17 Classy & Jazzy Happy New Year Invitations for After Effects Creators

After Effects 13/12/2021 4 min read

A video is a fantastic tool for engaging your online audience and getting them involved with your story. New Year is the ideal time for remembering the year gone and making plans for the year ahead, so why not tell your followers with a fantastic video, so we’ve put together 17 of our favorite New Year invitation templates for After Effects editors.

Top After Effects New Year Templates for Your Holiday Parties

1. Rustic Holiday Greeting

The Rustic Holiday greeting is a 3D styles video featuring 1 text and 1 logo placeholder, available with both red and green color palettes. The video opens with a burst of Christmas decorations before landing on a wooden tabletop scattered with gifts.

Download Rustic Holiday Greeting Now

2. Modern New Year Typography

The Modern New Year Typography template includes 12 stunning and modern full-screen titles. Ideal for title cards or individual typography postcards, this fantastic set has a clean and stylish look.

Download Modern New Year Typography Now

3. Christmas Postcard Opener

Ideal for simple New Years’ greetings, the Christmas Postcard Opener template includes 4 badge style title placeholders. The template opens on a tracking shot of Christmas Decorations spread across the floor before landing on a graphic badge for your copy. 

Download Christmas Postcard Opener Now

4. Happy New Year Screens

The Happy New Year Screens features a giant countdown on a 3D TV screen, with fun popping fireworks in the background. The bright colors and chunky text make this New Years Countdown video ideal for grabbing your followers’ attention.

Download Happy New Year Screens Now

5. Chinese New Year Pack

The Chinese New Year Pack is a complete set of assets, including 1 greetings slideshow, 8 square, and 8 stories videos. The designs feature traditional Chinese patterns and lanterns, with a beautiful red/gold festive color palette. 

Download Chinese New Year Pack Now

6. New Year Greetings Slideshow

The New Years Greetings Slideshow offers full-screen title slides framed by cute and colorful 2D graphics. The fun and cartoony style is ideal for businesses sharing their seasonal best wishes, from baubles to pine branches.

Download New Year Greetings Slideshow Now

7. New Year Insta Stories

The New year Insta Stories pack is ideal for content creators looking for various styles within one download. The collection features 12 vertical designs ranging from hand-drawn full-screen title cards to straightforward typography over media placeholders.

Download New Year Insta Stories Now

8. New Year Instagram Stories

This 12 versatile Instagram Stories pack includes a massive range of designs, ideal for content creators and businesses. Each design is unique with a modern and trendy feel, including title and paragraph copy placeholders.

Download New Year Instagram Stories Now

9. New Year and Line Story

The New Year and Line Story template offer 7 titles and 1 media placeholder, available in square and 16:9 formats. The unique animated line creates a clean and minimalist look, ideal for end-of-year business presentation videos.

Download New Year and Line Story Now

10. New Year 2021 Instagram Stories

The New Year 2021 Instagram Stories pack includes 6 vertical designs, 3 full-screen titles, and 3 logo indents. The classy blue and gold theme creates a stylish invitation video, ideal for your New Years’ parties and events.

Download New Year 2021 Instagram Stories Now

11. New Years Opener

The New Years Opener is a stylish and straightforward template featuring 10 titles and 1 logo placeholder. With a bright red bokeh background, your message zooms in to place with a golden flare and floating particles.

Download New Years Opener Now

12. Balloons And Confetti Slideshow

The Balloons And Confetti Slideshow is a 3D style photo template with fun golden confetti and classy balloons as a background. You can add in title sections within After Effects and use this template to create a great family and friends get-together invitation for New Year.

Download Balloons And Confetti Slideshow Now

13. New Year Slideshow

The New Year Slideshow features golden text with frosted frames and snowy particles. With stunning golden snowflake wipe transitions, your viewers are moved through the 13 media/title placeholders.

Download New Year Slideshow Now

14. DJ Party Invite

The DJ Party Invite template is an animated video featuring 7 editable title layers. The circular design makes for a fun and trendy transition, while the entire screen title cards are ideal for short, punchy messaging.

Download DJ Party Invite Now

15. Party Time

The Party Time template offers a range of full-screen title cards with a stunning firework theme. Ideal for any celebration video, your titles are filled with explosive golden fireworks as they swiftly zoom toward the viewer.

Download Party Time Now

16. New Year Countdown

The New Year Countdown template is ideal for businesses creating quick montages for 2021. Your viewers flick swiftly through the 12 media placeholders with a full-screen countdown before landing on 2 title/logo placeholders.

Download New Year Countdown Now

17. Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year is a template pack including 16:9 and vertical formats, with 5 titles and 1 logo placeholder. The simple color palette is easy to brand, while the white cut-out designs offer a festive feeling.

Download Happy Chinese New Year Now 

Whether you have a New Year sale, a holiday event, or just want to send your followers seasonal greetings, these video templates are the ideal way to create content quickly. With our excellent list of 17 classy Happy New Years resources of After Effects, you’ll be able to find the perfect download in no time at all.