Our 16 Most Popular After Effects Animation Presets for 2020

After Effects 20/08/2020 8 min read

The last leg of video production can be the toughest. Your reel has all the elements – but something doesn’t feel right. Maybe, you’ve missed adding the final touches? Incorporating animated motion graphics to your video can make a huge difference, but these actions take some time and if you have several videos lined up, you’ll run out of time.

That’s exactly where the following snazzy animation presets for After Effects come to the rescue. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie videographer or a battle-scarred filmmaker, you can put your video production on autopilot and keep your peers wondering with these killer presets for 2020. They are easy to implement and have a range of animations to choose from.

Part 1: 16 Most Impressive and Popular AE Animation Presets

1. 700+ Text Animation Presets Kit

Can you put a pin on how many animation styles you need for your video to blow everyone’s mind? You can’t. When creativity hits, you need to go with the flow and this is why you’ll love the 700+ Text Animation Presets Kit. The AE template presents to you a whopping 700+ set of animations including creative and simple animations to typewriter and bounce animations. What’s more, you ask? 7 categories of GIF libraries! Download this badass AE template today and put a spin to your upcoming commercial, TV show, slideshows, or even your home production video. 

Download 700+ Text Animation Presets Kit Now

2. Stretch Animation Presets

Modern, flat, and elegant animations for your next team presentation. The brand new Stretch Animation Presets is the wicked AE template that you’ve been waiting for. You can use its 9 trendy, abstract, and ultra-modern preset animations on shape layers, text, and even your logo. With this AE template, your next event or promotional video production will be quality. 

Download Stretch Animation Presets Now

3. SRTR/Pixel Sorter Preset

Glitch art is coming onto its abstract way of bringing order in an otherwise unorderly fashion. Pop culture popularized this sort of effect. If you dig the glitch effect, you’ll love the amazing SRTR/Pixel Sorter Preset. The AE template can help you bring a pixel sorting effect to your videos. This can even make still-photos look super cool! In just a few clicks, you can nail the glitch effect in the intro of your upcoming video. The template works great for all kinds of creative work – fashion photography, events video, or music video. 

Download SRTR/Pixel Sorter Preset Now

4. Text Animator – Modern (Character)

Say No to boring titles as the cracking new Text Animator – Modern (Character) AE template presents to you 24 unique and awesome preset text animations. The in and out animations work very well to grab the attention of the viewers and they’re outrageously easy to use. You can use this AE template to enliven your corporate presentations or product slideshows. It is also great for taking your commercial, promotion, or event video production a notch higher. 

Download Text Animator – Modern (Character) Now

5. Glitch Text

Master the glitch art in HD resolution with these fantastic Glitch Text AE templates. This ready to use template provides smooth in and out animations, distorting text presets, and voguish designs – all of this with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Who knew incorporating the glitch effect could be so easy? Download this AE template and get ready to whip up a storm. Your short films, movie trailers, YouTube videos, and even Facebook videos will never look the same again. 

Download Glitch Text Now

6. Displacement Transitions

Want to add the oomph factor to your home videos or commercials? Want to master the art of seamless transition for your upcoming TV show? Then this exciting Displacement Transitions AE template is what you exactly need. The template already comes pre-loaded with 10 transitioning effects. Just download, drag-and-drop the transition effect of your choice to an adjusting layer and you’re done. Your future videos will surely leave your peers open-mouthed!

Download Displacement Transitions Now

7. Flame Text Animation

Did you enjoy Johnny Blaze on fire in the Ghost Rider? How would you react if we told you that you can bring a similar Ghost Rider style to the text of your upcoming videos? Hold on to your seat because Flame Text Animation is here to sweep you off your feet. This AE template adds fire to words. Choose your font style, write your text, and burn it up – in a pale blue, light violet, or orange-yellow flame. If this doesn’t get your commercials, first film trailer, or corporate presentation noticed, we don’t know what will. 

Download Flame Text Animation Now

8. RGB Text Transitions Preset

Startle your peers with these amazing animated RGB text transitions. All you need is the RGB Text Transitions Preset AE template and some power words. Get started with any one of the 12 uniquely designed and phenomenal RGB text transition presets. Be it sports shows, slideshows, or corporate presentations, transitioning texts in full HD resolution is sure to have eyeballs popping. You can separately download the music to add an extra punch to your future video productions. 

Download RGB Text Transitions Preset Now

9. Sandy Text Transitions

Make the text blow away like fine sand using the Sandy Text Transitions AE template. Trendy and dynamic, the template has 7 beautifully animated sandy text animations that you can quickly use without any plugins. Want to add 2 text layers, just drag-and-drop. Download it right away to create gritty intros for your slideshow and presentations. Use it for your event videos to impress your audience with your fine sense of creativity. 

Download Sandy Text Transitions Now

10. Brightness Text Animator

The Brightness Text Animator is true to its name. This AE template brightens up text in elegant animation styles. While your text remains motionless, the animated light styles around it put the spotlight on what you want to say. It can almost be compared to an angelic halo but in words. The best part is you can just drag-and-drop the preset text animation on any font of your choice. An amazing way to spruce up your Facebook and YouTube videos, movie trailers, and intros to your short film, documentary or presentations. Download and get started right away. 

