How To Create A Video Portfolio Website In 5 Minutes


Hi Guys! Jordan with Motion Array and today we're going to use Motion Array's Portfolio Builder to create a website in under 5 minutes!  So let's get into it!

How To Create A Video Portfolio Website

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All right so here we are at and here up at the tools section, let's hit portfolio.  And from here we can hit "edit portfolio" to start the process of creating our Portfolio.   Here you can hit the preview button under any template to take a look at what it will look like.  

And here we can see that this template looks pretty awesome.  After scrolling through and taking a look I think this is a great option to use to start out our own portfolio.  So now back at our portfolio section, we're just going to go down to this button and press it to make this template active.    Then open the editor and we can begin making changes to our website.

So it opens up here and we have our main video playing at the top here, and we also have a settings tab on the side that we can use to make changes.  Right off the bat I'm just going to delete the main cover video and I'm going to upload my own.  Just click and drag it right into this spot here to upload it.  Then when it's done processing, you can choose a thumbnail from here, or upload your own from your computer.  I'm just going to choose this one, and then continue on.

And immediately our video starts playing and it looks great!  I'm just going to change the title here so that it says what I want when people first land on my website.  I'm going to be building a website promoting video production services, so I'll create a little catch phrase here. 

"Make your business grow with an amazing video"

We're going to make two lines, resize it, and make everything bold, and with that our front cover is looking great.  But up here this logo isn't our own, so we're going to change it out by deleting it and then dragging and dropping our own.  Nice.  And because it's a PNG file, the transparency shows through perfectly.

Great.  Now down here our gallery section doesn't have anything to pull from.   So we're quickly going to save our work, and then dive into uploading some of our own videos.

Hit the upload button, then you can drag and drop to start uploading a video.  Then once you name it, and designate it for your portfolio gallery, we can actually hit the upload button again and upload another video at the same time.  Keep doing this to upload multiple videos at once.  And once they're all uploaded, let's go back to our portfolio section, and keep editing.  

And you can see here that they're immediately included in our portfolio template.  And they're looking pretty good, and they've already got some polish so that they have this little zoom effect when you hover over them.  But there's this empty space down here that I don't want.  So I'm going to hit this little gear icon over here, and then change the number of columns from 3 to 2.   Now this looks a lot better.

But what you can do from here is click and drag your videos and change their order in the editor.  It's really intuitive, and you can rearrange them however you want to make your website completely your own. 

Next we're going to go down here and change up this banner image here.  But instead of uploading our own, we're going to go to this tab up here that says find image online.  And it's iterated with a site called splash which provides free images for you to be able to use.  And this picture looks great.  And immediately it's integrated into our site, and it's even got a great parallax effect thrown in. 

Now I'm quickly going to change the slogan, change the size, and make it bold.  Awesome! 

Moving on now to the part of the site where we can describe our business.  I'm just going to replace this picture with a fresh one, then I'm going to throw in a title and some slogans that I've been working on on the side.  Do that for both sections to show that our video production team is both hard working and high quality.  Then we're going to center it and then add one final image to top it all off.  And this picture looks awesome!

This last section here I'm actually just going to disable, because two sections is enough for me personally.  And with that, our website is coming together nicely.  I actually like this section with the banner that says "let us bring your vision to life", but this part with our clients isn't quite right.  I actually want it to show one more.  So I'm going to add 1 more slot for my clients, and once that's done, adding a client is as easy as dragging and dropping a logo.   Now we can show just how many people are happy with our video production services.  

Now that that's done, if people are wanting to contact you, they can put down their name, email address, and a message to try and get you to do some work for them.  But to get it to send to a particular email address, go down to this email section, and then in this blank box here, type in your personal email address and the messages will be forwarded to this account.  

Great! Now let's save our work and take a look at all the great work we've done!

And with that we've created our own personal website to show off our video production services.  I hope you guys found this video helpful, and that you can see just how easy it is to create your own personal portfolio.  Thanks so much for watching!  And I can't wait to see your own awesome Portfolios!

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