Pro X editor tools whose purpose is to make your editing routine a little bit easier. There are 38 highly customizable tools and effects that allow achieving infinite variations of results and provide the easiest way to complete such actions as horizon correction, camera movements, image distortion, coloring, masking, etc.
List of tools:
● Camera Section
Camera - advanced camera position control tool
Handy Camera - handheld camera shaking simulation
Horizon - horizon fixing tool
Moving Camera - continuous camera movement without keyframes
Pedestal, Truck, Zoom - automatic camera movement in Y, X, Z-axis
● Sensor Section
Pixel Sensor - pixelated box effect
Blur Sensor - blurred box effect
● Distortion Section
Keystone - 4 corners image distortion tool
Perspective Tile - 4 corners tiling tool
Wide Lens - wide lens simulation effect
● Light Section
Anamorphic Flare - anamorphic lens flare effect
Light Rays - sunbeam effect
Point light - point light source simulation
Spotlight - spotlight source simulation
● Looks Section
Aspect Bars - various aspect bars presets
Double Blur - 4 points gradient blur tool
Flickering Earthquake - flickering and shaking image effect
Frame - custom frame overlay generator
Gradient Blur - 2 points blur tool
Gradient overlay - 2 points color gradient overlay tool
LED Glitch - broken led display glitch simulation
OSD - camera On Screen Display overlay generator
SKY Filter - sky enhancement look effect
VHS - advanced old film effect
● Masks Section
Gradient Mask - 2 points gradient mask
PointLight Mask - light source as a mask tool
SpotLight Mask - light source as a mask tool
● RGB Section
RGB Aberrations - customizable color aberrations tool
RGB Split - colors split tool
RGB Swap - colors swap tool
RGB Trail - color trail generator
RGB Zoom - colors distance shifting tool
● Split Screen Section
Split Line - an advanced split-screen tool
Picture In Picture - advanced PIP effect tool
Split Curve - curved line split-screen tool
Feather Split - split screen with color fading

Final Cut Pro X 10.4.6

1920x1080 (HD)


No Plug-Ins

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