Download Brightness Text Animator Now

11. Wipe Text Transitions

Reveal your text in the most exciting and snazziest way possible with the Wipe Text Transitions effect. This AE template with 9 preset animations is great for product commercials, dance videos, and as openers for movies and documentaries. Resembling the raging pop, hip hop, and rock culture, the animation styles resound with the millennials. They’re neat, clean, and can quickly accentuate your video production.

Download Wipe Text Transitions Now

12. Twist Text Animator

Do you want your brand new travel or cooking video to get instant acclaim? Introduce your upcoming video project using the sensational Twist Text Animator. Use its 18 gorgeously designed and unique text animations and create your dynamic and out-of-this-world video. These presets can also be used for slideshows and presentations to make the bosses gasp with awe. Sprinkle some sass to your next Youtube channel or Facebook page videos with this AE template. Why don’t you get started right away?

Download Twist Text Animator Now

13. Dynamic Text Presets

We know how difficult it is to grab attention and make your videos stand out. After all, there is a new video on the Internet whenever you are napping. This is why we present to you the incredible Dynamic Text Presets. This AE template is made for video creators seeking virality. The 14 animated text presets can dynamically improve the look and feel of your videos. Films, movies, lifestyle or promotions – you brainstorm video ideas and let these presets take care of giving you the recognition you deserve! You can even download the music separately and add it to your video. 

Download Dynamic Text Presets Now

14. Wiggly Text Animation Presets and Tool

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle – just like the Jason Derulo song, the Wiggly Text Animation Presets and Tool will leave your viewers feeling wiggly. The AE template comes with 20 ready-made presets that you just simply have to apply to your text and 3 basic presets which you can use to create creative animation using versatile controls. Use it for intros and outros, commercials, or any other video production project that you are working on. It can even be used to create lyric music videos. 

Download Wiggly Text Animation Presets and Tool Now

15. Distorted Glass

The distorted glass effect of shadow and fading in/outlooks so cool when used in a music video or product commercial, especially a commercial promoting fashion clothes and footwear. It can make you stand out with a peppy, ultra-modern finishing touch. Nailing this effect is pretty easy with the Distorted Glass AE template. The distorting presets can be used to instantly turn your ordinary video into extraordinary. Ready to take the leap? Download and start experimenting. 

Download Distorted Glass Now

16. Psychedelic Effect

Distorted imagery, flicker effects, accentuated depths of field, and a mix of digital and real sets. What is this you ask? These are the ingredients for making a mind-bending video. But you don’t have to work that hard to create crazy trippy visuals when you have the Psychedelic Effect template. In addition to animations for trippy effects, you also get 8 sound presets. Stop thinking and put your hallucinatory, mind-expanding ideas to use!

Download Psychedelic Effect Now

Part 2: How to Use Animation Presets in After Effects

To use animation presets and create customized animations, follow these steps:

Step 1: Adding Custom Animation Presets

To add a custom animation preset, go to – Documents/Adobe/After effects/User Presets, copy and paste the preset files, and restart After Effects.

Step 2: Setting Up and Basic Formatting

Create a new project, start by creating a new comp, add some background (solid layer in this case), and some text and create duplicates of it, followed by adding a gradient ramp on the background and tweak it’s color and formatting parameters.

Step 3: Adding Custom Animation Preset to a Layer

Under Effects & Presets > Animation Presets > User Presets the user added presets can be found. Drag and drop the preset on the duplicate layers.

For example, the preset used here is ‘SRTR- Pixel Sorter’. Using this animation preset, the user can create custom glitch animations for text and images. 

Step 4: Adjusting The Parameters of Animation Preset

Start by selecting the first duplicate layer and adjusting its position, text color, and preset parameters. By tweaking the various settings available within the preset, the user can create fully customized and unique effects.

Similarly, edit the remaining layers too.

Step 5: Time Formatting

In the timeline, next to the ‘layers panel’, adjust the bar sizes corresponding to the layers to adjust the time it is played for.

Step 6: Fine-Tuning the Animation

Fine-tune the animation by adjusting and experimenting with the preset parameters and creating a customized animated text.

This is an easy, step by step process of using animation presets in after effects. Experiment with keying, color, durations, backgrounds, and preset settings to get truly unique results.

Part 3: Tips for Taking Your Videos a Notch High With After Effects Animation Presets

Now that you have downloaded After Effects animation presets and decided which one to use and how to implement using tutorial – but so have so many others. What makes your video special? Take a look at these tips to stand out in the crowd. 

Mix-and-match typography

Who said you have to stick to using a single font? There’s no rule as such and you can try multiple fonts relevant to your brand or campaign while creating animation for your upcoming video. 

Text and music ought to match

Typography alone may feel a bit alone and left out. But your video can instantly become engaging and exciting when the text is paired with audio and a matching tempo. Get groovy!

Don’t forget branding

A template is just a starting point. You want to truly make it your own! The best way to do that is by adding your logo and other brand specifics. It might just be a tagline that people will remember you by when they see your videos. Put a zing to your tagline by using custom animations. 

You don’t need to toil for years to create stunning videos. You can start making them right now using After Effects Animation Presets. Choose from myriad typefaces, animated text styles, and flaming colors. Pair it up with a slick background track. Download and get viral!