Amazing Premiere Pro Tutorials

How To Add Hand Drawn Elements In Premiere Pro

Posted on July 12, 2018

Learn how to take your hand drawn elements from a piece of paper into your timeline with a little creativity in Premiere Pro!

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry standard, non-linear video editing application that is used for editing all types of videos, from wedding videos to Hollywood films. The Premiere Pro software comes as a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud membership. 

Premiere Pro Template Tutorials

Premiere Pro Template Tutorials

These Premiere Pro tutorials demonstrate how to use and customize our various types of Premiere Pro templates. Each tutorial is easy to follow and will have you on your way to quickly creating amazing videos. 

Premiere Pro How To Tutorials

Premiere Pro How To Tutorials

Our Premiere Pro How To tutorials cover a wide range of topics, from using the project manager to creating visual effects. Whether you are beginner or a seasoned veteran, you are sure to find some useful tips and tricks in these easy to follow tutorials.