16 extra plugins to power up your editor

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The Motion Array plugins pack just got even bigger. Now, you can power up your video creation with 16 new professional plugins in addition to the 40+ plugins you already know and love.

Simply download the all-new Motion Array Hub to install and update plugins into your favorite video editing software. In the Hub, you can also get notified about new releases, watch tutorials, and more.

The plugins are free for Motion Array subscribers, giving you even more value for the same price. Plus, they’re compatible with all major editing software and computer processors. 

Introducing: 16 new plugins

  1. Heat Distortion: Add realistic heatwave effects to your footage to simulate the shimmering air effect on hot surfaces.
  2. Fluid Distortion: Transform your videos with dynamic, fluid-like warping effects that mimic the movement of liquids.
  3. Outer Glow: Give objects in your video a soft halo and luminous effect.
  4. Super Glow: Amplify the glow effect around objects or texts to create intense, radiant highlights and dramatic impact.
  5. Inner Glow: Add a subtle glow from within subjects or elements to add depth and warmth from the inside out.
  6. TV Damage: Imitate the look of damaged or malfunctioning TV screens. Add vintage or glitchy vibes to your clips.
  7. Flicker: Introduce a flickering light effect, perfect for creating suspense or mimicking old film projection.
  8. Stutter: Create a rapid, choppy effect, as if the video is stuttering, adding tension, or emphasizing action.
  9. Chromatic Aberration: Simulate the color fringing and misalignment effect seen in low-quality lenses, adding a retro or psychedelic touch.
  10. Energy Distortion: Wrap your footage in a vibrant, energy-filled distortion, ideal for sci-fi or magical effects.
  11. Smoke Distortion: Apply a smoky, swirling effect to your scenes, perfect for creating mysterious or eerie atmospheres.
  12. Cosmos: Add celestial and space-themed effects. Transform your footage with stars, galaxies, and other cosmic elements.
  13. Electro: Electrify your video with high-voltage, electric arc effects, bringing dynamic energy to any scene.
  14. Exposure Pro: Get advanced control over the exposure levels of your footage, with precise adjustments for perfect lighting.
  15. Split Screen Masking: Divide the screen into multiple sections to show two or more pieces of content at the same time.
  16. Vertical Video: Optimize your videos in portrait orientation for mobile viewing.

How to install the plugins

  1. Go to motionarray.com/plugins 
  2. Download the Windows or Mac toolkit (the installer will open on your device)
  3. Follow the steps in the plugin installer 
  4. Success! You’re ready to start creating with plugins

Elevate your edits

Boosting your editing game just got super easy. Grab more than 50 awesome plugins from Motion Array and kick your video edits up a notch. 

If you’re a Motion Array subscriber, you get all these cool tools for free. Just pop the plugins onto your device, and you’ll be all set to create in no time. 

But that’s not all. There are even more exciting plugins coming your way! Make sure you stay tuned as we continue to roll out incredible plugins to help you elevate your projects. 

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