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This is a must-have toolkit for Premiere Pro users! Has 4 tools.

  1. Grids.
    All main types of grids used in designing. Proportional grid, square grid, thirds, cross, diagonals, isometry, the golden ratio.

  2. Guides.
    Like as in After Effects, but more. Guides you can incline!

  3. Letterboxes.
    17 types letterboxes for your video. 4:1 PolyVision, 3:1 Extreme Scope, 2.76:1 MGM Camera 65, 2.75:1 Ultra, Panavision 70, 2.55:1 Vintage Cinemascope, 2.39:1 Theatrical & BlueRay, 2.35:1 Cinemascope, 2.20:1 Todd AI, 2:1 Panascope & RED, 1.85:1 Vistavision & Academy, 16:9 HD, 3:2 Classic 35mm, 1.43:1 IMAX, 1.37:1 Academy Ratio, 4:3 Silent Film (PAL/NTSC), 1:1 Square, 9:16 IGTV, Stories and Facebook Feed.
    Has guide mode. It helps you with framing.

  4. Target guide
    Help's you for placing subjects from various footages in the same position. It'll help you for creating pan\zoom effects as 'Watchtower of Turkey' (
    Also, the target guide has corner pin mode for hard subjects, which are located under the perspective.

Premiere CC 2018

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